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    Companies like real estate, travel, photography and e-commerce, and other domains are thrilled with the increased need for marketing material all day and every day to increase the demand for their products via effective online and offline marketing strategies. Since every other company is in straight head competition with each other, there has been a sudden rise in demand for clutter-free images. Image Clipping Service is specially designed to focus on all your perfect image needs to boost up your brand reputation for better sales.

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) is one of the most influential image clipping service providers for the last two decades. We believe in professionalism and hard work. From infrastructure to experienced in-house editing experts we have got all your image editing requirements covered. Image clipping service is time-consuming which can detract from your more important business functions. By outsourcing your bulk image clipping projects to us you can focus on your core business tasks more effectively.

    Image Clipping Services We Offer

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) offers image clipping services for a variety of product lines. Not only this, our executive professionals can handle even huge piles of images and can clip them perfectly within minimum time. If you want your images to be clipped within a certain way, you can directly communicate your ideas to our professional to get desired results. An image can be clipped from any corner where the photograph is dull or damaged and then it is smoothened around the edges to achieve a flawless look ready to advertise your products. ITS Team only takes 18 to 24 hours for clipping images, an increase may depend upon the requirements of the project. Our Image Clipping Services include:


    Furniture Image Clipping

    Photographs of any type of furniture often have less focus. These images need to be monitored for areas to be clipped and improved. ITS Furniture Image Clipping Service involves the use of different Photoshop tools to improve the focus and background of fancy furniture images.


    Real Estate Image Clipping

    ITS team is experienced and skilled enough to provide the best image clipping services for real estate model images. We make sure that these images appear natural, realistic, and refine to make our client's property look astonishing to impress visitors.


    Food Image Clipping

    If you are into the food business then you must use high-quality food images that can make the food look fresh and appetizing. Usually, food items with a dull background do not look appealing. For this very reason, the ITS Team can edit all your food images for bringing customers to your plate.


    Fashion Image Clipping

    Not only this, ITS, cater clipping of all types of iconic fashion images for your better business. By employing the ghost mannequin technique ITS Team works to project apparels more clear and attractive.

    Automobile Image Clipping

    We can fulfill your entire automobile image clipping needs in an efficient manner, to ensure that all necessary aspects and portions of the image are highlighted to entice your customers.

    Product Image Clipping

    Product image clipping is essentially the most wanted service by our clients. Our professionals dive into strict work schedules to improve your images by clipping them from their backgrounds and render the image quality better.

    Channel Masking Services

    ITS Channel Masking Service separates an object from its unwanted background, to edit it solo without affecting its background. It requires the latest editing tools, used right here by our professionals to make images a lot more eye-catching.

    Other Image Clipping Services Include:

    Clipping Path Services

    Background Removal Services

    Image Masking Services

    Photorealistic Rendering Services

    Image Shadow Services

    Photo Cutout Services

    Tracing Image Services

    Car Image Clipping Services

    Industries We Cater To:

    A Professional Image Clipping Service requires essential experience by hand and through modern-day advanced clipping software. The digital image background can be modified and made into a more versatile and enticing one with the help of image clipping techniques rounding more and more customers for sales advantage. There are numerous industries we cater our Professional Image Clipping Services to, such as Online Apparel Shopping, Retail Product Shopping, Electronic Product Images, Automobile parts images, Sports accessories store, Publishing, Professional Photographic Studio, Real-Estate selling companies, Digital Portraits and many more.

    Image Clipping Process We Follow

    Image Clipping is employed for easy background removal and to make images look more vibrant without their dull background. At ITS, image clipping services involve a whole series of five steps to ensure that images of our clients are clipped and enhanced visually. ITS streamlined image clipping process is as follows:



    In the first step, images are collected from our clients within files (such as PNG, JPEG, JPG, or any other).


    Quality Check

    Our professionals ensure that the whole process is encrypted and quality is maintained up to the mark without any compromise.



    After receiving all important non-edited images, ITS Professional analyzes and discusses important parts of the images to be clipped and manipulated with the client.


    Final Output

    The last part and most significant ones are the clipped-ready images that can directly be posted on your company website or can be manually sent to customers for upgrading your brand reputation and sales all at once.



    After taking approval from our client, the ITS Team starts clipping operation over the images that need to be manipulated to be made more clear, perfect, and real.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Image Clipping Service

    The benefits of outsourcing your company’s bulk image clipping projects are unlimited. A professional image clipping service provides color correction, improved recreation of graphics and logos as well as the enhanced presentation of the company product for increasing sales.

    Enhanced Presentation and Superior Brand Reputation

    Enhanced product presentation can increase your company’s reputation by many folds. An enticing product image that stands tall from its background can earn you bonus points in the form of sales from your prospective customers.

    Easy Image Editing and Illustration

    An errorless and unique product picture is your gateway to drive more and more convertible leads and sales. Tools such as Background Eraser Tools, Magic Eraser Tools along Color Separation Techniques can render your product images perfect and natural-looking.

    Quality Photo Manipulation

    Hand Drawn Image Clipping Service involves the addition of these human skills that are on web software not that realistically achieved. ITS Expert can provide you with the talent to cover up such fine details by hand and take notice of the image’s overall idea, functions, and specifications.

    Best Color Correction

    ITS Professionals increase your product image attraction with multiple editing and restoration techniques. Moreover, color grading and correction can add a unique touch of vibrancy to your product images to attract numerous customers at one time.

    Marketing and Portfolio Promotion

    Everyone is trying to get their Marketing Portfolios to get ready. We understand your company prospect ideals and incorporate interesting clipping styles with your product images for customers to feel like that they are purchasing from an authentic online website.

    Why Outsource Image Clipping Services to ITS?

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) has a lot to offer in a little. Our professional image clipping services are favorites of many notable brands and companies. ITS Professionals are adept in providing the latest editing tools and software to render your bulk product images strikingly picture-perfect. Here are many a few many reasons to choose us as your outsourcing partner:

    Catalog Conversion Services
    Catalog Conversion Services


    Our cost-effective image clipping services will make your images remarkably better. With increased resolution and clarity, your products will be sold in no time for the better of your company. The effort and energy of our experts will be visible in the after results of your bulk product images.

    International Standards Certifications

    ITS is ISO 2700 Certified BPO Service Provider, we know the significance of your image editing problems and their impact upon your business strategies and regimes. Our QA Team double checks if any error is left out. We make sure that you get 100% secure and satisfied results.

    Access to Extremely Talented Professionals

    Our Company has highly skilled and professional employees with years of experience in this field. As we work worldwide, our professionals are spread through different time zones and geography, which we highly leverage for our better delivery to achieve better Professional Image Clipping Services.

    High Data Security

    Data security is our foremost priority! We make sure that everything is being done safely from the outer world or any third party involvement in between. Your project information is safe between you and the accustomed ITS Professional. File transfer such as FTP or VPN to make sure data is secure.

    Latest Designs Tools & Technologies

    The tools and the technologies that are used by us are the latest and newest. The designs that are given by us are the most extraordinary in the market using updated platforms and software for better visualizations.

    Quick Delivery

    Our image editing team is specially trained to handle your image clipping jobs according to your requirements. We can work on large volumes of work while maintaining our quality benchmark as well as our turnaround time.

    Round the Clock Customer Support

    Our experienced and well-trained team works with passion and dedication until the project is completed with 100% Client Satisfaction. We are available 24/7 for our prestigious customers.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Our approach is rather holistic to deal with all your image editing requirements and deliver comprehensive solutions in your desired formats. We have a lot to offer within a little amount. Our sectioned team of hundreds of image editing professionals provides services based on your demands.

    World Class Infrastructure

    At ITS, we have installed world-class infrastructure for proficient project completion. So, that our client doesn’t face any disturbance. From start till the finish of a catalog design project we provide unmatchable expertise for your company’s better future.