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Do collect data from yellow pages by Gettaskdone386 | Fiverr

How to Scrape Yellow Pages?

Cold marketing is the most attractive way for businesses to search on several topics to enhance prospective clients. By using the right means you can convert a stranger into a...

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Top things You Should Know About Surface Modeling

What is 3D Surface Modeling?

A wireframe model is composed of various lines of intersection and edges of surfaces. However, it does not constitute any additional information in between the lines. For perfect surface model...

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Streamline 3D Modeling with Wireframe in CAD-CAM Software | BobCAD-CAM

What is 3D Wireframe Modeling?

A 3D wireframe model is a skeletal representation of any real-world object. It proves beneficial to render any object model close to reality. It consists of various points, arcs, lines,...

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Best Polygon 3D Modeling Techniques(Low and High Poly) | MAP Systems

What is Polygonal Modeling?

Polygonal modeling is perhaps the first-ever three-dimensional modeling type. It came into being when the X, Y, and Z-axis coordinates were entered from the keyboard to exclusively define the position...

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What Is Data Annotation And Why Does It Matter?

What is Image Annotation?

Image annotation plays a vital role in enhancing computer vision. The technology allows computers to acquire a better understanding of videos or images. With its help computers can easily interpret...

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Content Moderation Service Market Will Hit Big Revenues

What is Content Moderation Service?

Social media platforms are the primary rich source to gather a large amount of product, company, brand content with honest customer reviews. User-generated contents (UGC) are openly available on various...

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Mechanical 3D Modeling Services

What is 3D Solid Modeling?

Solid Modeling is often regarded as the cornerstone of CAD. However, there is more to solid modeling than the naked eye sees the technique superficially. Solid Modeling is used to...

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Best Free Open Source Data Extraction Software

10 Best Data Extraction Tools in 2021

If you are facing data extraction challenges to extract useful and authentic information then this blog is written especially for you!   Data is a valuable tool to make rightful key business...

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How To Shoot HDR Bracketed Images?

How To Shoot HDR Bracketed Images?

By using bracketing techniques within photography you can short high contrast and high-resolution scenes to create dynamic images. Although there are many other techniques to obtain high dynamic range results...

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What is meant by Offshore Data Entry?

What is meant by Offshore Data Entry?

Data entry processes are a part of every business organization you can imagine in your mind that exists in the real world. Every domain and industry needs progressive data assets...

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How Important is the Invoice and Receipt Data Entry for Business?

What is Invoice Form Data Entry?

The procedure of invoice or receipt data entry service is highly critical for every business company to prosper. Regardless of the business accuracy and vastness of the invoice data entry...

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What is optical character recognition (OCR) and its role in document imaging - Web Hosting | Cloud Computing | Datacenter | Domain News

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Optical Character Recognition or OCR has become a much-celebrated technology to distinguish handwritten or printed characters from documents in both scanned or hardcopy form. The Optical Character Recognition process involves...

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Why Data Cleansing is Important for eCommerce Businesses? : eDataIndia

What is Data Cleansing?

Data scrubbing or data cleansing is an act of cleaning up company data records such that they are free from errors and any other imperfections. With every passing second, data...

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Form Automation | Build and Route Digital Forms

What is Automated Form Processing?

Data efficiency and accuracy are two unique attributes that can make or break your business on the professional forum. In any business, one has to deal with loads and loads...

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