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Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a mechanical or electronic transmission of data into an automatic machine editable text. Usually captured by a scanner, data entry through OCR is faster, more accurate, and more efficient than keystroke data entry.

Outsourcing of OCR and data entry services to IT-S is the most cost-effective solution. Outsource it to IT-S for the most proficient handling of your optical character reorganization services. With the up to date technology at IT-S, your data collection will be in the right hand.


IT-S’ Optical Character Recognition Services

With almost zero data entry errors, your data will be seamlessly integrated and easily readable

IT-S will format the information in an easily retrievable and user-friendly file and store it in an electric structure.

Both Text input and Data Capture categories of OCR scanners are available with IT-S

IT-S text input scanner services will enable you to sort high volume of data that can be edited later.

The data capture scanners can capture and configure repetitive data

IT-S can acquire information from any existing format of your data – be it old paper files, forms, application or word documents.

IT-S well trained and professional team can handle high volume loads of work round the clock.

The OCR services offered by IT-S can be used with any printing techniques.

Outsource OCR Services to IT-S and Gain ICR Services!

There is no laborious manual keying and the whole process is more accurate and precise than traditional human data entry.

Making use of Automated Form Processing, a help invention in the development of ICR, IT-S provides the best ICR and OCR services in the industry.

ICR extends the usefulness of OCR services and has a 98% accuracy rate in reading handwriting in structure forms

Information Transformation Services also offers Intelligent Character Recognition or ICR. ICR is an advanced form of OCR and is more specific. It is particularly for handwriting matter recognition.

Another service giving IT-S and advantageous edge over the other is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Services.

Why Outsource OCR Services to IT-S?

In order to ensure that the image is OCR ready, we De-skew the images to improve their readability.

At IT-S, you can get the best of quality services at the least of price. Cost effective services with high quality are assured at IT-S.

IT-S outsourcing executives will manage your data center in the most effective way.

IT-S professional team has a comprehensive understanding of ICR and OCR service providing process, Functioning and solutions, making it a beneficial association for your business.

Outsourcing to IT-S will ensure that optical Recognition and Data Entry service are in safe, qualified and experienced hands

Outsource to IT-S and rest assured that your OCR services are in the most capable hands. You can easily focus on your business without having to worry about your data entry workload.