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Mechanical 3D Modeling Services

Precision and Accuracy of any mechanical part dimension is very important when it comes to engineering and manufacturing of machine parts and components. That’s why production engineers, designers, and tool setters on creating detailed 3D models of machine parts and components at the onset of any engineering projects. ITS is one of the most preferred outsourcing companies in the field of engineering, offering customized 3D part modeling services that ensure 100% accuracy of your mechanical drawings and models. Our expertise guarantees improved design quality, ensuring considerable cost savings.

3D Part Modeling Services We Offer

We provide 3D part modeling solutions for different industries that includes Manufacturing, General Engineering Products, Consumer Good, Aerospace and others. Our team has the capability to undertake rapid prototyping of the machine parts using software such as Autodesk, AutoCAD, 3D Max and Solid Works. Our 3D part modelers and tool setters are well versed with the industrial standards, and pay great attention to intricate details such as heat and stress treatments, welding details, material tolerance and so on. While creating a 3D model. We are well-equipped to provide blow-up or explosive views of any mechanical parts as per your exact requirements that help you to go for a fast market.

Our expertise guarantees improved design quality, ensuring

Multi-view representations of the machine parts in 3D

3D machine parts modeling for automotive components and other industrial fixtures

3D modeling for assemblies and collection of parts

3D modeling for components in Automobile, Aerospace, Electronics etc

3D modeling for sheet metal and plastic molding

3D modeling for 2D details

3D CAD models and sectional views

Advantages of Outsourcing mechanical part 3D Modeling to ITS

Whether you want to produce 3D CAD models from existing 2D drawings and sketches, or are looking for rapid prototypes and realistic 3D rendering of machine components, we can help you with our Mechanical 3D Modeling services. We will make sure that the changes at the design level are possible, helping avoid expensive alterations after partial project completion. As a result, our 3D modeling services reduce the time spent by designers and engineers in developing industry specific components, allowing them to finish project faster.

Market Competitive Pricing and Timely Delivery

Improved design agility as a result of our 3D CAD modeling expertise along with the use of the latest 3D modeling software which guarantees 360 degree orientation of mechanical parts and components.

Full accuracy and precision in creating pinpoint model’s requirement are reliable and exact and this is attained through our streamlined work based flow and strict quality management processes.

Experienced engineers working on your project 24/7 to deliver quality work to you in a short project turnaround.

Expertise to create 3D model of any required part and assembly, and can accommodate design variations quickly while controlling the key design parameters.