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    ITS strives to create a top-notch and impeccably detailed 3D character designs as per the requirements of the clients at an economical cost meeting even the most taxing quality standards.

    Having associated with various companies from diverse industrial sectors, we are one of the most reliable and reputed 3D character modeling company. Our experience and expertise in meeting the requirements of the client at very economical rates has helped us to create a special space in the larger 3D modeling industry.

    3D Character Modeling services offered by ITS are based on matchless technological infrastructure where all of your 3D game character modeling and game assets modeling demands and specifications will be met and exceeded. As a reliable 3D character modeling company, we will associate with you at all stage of the project execution to make sure that all of your expectation and unique 3D character animation requirements are relentlessly met without scope for any misconstruction.

    Our 3D Character Art Work

    Being a client-centric 3D character modeling services provider, ITS is always on the lookout to create 3D character designs that can bring matchless value to the end product, the business is working on. Irrespective of the scope and size of your requirements, our team and our infrastructure are always at your disposal to tend to all your digital animation needs effectively.


    ITS’s services are carefully conceived to offer best value for money for all our clients. All of our 3D modelers strive hard extremely well to transform your 3D model requirements to life like and splendid 3D characters. We never went away from going the extra mile to offer exceptionally aesthetic and real life 3D characters to provide our clients exceptional results for their 3D animation requirements.

    During the process of modeling, we toil relentlessly hard to integrate the following aspects into our service propositions;

    Impeccably Creative Rendering

    Our 3D modeling team has flawless creativity and exceptional understanding of various technological platforms to offer the best support for flawless renderings.

    Affordable At Best

    As we strive to grow as a comprehensive 3D modeling services provider for all businesses, we make sure that all our services fall in line with the budget constraints of our clients to offer maximum value for their investments.

    Accurate Depiction

    We also work to ensure that the 3D modeled character is depicted exactly as required by the client by incorporating all the specifications jotted down by the clients.

    Attention to Details

    Our team is equipped with the innate ability to pay uncompromising attention to details to ensure that the characters are rendered life-like along with all the high-quality control measures.

    We at ITS offers a wide range of 3D and 2D modeling services for various fields and industries. We have a team of highly skilled and talented 3D artists that uses the latest technologies and software’s to design the models according to the need of the client and deliver the 3D character models of any complexity. Our team of designers has extensive experience in the designing of the art 3D character models and 3d assets for any game or apps that reflect your vision and hence make your production stands out from the rest.

    Skilled 3D Artists & High Quality

    Our highly experienced team of artists and designers can design and develop specialized 3D and 2D character models from any image, sketch, idea or concept from any field or industry. Our artist uses latest software’s like 3D Max, Maya 3D, MudBox, Zbrush, Autodesk, Photoshop and others. Our designers and artist can effectively reflects client’s requirement and translate into 3D characters and models with the highest standards.

    3D Modeling for Real-Time Rendering

    Real-Time rendering is used mostly in interactive graphics (The Interactive walkthroughs of simulators, cities, and virtual trainings etc) and games in which 3D characters must be computed with the 2D models in a very fast way. Most of the time, 3D models for the real-time rendering have strict requirements to the number of polygons, size of textures, and number. Mostly, 3D models for the interactive visualizations are low-poly for the quick transformation of 3D model into a finalized 3D image. We use custom 3D models for any of the 3D software that supports .obj or .fbx formats.

    3D Modeling for Pre-Rendering

    The Rendering or Pre-Rendering Services are mostly used in the animation for the product or object visualization, video presentation, 3D catalogs, advertising reels etc to achieve the visual complexity and photorealism of the scene. Normally 3D models for pre-rendering are high-poly and requires higher polygon counts and 4k (or higher) resolution texture files. Our 3D designers and artist can create 3D characters and models for pro-rendering in 3D Max and further improves them in digital painting and sculpting tools like Autodesk, ZBrush, Mudbox and Photoshop.

    Custom 3D Modeling Service

    With our highly experienced 3D artists and designers, we always delivers a unmatched and unique 3D content. We can design both low-poly and high-poly 3D characters and assets for real-time rendering as well as pre-rendering

    Why Choosing ITS?

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    While creating 3D character models, we can:

    Use any of the graphical format provided by the client like .bitmap, .cad, .tiff, .jpeg etc.

    We can also customize the stock of 3D model by adding more polygon counts, texturing, lighting, and others. So that you can have a very unique and unmatched 3D character model created according to the requirement.