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    Who we are?

    Since 1997, Information Transformation Service Pvt Ltd (ITS) has established itself as a premier provider of high-quality and cost effective IT and back office support services to customers around the world. ITS combines 24/7 state of the art facilities with highly skilled staff to guarantee our clients receive the best in speed, accuracy and security. At the same time, our management team is committed to efficiency at every level, ensuring competitive pricing on all contracts.

    The Company has extensive experience in providing a wide range of services to a portfolio of global clients who are often leaders in their industry. Working with such a diverse group of customers, with their varied and exacting specifications, ITS has developed its staff and facilities to meet the requirements of almost any data or resources intensive project. And, with our state of the art communications and electronic infrastructure, we provide you with very fast turnaround. Sometimes in the matter of hours.

    Information Transformation Services

    Founded in 1997

    Highly Experienced Employees

    Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

    Thousands of Projects Completed


    Our Team

    The Exceptional team that we have in place is not by accident but is a result of a deliberate effort to hire the right people, for the right job, with the right attitude.

    All the candidates are carefully screened for processing the desired academic qualifications, computer and English language skills, along with the necessary expertise and experience required for the role.

    We have an excellent employee retention rate. Many of our colleagues have been with us since the start of company. The simple reason being the friendly, open, yet challenging work environment which nurtures and rewards excellence.

    ITS is filled with a variety of Jobs and Work, made especially for you.



    We are truly a customer focused company. We are here when you need us, anytime, any day, around the year. We are known by our customers to be a company that goes out of its way, beyond its service level obligations, to provide exceptional services.

    The level of client satisfaction can be ascertained by the fact that some of our customers have been with us for over 17 years.

    Client retention of this level can only be achieved by sheer commitment towards honoring every aspect of our contractual obligations, superior customer support, keeping up with the changing needs of our customers and at times being proactive and suggesting workflow improvements.


    You will find us to be an extremely flexible, adaptable and an innovative company. We are quick to react and adapt to your ever-changing requirements.


    We understand your needs, translate them into working specifications and perform free pilots before getting into a formal agreement.