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    Email Marketing Services

    Email Marketing Services

    Do you require an email marketing service to keep your communication upright with your existing and potential customers? Do you have no time to invest greatly towards email marketing campaigns and need a professional to handle the task for you?  Information Transformation Service (ITS) has just the kind of efficient email marketing services you are looking for. Our professionals offer a variety of digital marketing solutions to increase product-customer interaction for better brand performance.

    Email Marketing builds up a target audience in a very professional and personalized manner. Every business functions over emails for internal processing but now email has emerged as a reliable marketing tool for growing business within less time and at low cost. Outsourcing an efficient email marketing service exponentially improves product sales and inculcates trust within your customer. Our experienced professionals understand the nuances of creating personalized and optimized email campaigns to directly influence customers.

    What is Email Marketing?

    Email Marketing is in simpler terms marketing via E-mail. The etiquettes of marketing your brand through an email are professional and precise. It is very important to note what type of audience you are addressing and their concerns. For email marketing, there is a complete sectioned team to respond the quickest possible to address all major concerns of the buyer and bag the win.

    It is an effective means to send in your company’s information directly to the customer. This helps create brand awareness among large audiences in the shortest time. A huge part of the E-mail Marketing Field demands an audience. In such a way, Timely deliverance and response rate is the most admirable platform that will raise your brand performance and make it reach the top among potential competitors.

    Email Marketing Services We Offer

    Email Marketing Service is essential mainly due to the faster approach concerning connecting with customers and professional task management. At Information Transformation Service (ITS) you can get access to an array of email marketing services for effective email processing. Every email type performs a specific function. For instance, email marketing campaigns are not based upon user action, and on the other side transactional emails user interaction with your company website and online forms when a purchase is made. Our notable email marketing services include:

    1. Email Newsletters:

    Email Newsletter Service is a popular type of email marketing that is used to keep customers updated about your latest company news and build upon the ongoing relationship with your existing customers. These emails alert the target audience with upcoming business events, webinars, product launches, etc. by outsourcing our email newsletter service you can get access to marketing strategy, articles, and other resources to keep the customer entertained.

    2. Email to Derive Acquisition:

    Email to Derive Acquisition Service is essential to hit new subscribers directly with email addresses that they provide at the time of purchase. It is up to us to encourage your new followers to buy your brand products. The marketing strategy involves completing registration signup forms.

    3. Promotional Emails:

    Promotional Email Service alerts your customers about your company products within due time. It is an effective means to convey information to your customers strategically and stand out in the increased market competition.

    4. Emails to retain existing Customers:

    Establishing contact with your customers is important. It encourages them to stay loyal to your brand and to shop for your products. Emails regarding special offers and even a happy birthday wish can make them feel special and loved. Our email marketing services keep your brand on the top of the mind of customers and result in an increased sales rate.

    Our Email Marketing Process

    Our email marketing process is streamlined and end-to-end encrypted to help secure client’s business data. We take care of our clients like no other service provider and provide a transparent approach to email marketing. 

    01. Requirement Discovery

    We understand client requirements through complete collaboration and define the criteria which will prove authentic to repeat customers.

    02. Analysis of Existing Strategy

    If you have an existing email marketing strategy, our professionals review it for the betterment and determine what changes are needed for increasing its effectiveness i.e. (if it requires optimization).

    03. Custom Email Marketing Strategy

    ITS Team designs customized and detailed email marketing plans to not exceed the client’s stipulated marketing spend or TAT.

    04. Operationalizing the Email Marketing Plan

    Our professionals run the email marketing program to test its effectiveness as per the schedule to engage the client audience better with value proposition or USP.

    05. Channeling Customers to Your Sales Team

    All the customers who respond to the email marketing campaigns are nurtured via the sales funnel. In this way, the client sales team gets all easy access to product sale increases.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Email Marketing Services to ITS

    There are many noticeable benefits once you outsource ITS Email Marketing Service. No one has the time to fully monitor emails and respond to them at once. You need to hire a separate seasoned team to do so. But with the help of our efficient service by your side, you can achieve all the success without putting any much effort. Furthermore, it is the need of the hour to make E-mails more compatible with Mobile phones and portable technology for better, effective, and timely reach. With our incredible email marketing service, your company can sell products at an exponential rate.

    Affordable Prices - ITS provide email marketing services at a reasonable price. Our professionals access convertible and prospect leads which are otherwise through other means quite difficult to maintain and costs way expensive.

    High Quality - Our efficient email marketing services are based upon proven marketing techniques which can make your business flourish at an exponential rate. Our QA Team performs different quality assurance tests at different stages of the email marketing process to ensure error-free marketing solutions.

    Turnaround Time - ITS Team believes in timely result deliverance such that clients get to experience in functionality and effectiveness of our email marketing services. If you are short on time don’t forget to outsource your mass email marketing programs to us for better business.

    Robust Infrastructure - Our robust infrastructure is ideal to back up your sales team with proficient email marketing solutions.

    Dedicated Team - Our dedicated team of email marketers equips your business with proficient analytics to monitor email response rate and clicks per email.

    Why Should You Outsource Email Marketing Services to Us?

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) offers optimized and applicable email marketing solutions which can be customized as per client project size and nature of business. Our E-mail Marketers fully understand the algorithm of Digital Marketing and all of its techniques to benefit your business company with more sales. By outsourcing your email marketing services to us we equip you with the following notable benefits listed below:


    Our Email Marketing Services have set grounds for perfect branding options including product awareness, product availability, and seasonal sales. Our email marketers have ample knowledge to transform your regular emails into a captivating dose of excitement by including product images, quotes, news, and much more. Outsource bulk email marketing projects to us and get budget-friendly customized solutions.


    International Standards Certifications

    ITS is ISO 2700 certified, Our chief goal is to make the email marketing process comfortable and easy for our clients to bring the best possible business email marketing solutions. We ensure continuous contact between your customer and product. Not only this, our experts develop and manage client's mailing lists and provide a real-time update on sales.


    In-house Talented Professionals

    Our Company has highly skilled and professional employees with years of experience in this field. As we work worldwide, our professionals are spread throughout time zones and geography; ITS Experts leverage their incredible potential to create enticing email marketing solutions for effective product promotion.


    Accessible Format

    Our expert researchers offer accessible email marketing solutions to clients in portable formats such as HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, for client feedback. Sending in daily or weekly emails to customers can create the confidence needed to make a purchase. Outsource to us and accomplish arising marketing challenges within due time.


    High Data Security

    We are a leading email marketing service provider for 30 years, our professionals keep all records about other companies which will benefit you to learn about customer behavior analysis in the long run. Outsource are highly secure and accurate email marketing services for reaching out to a larger population.

    Latest Designs Tools & Technologies

    ITS content writing experts have the right knowledge for operating the latest and complicated editing tools and techniques for setting up attention-worthy product/service email newsletters.  Our professionals make use of all the latest trends to resolve your email marketing requirements accurately. Outsource your email marketing services to us for achieving business goals beforehand.

    Quick Delivery

    Timely deliverance and response rate is the most admirable platform that will raise your brand performance and make it reach the top among potential competitors. Outsource your bulk email newsletter projects to us and eliminate the need for a separate in-house elaborate team.

    Round the Clock Customer Support

    ITS understand customer requirements by covering every aspect of the email marketing campaign and provide sound results. We have a specialized team dedicated to catering to customer queries for timely response action. We are available 24/7 for our prestigious customers. Our experienced and well-trained team works with passion and dedication until the project is completed with 100% Client Satisfaction.

    Professional Services

    Our professional email marketing services take all measures to direct client requirements towards a unified call-to-action plan. It creates more strategic and objective marketing agenda to be achieved daily. Outsource your bulk email marketing projects to us and make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

    World Class Infrastructure

    At ITS, our world-class infrastructure is equipped with both talent and technology for effective email newsletter processing at regular intervals. Our professional content writers, programmers, developers, and editors embellish your personalized emails with the right kind of product/service information for ensuring a strong brand presence. Outsource your mass email marketing projects to us and keep your customers entertained for establishing a trustworthy customer-brand connection.

    Make ITS Your Email Marketing Services Partner

    If you want to take your business company to the next level our email marketing solutions are just for you. With our high-quality email marketing solutions you can connect to your potential customers without any hassle. Our professionals have over 30 years of experience serving clients from across the globe with standard email marketing solutions. ITS Team is adept in technology usage and lowers your business churn rate for maximum benefit. Your business emails with our backend support can make your business rise to challenges and beat marketing competition for increased product sales.

    Get in touch with us today and see how our email marketing service solutions can bring positive change to your business!