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    Data Entry Service

    Data Entry Service

    Efficient data management is the key to attaining accurate and precise data for better decision making for all organizations, large or small, every type of corporation has to deal with large number of transactions like financial, production, sales, and many other daily. To improve your business financial story, it is compulsory to outsource your data entry projects in professional hands. Information Transformation Service (ITS) has a team of renowned Data Entry Experts who can serve all your time-taking and tedious mass data entry projects at an affordable price.

    ITS Professionals have mastered all consumer-based challenges regarding data management and data transformation by implying international level standards. ITS provides a complete package of data entry services to businesses of all levels to shape the core business activities with increased proficiency. With 30 years of excellent reputation in the data entry field, our professionals can work under pressure to handle larger volumes of data every day.

    Data Entry Process We Follow

    1. Scan & Upload

    ITS Experts ensure that the input documents are scanned properly and are uploaded to an online server via FTP or VPN into the customer network.

    2. Download/Access Files

    Our professionals access the file and download them for reviewing and approval to confirm the status of the data file being processed.

    3. Key-in Document

    In this processing stage, the documents are keyed either through web applications or by using an excel sheet. The data is then proofread to eliminate any personal errors or duplicates.

    4. Index, Sort & Move

    After which, the data is properly indexed, sorted, and shifted to a predetermined folder that is user-friendly for easy retrieval of information at times needed.

    5. Quality Check

    It is Professional to go the extra mile to make quality 100% up to the mark. Everything is checked, rechecked, and double-checked again to ensure the highest level of accuracy to about 99.99%.

    6. Final Delivery

    Finally, the processed data files are uploaded through secure FTP or VPN for obtaining feedback from our prestigious clients.

    Data Entry Services We Offer

    Apart from the most basic varieties of data entry services, ITS Experts can provide you an unlimited array of data entry related services such as Data Conversion, Data Mining, Data Extraction, Data Enrichment, Database Development, Data Processing, Data Migration, Data Warehousing, Data Cleansing, and Online Data Capture are to name a few. At ITS, we handle both online and offline data about billing, purchasing, accounting, procurement, and invoicing services. Allow our seasoned experts to seamlessly categorize, cleanse, process, and convert your data to maximize your productivity, whilst minimizing your overall workload. We provide excellent quality Ad-hoc and In-house Data Entry Services to ensure optimum business performance.

    We provide a wide variety of data processing and data entry services that include data processing, data conversion, data manipulation, transcription, data capture, image data entry, insurance, and medical claims, data entry through Remote Desktop Servers (RDP), and much more! With our goal being to ensure complete customer satisfaction, our team is available on hand 24/7 to provide reliable support to our valued clients. With our help, your organization can better allocate time towards managing core competencies and critical business issues. With our years of experience in this particular niche, we’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of incredible clients and ensuring complete satisfaction.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to ITS

    Data Integrity Enhancement and Data Insertion are two unique features that evolve your business decision-making skills and make them better with every passing second. ITS is a global outsourcing provider with a top-notch Team that will equip your databases with attractive solutions for you to make better and long-term decisions, to enhance your company projects in Digital Marketing. If you are short on time and have tight deadlines to meet at regular intervals then it is a much safer option to outsource your bulk data entry projects for timely completion. ITS Data Entry Service enables you to enjoy the list of following benefits:

    Pricing - At ITS, you can rest assured that all such impeccable services and much more comes under a highly affordable package that is specially designed to fall under your budget. With approximately 60% cost savings our rates are sincerely transparent and based upon per hour as well as per project completion. Full-time equivalent rates are also catered at ITS.

    Skilled & Experienced Data Entry Professionals - ITS Data Entry professionals are the best ones in the market doing what they do best and providing appreciable data entry services to multiple industries at a time. The certified team of data entry specialists solves varied data entry complexities with workable solutions.

    Use of Advanced Technologies - Data Experts at ITS utilize OCR and ICR advanced technologies to locate and recognize text or characters from scanned documents and digital images. Our team converts the processed data into an editable format to make your data more accessible to you. Latest technology and advanced techniques increase the overall efficiency of the data entry project up to two folds with reduced cost overturns.

    Guaranteed Connectivity - At ITS, we take care of our customers as our own family and communicate with them all along the data entry process until the completion of the project. We believe that connectivity plays a huge part in data entry service. 100mbps Internet T1 lines are used 24/7 to make sure that all your data entry needs are met in due discussed time.

    Data Security and Confidentiality - We ensure personal authorization of your files by using FTP or VPN to transfer the file after completion of the data processing method. Not only this, data security is maintained up to the maximum level for safe retrieval of backed up data in case of any data loss.

    Swift Turnaround - Our experts do not stop until customer satisfaction is achieved through swift final project delivery. We aim to please our customers at the end of the project completion. The turnaround time for each project varies upon the nature and complexity of the data project.

    High-Quality Services – Our QA Team (Quality Assurance) performs various quality tests to make sure that no stone is left unturned before the final delivery of our client’s project. The desired quality standards of the client are met and an accuracy level of more than 99% is maintained.

    Why Should You Outsource Data Entry Services to Us?

    In addition to the usual advantages ITS, provide significant scoring benefits to make your company outshine your business competition for better sales and to address customer needs. We save you from spending thousands of dollars by giving you the benefit of labor arbitrage. Furthermore, we equip you with the following notable benefits listed below:



    Creating high-quality data entry methods can cost you hundreds of bucks. Such extra expense can be managed while staying under your proposed pre-planned budget by opting for ITS outsourcing Data Entry Services. Reducing large overturns with no compromise upon quality.


    High Data Security

    ITS gives your data the attention it truly deserves by employing multiple servers and secured internet services, to make clients feel safe about their data and can convey to us any other information that, is required during the customized form transformation process.


    Accessible Format

    ITS Experts has expertise in all formats of form processing services like HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, and so on. And can provide you with data in various formats including ASCII, CSV, and more. Hence, allowing you to get a lot more in just a little for your company’s sovereignty.


    Latest Designs Tools & Technologies

    The tools and the technologies that are used by us are the latest and newest. ITS makes use of OCR/ICR technology, Manual form processing through Encoding Techniques, or a mix-match combination of both to resolve your data entry requirements accurately.

    International Standards Certifications

    With so many data entry service providers out there, people often find it very difficult to choose the right one for them! ITS is ISO 2700 certified, thus your data is extremely safe with us. We offer secure and reliable customized Data Entry, Data Cleanup, Data Conversion, and much more! Our customers deserve nothing but the very best, thus we aim at reaching unparalleled quality levels to set an industry standard of excellence. Our professionals leave no room for error and guarantee certified authentic results for your data entry bulk business projects.

    In-house Talented Professionals

    Our Company has highly skilled and professional employees with years of experience in this field. As we work worldwide, our professionals are spread throughout time zones and geography; ITS Experts leverage their incredible potential to process data for your business interests.

    Quick Delivery

    On-time delivery is what guarantees hard success. ITS Team covers all your data conversion needs from every angle and makes sure that all your data entry projects are submitted to you even before your strict deadlines.

    Round the Clock Customer Support

    Our experienced and well-trained team works with passion and dedication until the project is completed with 100% Client Satisfaction. We are available 24/7 for our prestigious customers.

    Market Research Analysis

    ITS Professionals work with effective coordination to make things happen the right way! We adhere to the client’s guidelines religiously. With our expert by your side, you can raise your bar of potential to a level where your company benefits with faster lead and sales generation.

    Professional Services

    By choosing ITS as your Data solutions provider, you get access to talented specialists who ensure the highest levels of accuracy, whilst maintaining an unmatched standard of quality in this industry. No matter how small or large your requirement; we’re the best choice! Our professionals give you a free hand and the leverage to experiment with new ideas and inspirations for your business. Our side services come with extra features such as you can easily scale your company forms and documents.

    World Class Infrastructure

    At ITS, we have installed world-class infrastructure for proficient project completion. So, that our client doesn’t face any disturbance. From start to finish of a data entry project, we provide unmatchable expertise for your company’s better future.

    Make ITS Your Data Entry Service Partner

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) has been providing strategically designed data entry solutions for over three decades now. But the story of unparalleled quality service continues to offer reliable and secure data to businesses from around the world. Our professionals adhere to strict preset guidelines to deliver timely, well-managed, and accurate data sets in portable formats. If you are looking to collaborate and outsource Data Cleanup, Data Insertion, or Data Conversion at an affordable rate then waste no time joining hands with us today for an enhanced business experience. Please feel free to ask and discuss all your data entry services with ITS.