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    2D and 3D Modeling

    ITS Infrastructure

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) supports an avant-garde infrastructure to promote a creative work environment and training sessions for employees. Our robust platform is enough to accomplish multiple outsourcing tasks at a time for different industries, state-of-the-art infrastructure at ITS supports the latest technology tools and software to help stabilize and fulfill our commitments in due course of time and provide clients with high-quality results. Our leading services are a direct byproduct of our well-equipped framework which does not merely support business operations but also works forward to maintain confidentiality and security measures for employee and client content. One of the many reasons why ITS remains a notable choice among thousands of clients for business-critical service outsourcing.

    Delivery Centers

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) is a popular name among clients for providing high-quality services for 30 years. Our professionals achieve daily set benchmarks to provide efficient results in quick turnaround time. All our solutions are backed up by advanced infrastructure and the use of high-end technology placed at all delivery centers worldwide. ITS deliver its distinctive business solutions in different parts of the world. Our delivery centers have jam-packed conference rooms and training halls where employees indulge in futuristic discussions and come up with new innovative ideas to effectively formulate new business strategies. To mention our training halls and conference rooms are well equipped for inductions and teamwork training. Our dedicated administrative team is Available 24/7 to lend support in case of client queries.

    State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) platform is an architectural marvel which holds both operational and recreational space. With the best technology at hand, our employees assist clients to carry out day-to-day business activities successfully. Each service project comes with its challenges and complexities. At ITS, we have different departments for various services having built-in unique infrastructural facilities. For instance, to cover up a large volume of data processing work our employees work on dual monitors to minimize errors within due time. Nonetheless, ITS infrastructure also possesses fun zones in its premises where employees interact with each other and expand their horizons of practical knowledge.

    ITS Infrastructure
    ITS Infrastructure

    High-End Technology and Internet Connectivity

    We have limited the use of paper to the minimum to conserve the environment. All delivery centers are interconnected with fast-paced internet connectivity and all services are provided by the use of the latest high-end technological solutions. Secure VPN technology is employed for encrypted data transfer between the employee and the client. In addition firewall and intrusion detection technology are put to deliberate use for effective business provision.

    Primary Internet Connectivity from the US to Pakistan

    Marine Fiber Optic Cable - Trans-Pacific

    Secure VPN and Network

    Marine Fiber Optic Cable - Trans-Atlantic

    Secondary Internet Connectivity

    Server routed to a failover satellite link

    Total secured CISCO VPN Tunnel to the client, which blocks all Peers to Peep in

    Secured Cisco® Intelligent switches and Cisco® Network Assistant optimized for LAN

    Cisco® PIX® Firewall to block all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP, and even ICMP

    ITS Infrastructure

    Network and Security

    Our trusted infrastructure and network security support URL filtering/ spam filtering, virus prevention, secure enterprise access system for employee login for high-end project deliverance within the estimated time. With foolproof security and a world-class internet security network, our professionals can immediately detect and mitigate any form of an information breach. Our security team checks for security gaps at three levels during the project. The three levels are People, Process, and Technology. The steps our professionals take to ensure securities are Prevention, Detection, and Quick Response. During unexpected network security breakdowns, we ensure quick remedial action, detection, response, and recovery of the situation.

    100% Redundancy

    Our central objective is to achieve 100% accuracy in data, power, network, and internet. Our experienced professionals work in groups to ensure capacity building and error-free service solutions on time. Furthermore, our efficient business community plan includes satellite communication, power redundancy, internet redundancy, UPS, and power generators.

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    Information Transformation Service (ITS) is a top-notch service provider in the international market. We outsource trusted and cost-efficient business solutions to enterprises, industries, companies, and individual start-ups. ITS is ISO 2700 certified and provides unmatchable expertise for your company’s bright future. Our workforce, experience, and infrastructure meet all outsourcing client project requirements with considerable ease. With economical rates and timely project deliverance, we continue to remain at the top of the list of service-providing companies. If you are interested in outsourcing our notable services, contact our Customer Engagement Team and get a free quote within 24 business hours!