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    Creative Art Assets

    We at ITS understand the importance of delivering innovative and creative art assets that are true to our client’s vision. Our expert team produces concept art that is tailored to specific design requirements, technical specifications and client expectations.

    Unparalleled Illustration

    From concept art for environments to character design and props, we offers unparalleled illustration and concept art services in a variety of styles including cartoons, realism and 3 Dimension. By partnering with some of the world’s best concept artists, we can deliver artwork that inspires and fuels imaginations across game styles and genres. We are more than happy to team up with you on a project or develop our own original style proposals.

    2D Art Services

    ITS specialized in 2D Animation Services like 2D cartoon animation, 2D flash animation, 2D concept art, Storyboard sketching, Pre-visualization, 2D illustration services, plash animation services and much more. We care for the assets aesthetics, quality and most importantly the budgets.

    Concept Art

    Our Concept art team helps you to visualize and conceptualize the characters, hidden object scenes, environment, splash screens, menus, game icons allowing the assets to be production ready. We engage concept articles with number of years of experience who understand your vision with ease.

    3D Art Services

    ITS has the talented 3D art team which specialized in crating 3D character avatars, avatar accessories, clothing items, 3D environments, vehicles, props & weapons. We offer end to end External Game Art production solutions from conceptualization to delivery of a Game ready asset. We care for the assets aesthetics, quality and more importantly the budgets.

    Game Development Service

    Game Development requires a combination of aesthetic and technical execution. Graphic designers interpret the gaming concept. Game play experts design the player scenarios including technical specifications, whilst game technology experts create the code. The result is rapid deployment of new game content which shortens your time to MARKET and in turn reduces the overall costs.

    Casual Game Art

    Over the period of time, we have established a reputation of creating top quality art for casual/mobile games. We specialized in creating next generation hidden object scenes, isometric characters, environments, character illustration and animations.

    ITS develops games for different end platforms, from online to the latest mobile, including Android, IOS, and Windows 8. Games for mobile devices can be implemented as native apps or browser-based HTML5 applications

    We at ITS are highly experienced and provide outstanding design and Concept Art Services regularly contributing to the success of some of the most renowned video games in the industry. With many passionate and experienced artists, and our own schools to develop and nurture upcoming talent, we can deliver the best-tailored art offering for our client’s video game art requirements. Our impressive deliverables include art created for console, PC, and mobile games built by industry-leading studios and developers. The depth of our service line offering is unrivaled and includes:

    Unity 3D

    Adobe Flash

    HTML 5

    3D concept art

    2D concept art

    2D Illustrations

    Art Direction Services

    UI/UX design and animation

    3D Objects

    3D Animations

    Live Action and Video Production

    2D Characters and Objectives

    3D Vehicles


    2D Animations

    In-Game and Pre-Rendered Cinematic

    Concept Art Services deliver handcrafted art, produced by expertly trained artists using the very latest tools. Our global footprint continues to expand. We are continuously increasing the sophistication of game assets as technology advances.