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    Technical Illustration Service

    Technical Illustration Service is all about technical communication to help deliver information via visual aid. The use of technical drawings can work as an efficient medium to visualize company products and can display every bit of the product specifications more exclusively which can’t be accomplished with standard illustration and photography. Technical Illustration Service involves the creation of various images, diagrams, and schematics to convey concepts of different mechanical and technical objects.

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) offers remarkable technical illustration services with a dedicated team of technical illustrators. Our professionals provide technical illustrations with the same dimension and proportion, which serves as the determining factor for understanding the functionality of the product more clearly by the audience. This type of illustration lets you provide furthermore information about the products and add technical details of creating a high level of professionalism and technical know-how that reflects well on the products of your company.

    Technical Illustration Process We Follow

    The streamlined process consists of seven steps which are carried out one by one to reduce the possibility of any imperfections. Operating from multiple time zones and different countries is in itself a big challenge. To minimize all such types of complications, ITS Team follows a stringent set of rules and stages for the creation of smooth yet enticing technical illustrations for your company product descriptions. About 99% SLA adherence is made possible.

    The tried and tested workflow includes:

    Pros and Cons of Clipping Path Service

    Scope Definition

    ITS Team discusses all aspects of character/product definition with the client as well as the needed style infused requirements are penned down. This serves as a sample to form the bases for the newly designed technical illustrations.


    After receiving the receipt of the product description, the project manager instantly assigns corresponding tasks to professional illustrators.

    Final Renders

    ITS Team cooperates with the client until 100% client satisfaction is achieved. In this way, we provide you with post-approval services such as unlimited project revisions, additional textures, styling hues, and integration of the technical illustrations to make sure that everything fits into the puzzle perfectly.

    File Transfer

    ITS Professionals begin working on the client project after sharing the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or Dropbox details to ensure secure data transmission at both ends.

    Draft Sketch

    Illustrators and designers create rough illustrations by line art or hand sketches to make sure all details are captured. This step is known as the drafting phase.

    Quality Assurance

    ITS Experts perform quality checks along the end of each step to ensure that all technical illustration requirements are met.

    Project Delivery

    After ensuring error-free results, the final output file is provided to the client in the preferred format via FTP.

    Technical Illustration Services We Offer

    Information Transformation Services (ITS) provides high-quality and very detailed technical illustrations and technical drawings services for many applications and industries. Our Company has made many clients requiring technical publications in the medical, agricultural, scientific and automotive sectors. We offer illustrations for both medical and technical equipment. Such type of scientific equipment is created in the form of component blow-ups, mechanism outlays, and illustrative designing.

    Our highly skilled designers provide technical illustrations for any manual that includes maintenance manuals, product manuals, installation manuals, and user manuals. By providing all these services at one stage, we enable you to tell your product story to the whole world. It can be secure funding, announcement, or a status update about new features of a company’s products.

    Our Technical Illustration includes a broad range of services including:

    Line drawings

    Sectional & Exploded Views

    Vector Art

    Illustrations for manual

    Instructional diagram

    Exploded view drawings

    Cutaway Illustration

    Digital Illustration


    Traditional Pencil Line Illustrations

    Schematics, Ghosting

    Graphically Enhanced Photographs

    Prototype Product Illustration

    charts and more

    Industries We Cater To

    Technical Art is a perspective that is the name of communicating information to the target audience effortlessly via visual aid. ITS, provide technical illustrations in isometric format to enhance the audience experience, interest, and understandings of a technical concept. With the increased usage of technical illustrations within the advertisement industry, ads, catalogs, and commercial packaging, it serves as a reliable means to communicate product incentives and directions for marketing reasons. With over 30 years of experience, ITS is an all-in-one platform that submits high-quality detailed technical illustrations or technical drawings for numerous applications and industries. We are doing technical publications in the field of Agricultural, Scientific, Automotive, and medical sectors. We also provide technical illustrations for different types of manuals like installation manuals, product manuals, and maintenance manuals.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Concept Art Services

    At Information Transformation Service (ITS), our experienced and highly talented draftsman is always committed to delivering premium quality illustration services with practically unlimited revisions and customer supports. Our experienced team established a customized process with a bulk amount of orders and operational setups that let us keep our operating costs low. By outsourcing your bulk technical illustration projects to us, you can earn remarkable benefits like as:

    Efficient Artwork Team - ITS Team can create stunning technical illustrations by employing the latest technology and tools. With years of experience handling, complex illustration projects our design team can get your ideas across your viewer's mind with remarkable illustrative artwork. All specifications made by clients are fulfilled by efficient vector artwork and pencil sketching conversion to spotless images via Adobe Photoshop.

    Expertise in Creative Design Software - All professional and industrial tools are put to use to create exciting technical illustrations for your company products and manuals. All the designing tools are company accredited and are employed as per the project requirement. All commonly utilized in-house designing and sketching tools include Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite, and others.

    Technical Illustrations for Non-Technical Audiences - Our Services can be extremely beneficial if the clients are targeting non-technical audiences. Our illustrations are exact in their dimensions and proportions and help in getting more information about the product and adding technical details creates a higher level of professionalism and technical know-how that reflects the good reputation of the product or company.

    Regular Product updates - ITS Team provides regular project feedback to the clients to keep them aware of the project progress until final project delivery. In this way, you can earn 100% original technical illustrations by outsourcing your creative design projects to us.

    Free Trial - Client's satisfaction is deemed as the top priority. ITS Team makes sure that all technical illustration assignments are well understood by the professionals by providing a free project trail. The reason for our immense popularity among clients is the level of trust we maintain during the project.

    Swift Turnaround - ITS Team is guaranteed to deliver illustration projects within strict deadlines. Our renowned artists create high-resolution vector and raster illustrations within the client's time zone.

    Why Should You Outsource Gaming Asset Services to Us?

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) provides technical illustration services to promote your company/brand on a larger scale. Our experts are constantly improvising and creating improved creative designs and 3d illustrations for a better visual experience. Our technical illustration and technical art services cover a broad range of graphics that includes vector art, traditional pencil line illustration, cutaway illustration, prototype product illustration, creating an illustration for exploded views, manuals, graphically enhanced photographs, instructional diagrams charts, graphs, and much more. Furthermore, we equip you with the following notable advantages as listed below:



    ITS, consider all your concerns regarding outsourcing technical illustration projects. ITS Team covers all technical illustration steps starting from sketching and drafting to full-fledged professional technical illustrations within your budget. Whether your concern is volume or time, ITS professionals have got you all covered!


    Accessible Format

    How can you make use of the valuable project results if they are not stored and delivered within an accessible format? This is the reason why ITS makes sure that all your post-project completion needs are fulfilled by providing a suitable option of customized formatting. Generally, portable formats are used to transfer the final output to clients like HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, and so on.


    International Standards Certifications

    ITS, is an ISO, 2700 certified Service Provider. You can surely benefit from the standard ISO technical illustration services offered at ITS Platform. All your product descriptions, specifications, working manuals can be creatively illustrated with the help of ITS Technical Illustration Service.


    World Class Infrastructure

    Obtaining original as well as customized technical illustrations at a suitable cost can be a daunting task. To meet all your technical design challenges ITS has set up an in-house team of lead designers and illustrators. ITS Team makes use of all in-house equipment and technology for the enhancement of creativity in your product technical illustrations.

    High Data Security

    ITS Team provides high-end technical illustration solutions for volume creative design projects with considerable ease. Whatever the client discusses with the project manager stays between the two. Client valuable business data is encrypted for promoting business confidentiality.

    Latest Designs Tools & Technologies

    Our experienced specialists utilize state-of-the-art technology and software tools to create aesthetically appealing technical illustrations. Technical Illustrations are made with the latest technical software supervision such as Adobe Flash Builder, AutoCAD, MS Office, Macintosh systems, Photoshop, and both Windows. With the best technology put to use you can save up to 60 % of the product marketing cost.

    Round the Clock Customer Support

    ITS Team is capable to work on odd hours and carry out all extensive technical illustration tasks quite proficiently. Communication is made easier with 24/7 customer support service. Client ideas are given immense respect to favor a 100% satisfactory rate.

    Market Research Analysis

    ITS Experts can convert CAD drawings and freehand sketches to visually captivating technical illustrations. Thus we provide the best-researched results which can prove highly significant in growing the company’s GDP.

    Unparalleled Development Expertise

    ITS is accredited as one of the top technical illustration services providing a platform with hundreds of customers from around the world. We are continuing to expand our global foothold by investing a great deal in your technical illustration projects.

    Scalable Solutions

    At ITS we make sure that all project results are scalable. Our 3D designers and technical illustrators create customized technical drawings in a manner to contribute to your product increased reputation. In addition, we even provide post-project updating facilities to keep your product technical illustrations up-to-date after making suitable reforms.

    Choose ITS As Your Technical Illustration Services Partner

    A pioneer among creative design and graphic design companies and providers, Information Transformation Service (ITS) has been providing technical illustration services for more than three decades now. Our professionals work to convey breathtaking technical illustrations for your company products with unlimited iteration support and revisions. Not only this ITS offers technical illustration services for both products and manuals. Tell us your requirements and get a free quote in one business day!