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    If you are looking to setup an E-commerce store via Amazon marketplace, the Information Transformation services provides you with an end to end support with extensive experience and expertise. Information Transformation services helps a large number of online merchants with Amazon product uploading series, product description writing, inventory management and customer support services.

    A professional amazon listing services means that the listing of products on Amazon marketplace which includes but not limited to Amazon data entry, bulk product upload, catalog processing, catalog updating, product image editing , product description writing and customer support.

    Below are the list of tasks that could be assigned to amazon listing expert

    Sorting and classifying the products under the appropriate categories and subcategories so that the customers can visit the Amazon product page seamlessly without wasting any time

    Adding appropriate images as per Amazon standards to increase the attractiveness of the product page. Moreover, our skilled image editors can enhance, crop, resize the product image.

    Writing engaging, user friendly, unique and SEO rich product titles and descriptions to increase the marketability of the products

    Taking care about the Amazon inventory management to ensure that there are no loopholes in the delivery of the products due to scarcity of the products in the inventory

    Managing the discounts, offers and coupons and rewards points, which plays a crucial role to attract more customers towards the products.

    Entering essential product data like the product name, price, product description, brand name, and manufacturer name, UPC, MPN and SKU etc.

    The addition of crucial product attributes like product weight, color, shape, size etc to attract more and more visitors

    Assisting you in obtaining mandatory details like the European Article Number (EANs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and Universal Product Code (UPCs) from the legitimate and concerned authorities

    We also administer and organize the stock so that there will be no hurdles in the delivery of your Amazon products due to the shortage of products in the inventory.

    The Bulk product uploading with the help of listing tools such as CSV files in order to ensure that the correct listing of a large number of products in the quickest possible time

    Assisting you in Amazon order processing and tracking’s to ensure that the delivering process takes place swiftly and smoothly

    In addition to these tasks, our experts can complete any other task pertinent to Amazon product listing

    Being as the seller of one of the biggest online marketplace, our main objective is to increase the sales of the products. In order to do so. You are required to source high-quality products, plan and execute aggressive marketing strategies. You also require keeping an eye on your competitors. You will never get time for these growth driven activities if you entangle yourself with the listing services. The smart way to get product listing on Amazon done is to outsource it and Amazon Listing Services offered by ITS is very unique of its kind.

    A Quick Summary of the Benefits that you can Expect

    Your Project Manager will send you the daily reports to update you on the progress and will be available over Email, Skye, Gtalk and Phone

    All of our employees sign a Non-Disclosure agreement so that you can be assured about the confidentiality of the data.

    For bulk uploading, you have the option of either providing us with the Amazon seller account credentials or we provide you the CSV file along with the data filled in so that you can upload it seamlessly.

    We can use the data from multiple sources to make amazon listing regardless of the locations of the data.

    Your Project Manager will send you the daily reports to update you on the progress and will be available over Email, Skye, Gtalk and Phone

    We help you in increasing your Amazon product’s sales by optimizing your Amazon listings through various optional fields provided by Amazon like SEO, keywords. Size, shape, color and variants and utilizing correct categorization taxonomy etc

    Our image editing team will ensure that all image benchmarks for Amazon are met, ensuring all images are visually attractive thus resulting in more sales.