Your Guide to Writing Perfect eCommerce Product Descriptions

Your Guide to Writing Perfect eCommerce Product Descriptions

When you happen to have an excellent eCommerce website, endless product listings, and effective offline campaigns and still don’t get an increased number of customer engagements you wish to have, then you certainly need to change or upgrade your retail game. The secret to sweeping buyers off their feet is by writing enticing product descriptions. Online selling requires a grand scheme to rigorously sell products to customers via digital platforms. Customers are always on the lookout to find the right product in such a case providing them with compelling reasons to buy your product. To do so, you must write exciting descriptions relating to your product features and objectives. The blog brings forth a definitive guide in the creation of a good product description that sells.


Here is a list of a few tips to remember before penning down your product descriptions to be read by consumers –


Know your audience and talk specifically to them


One of the major challenges that you need to tackle firsthand in writing clever product descriptions is to know your buyer’s psychology and resonate with it. For example, if you intend to write for a product that doesn’t reflect with the audience that is the primary source of your product sales, then you eventually lose right at this point!


It is not simple as it may sound; you must work on your product descriptions to engage a specific audience and write for that particular demography in your mind. Consider if you are to sell a drier to a female customer, you must keep your tone formal and not too technical but rather easy to be conveyed. On the contrary, if your sales product is a gaming computer, then you need to sound nerdy and technical. Intelligently craft a product description considering your mass buyers list and fix it aptly.


Customers buying the products for benefits and not features.


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Customers usually buy any product based on its benefits rather than features. This is an essential factor that need not be missed while writing product writings. Only relying on your product features is not a creative way to sell your products. Explain your products from the mindset of a customer to bring forth uncompromisable and honest benefits. It is important to promote problem-solving benefits to strike a chord with the visitors and entice them to ultimately buy your brand’s product. Another interesting point is to explain the “Why” aspect of the product. Only words are a medium to deliver your company product to the heart of the customer; for this reason, focus on the very aspects that make sense to the customer.


Gain the trust of your visitors by showing them proof


Everyone loves to know about your company’s services and products. It is a part of human psychology. Especially when it comes to buying behavior, all tend to exhibit the same mentality. Hence, the point is that descriptions are needed to be written with relevancy and trustworthiness. You can add previous customer reviews to further enhance the truthfulness of your product features. Usage of numbers adjacent to the product descriptions also proves useful in unifying the information as a whole. There lie increased chances for the popular products to be sold within less time. Most importantly by adding reviews of real people that have used your product in past times, proves an integral factor in convincing the buyer to make buying decisions quicker.


Open the description with a powerful line that instantly attracts the customer


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One of the tested ways to impress a buyer is to hire writing services for product descriptions with powerful opening lines. The buyer is short on time; always try to portray as many product benefits in two or three lines to influence the buyer right away. It is quite similar to “Lede”, used within journalism to write an introductory section of any news story. It is done to bag the reader’s attention and to not let him jump on another article. The information must add value to the customer and befit his interests in the best manner. Thus, you need to consider the unique selling propositions of your product. Your opening lines must cement your customer and product relationship by displaying product-rich information.


Use a unique format with diverse styles.


Most of you have heard a customer say, “I am sure they did not read the full product description”, To avert this statement if you want to enable the customer to read through every line of your product description, then the core ingredient is to make them feel like they are exploring a jungle. Present your client with new and innovative information that he can feed on. If you do not proportion and limit the information, it will clutter everything together, making it harder to grasp the true product essence. Nobody would like to read it if it is a perfect piece of writing. To avoid single-style writing, you can employ various styles to make it look more reader-friendly. Make use of bullets, italics, different size tables, punctuations, and other product video installation techniques. No user reads the whole description; rather they skim their way to their favorite part. Therefore, it is your prime responsibility to make the product description easier to skim through.


Make a couple of drafts


When it comes to writing enticing product descriptions, you must rank them on some scale as there is always room for improvement. Hence, creating a couple of drafts always proves useful to finalize one after careful consideration. It is better to consult with a professional before uploading your product descriptions on the website, as it constitutes the most critical information regarding your product. No grammar mistakes are forgiven at any cost, especially in an eCommerce business setting. Try to put all these tips into practice and experience jaw breaking rise in your product sales overnight. However, to handle bulk product description projects in minimum time, outsourcing turns out to be a good option for companies at large.


Conclusion –


The blog clearly describes important points to enable you to write customer-centric enticing product descriptions from scratch. These noteworthy elements act as critical components of presenting a well-formed product description that sells on online platforms effortlessly.


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