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    Social Media presents a great opportunity to businesses to connect with their target audience. Consumers are using social media to talk about their needs and wants, likes and dislikes and these online conversations present a wealth of information that business can leverage to their advantages.

    Social Media Research refers to the practice of analyzing and extracting data from social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and much more through a set of tools and techniques in order to understand, monitor and track consumer behavior.

    How can Social Media Research Help Your Business?

    Social Media Research can provide you key insights on the flow of information in different regions, markets, communities and channels

    Social Media Research can help you to identify consumer behavior that includes opinions, preferences and attitudes in real time.

    Social Media research can help you gauge consumer sentiment during an episodic event, such as the launch of a new product or government rulings.

    Social Media Research can provide you information on which products or services will have a better adoption rate in the market.

    Cross-Platform Services

    At ITS (Information Transformation Services) we believe that social media research can help business make better strategic decisions. Our highly skilled and experienced team of social media researchers gains insights on consumer behavior by analyzing the consumer’s use of social media.

    ITS provides a host of social media research solution geared toward giving clients a better understanding of social media trends and conversations. These social community insights prove invaluable before, during, and after social marketing campaigns.

    We deliver social media insights that can translate into profitable actions. ITS social media research benefits business by

    Providing search based social media monitoring

    Tracking Trending Topics

    Analyzing the Marketing Campaign’s Performance

    Providing Comprehensive Text and Sentiment Analysis

    Providing Consumer Attitude and Behavioral Analysis

    Creating Dashboards to Monitor Social Media Information

    Collecting Content that can be Shared on Social Media

    The increasing reach of social media websites has presented business with a wonderful opportunity of understanding the behavior of their target audience. More than 2 billion users are currently active on social media platforms that includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The conversation on these platforms presents a wealth of data that can be used to analyze the need, want and opinions of consumers.

    For business, analyzing social media sentiment is very important. Consumer behavior can be really volatile and therefore, it becomes all the more important to keep track of the conversations happening on social media about your product, brand or the overall industry.

    Information Transformation Services (ITS) offers high quality social media research services that provide business key insights on how their target audience perceives their brand, products and services. Our insightful analysis provides effective trend analysis and fast track your viral marketing campaigns.