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Influence of 21st Century Technology on Photography

We all have read and reread the maxim popularly associated with photography that skill is attained through practice and not by simply purchase. To what extent this maxim is true in today’s time? The blog investigates the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in photography and its fruitful outcomes. Many are of the view that AI enhances the machine’s capabilities to outperform a photographer’s basic perspective. We are sure about the fact that AI is here to stay and it has immense benefits in great many technical and engineering fields.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is smarter to handle complex duties much better than human power. There are new far-reaching possibilities in the photography and creative design industry as well. Let us fully investigate IAs role in photography step by step –


The truth behind AI’s Influence on Photography


In recent times, Google had shared some of the images flawlessly edited with deep learning technology. The landscapes were realistically edited as they were processed through blind tests with the help of professional expert photographers. It was surprisingly observed that up to 40% of images that were edited using Artificial Intelligence (AI) received top ratings. By looking at these images it was unbelievably hard to distinguish between human edited and the ones edited using AI technology. Without a cloud of doubt, AI is a breakthrough of innovations within the editing department but at the same time, it is predicted to work in sync with traditional photography at least for now!


Can Skills of AI Outweigh Humans in Photography?


The most important question that yet is needed to be answered is “How is AI influencing the photography field?” To cut the long story short a photographer can visualize concepts better with the help of automated technology systems. When we look into the photographer’s workflow we experience a greater role of conceptualization, it can be both of photographers or the client himself. In a typical project clients usually share their feelings and ideas to help the photographer to conceptualize better with primary settings. Let us single out all details and land on the perfect core objective. For example within product photography of a bedroom setting customer taste is kept in mind before shooting. With AI in charge, you can add subtle changes, character impressions, enhance scenery and lighting by not altering the image data.


Composing scenes is a task that is comprehended with a photographer’s intelligence and understanding. The task is not transferable to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Complex photography projects come with their kind of limitations like proper compositing and replacement. Such tasks can be made less complex with AI systems such as Google’s AI. In the boardroom concept, you can employ manipulated algorithms to add a few extra items like a water bottle or a coffee mug. You can also add in extra complex geometrical objects to create an abstract look. The analytical skills of photographers are much superior to that of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems. This is a major reason that hinders the machine’s ability to compete or even replace a photographer’s skill set. You just bethinking then how does AI influences photography. Well! It is the editing part that caters above all that matters significantly in the Photography field today!


Will Image Editing Skills of AI Be Superior to Humans?


Google AI Creates Incredible Panoramas from Street View Images – diKHAWA Fashion - 2021 Online Shopping in Pakistan


In the editing side of photography, it is the data that counts. Raw data will be accessible to both AI systems and professional photographers. Photo editing tasks can be better achieved by setting certain parameters within the AI algorithm. To be aware of how the AI computer version transforms images we need to first look into recent changes that have taken place in the portrait mode. Portable mobile phones have made it possible to enhance image quality by adding filters and frames. With the help of AI metadata and connected keywords make the image is discoverable over the World Wide Web. Artificial Intelligence analyzes keywords to efficiently look up respective images to testify client requirements in a better way. It takes not long enough just a couple of seconds or a few minutes to load the image preview as per client approval.


Challenges Faced by Photographers in Convincing Clients and Gaining Approval


There exists a degree of exception as every client has their peculiar taste and preferences that they can also be disillusioned with the post-processing outcomes. Time and again professionals are bombarded with requests from clients to digitally alter imperfections as they please. Most imperfections are related to appearances rather as compared to background elements. Flawlessness has itself become a trend in every industry be it eCommerce, fashion, photography industry, and so on. Whatsoever the case might be people are ready to pay huge amounts just to fit in with the trend. Therefore, AI has proved a major turning point in editing photographs of all kinds in an eccentric way.


In the complex world, we live in, trends are constantly changing and evolving, and so is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is seen as a positive change to appeal to the masses. Photographs are an eminent source to attract viewers and once you add an aesthetic touch to them they can get amplified a hundred times. AI can be used to add a sophisticated touch-up or a simpler retouch to images and save your post-processing effort and time. Moreover, AI is not completely integrated to operate autonomous operations in post-processing on its own but human intervention enables the task to be performed by feeding incorrect data. In near future, AI is seen to be involved in minor editing work on its own and handle other challenging editing projects. But until a large-scale, intelligent system arrives the technology can be used to manage photography editing with human concepts.


Conclusion –


In our pursuit of answers to how Artificial Intelligence influences the photography industry, we found out about post-processing usage. How AI has made easier the development of sophisticated algorithms that are gradually building up new ways to replace traditional photography. The future holds new fantasies ready to make global headlines anytime soon. Until that day, traditional photography is seen to be effectively enhanced and made less complex with the help of artificially intelligent systems.


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