5 Best Free 3D Modeling Software Options

10 Popular Sites for Free CAD File & 3D Models

CAD services in the forming years had little mainstream attention from marketing professionals. For fulfilling modeling needs the advertisers need to refer to product-designed photography shoots at the time. However, there was no guarantee to portray every product feature. With CAD software tools and services you can expect more than just a product design, you will experience crystal clear 3D rendered product images and models with unmatched perfection. Product qualities are put to focus in excellent camera angle and lighting. The rendered images and models are so realistic that you often can fail to tell them apart from the real object.


If you are looking for free websites to get enticing 3D product models then this blog is all you need to increase your knowledge concerning the given title. To increase your business you can use the following 10 picks for getting realistically rendered 3D models in no time –


3D Warehouse



If you are an avid user of online CAD platforms then you must be familiar with SketchUp. 3D Warehouse has a versatile collection of 3D model designs including animals, furniture, and architecture. The 3D models are for free if you access them in connection with your SketchUp account.


CG Trader


CG Trader is a platform to buy and sell computer-generated 3D models. The platform offers a wide selection of free modals assorted by artists hoping to get a large audience to acknowledge their work. On CG Trader you can apply a filter to look for free models as per your liking. There are a variety of free 3D models to choose from. In this way, you can give life to your 3D architectural, cars, kitchens, or androids designs. CAD software tools can provide you with remarkable product designs and models measuring your imagination.


3D Export




3D Export is yet another free and interesting 3D modeling company. Once you become a part of their email list in return you will get six 3D models every week free of any sort of hidden charges. If in case you are skeptical to share your email address you still have access to over 300,000 3D designs and models combined in the company’s database. It offers you a wide range of useful options like 3D printing, 3D tutorials, low-poly 3D models, and so on. If you are planning in getting started with your 3D modeling project then 3D Export proves an all-in-one guidance providing platform.




Thingiverse is said to be the world’s biggest 3D modeling community. Like other websites, the platform offers its services for usage free of cost. The idea is to make 3D models that can be used freely at the time of need. There are more than 1,500,000 models uploaded in the website databases. The models range from 3D printable to general 3D models or even tutorials. There are several CAD related freebies with many from top-tier work.


3D Ocean


3d-model-image l


With 71,000 3D models made available on 3D Ocean what more do you want from life? The platform offers various 3D modeling-related functions like CG textures, animation data, and other CAD design files. 3D Ocean is a part of a greater marketplace, Envato Market. Like many free 3D modeling websites not all models come for free, however, the models available at 3D Ocean are way better than what other websites have to offer.




Are you in need of a great background for your game? Don’t worry! Free 3D has got you all covered. Such 3D models are meant to be used within game designing and game modeling. There are numerous items that you can employ as per your business interests. From a pair of shoes to even a helicopter you can get the best quality models for free. The categories are divided concerning the software typically used to build these models and the type of object it is towards the left of the screen.






The website has a pretty good reputation among online users. You can get unlimited ideas as references for creating new and improved business product models. The website provides a whole section covering drafting services to create quality 3D models. Not only this, you can get your hands on realistic cloth drapes made accessible in the whole dataset. CubeBrush is structured in such a manner that you are ought to find everything in one place!






The website features hundreds to thousands of royalty-free CAD 3D models. From fantasy animated cartoons to realistically detailed robots you can find your perfect match. For easily search 3D models of your taste category wise. You can also find models for sales and on premium membership as well. As a result, you will be granted permission to access and download larger CAD design files.


Turbo Squid


TurboSquid comes with 1000+ 3D models and freelance 3D character modelers. The models can be browsed through your laptops or mobile screens hassle-free. The display can be adjusted that includes 100 models per page. All the available models are well-sorted and organized into daughter categories. Whether your demand coincides with a piece of fruit or the latest human-machine model there is a variety of everything at Turbo Squid. The website is also a popular selling platform where you can sell your artistic models. Also, if you want to look up free CAD models you can apply the respective filter and enjoy timeless browsing!






Last but not least GrabCad is another huge modeling community platform with more than 6,000,000 CAD designers and engineers profiting from the website. There are above 3,000,000 free CAD design files and 3D models that you can take inspiration from. GrabCad allows you to search the whole website for the kind of models you like. You can sift through well-connected categories by feeding in manufacturing software names and types. For example, the software that is used to create cars models, etc. There are numerous tutorials available over the freelance mechanical drafting services to create new and exciting models of their kind. The platform is also a great learning opportunity to minimize technical challenges in operating modeling software tools.


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