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    The strength of a game lies in the effectiveness of the gameplay. Gameplay can only be made more realistic and attractive with the inclusion of high-end gaming assets and models. For a successful gaming experience investing in gaming asset creation and modeling has become a compulsory element. Every part of the game is connected with audiences by a common thread i.e. gaming assets.

    If you are developing a 3D game, you would need to have an excellent 3D user experience for gaming assets. For that, you need to have 3D assets and 3D character models that stand apart from the crowd and a team with really good 3D modeling skills and 3D character modeling skills. Information Transformation Services (ITS) covers up a variety of 3D game modeling services with the help of an in-house skilled team of 3D modelers and 3D artists. You can count on us for efficient 3D gaming assets and modeling project compilation.

    Gaming Asset Development Process We Follow

    Gaming assets are an essential component for gaming companies to conceptualize game art. This is the reason why Information Transformation Service (ITS) has adopted a rigorous approach in gaming asset development. Our streamlined gaming asset creation mechanism is consists of 5 major steps. This results in the assembling of breathtaking visual representation and realistic game art. These steps are described as:

    Requirement Analysis

    ITS Team interacts with the client as the initial step to understanding all project requirements which are to be achieved at the end of the gaming asset development process. After all, specifications are penned down, ITS Professionals begin working on basic features of gaming assets within the estimated budget.

    Game Asset Development

    Gaming asset creation involves coding, animation, designing, UI integration process to flesh out all fresh concepts into reality. ITS Team considers all these major and minor proportions of gaming asset development at this stage.

    Final Delivery

    After completion of the gaming asset project, the assigned project manager shares the final results with the client in a portable and accessible format. The project is not completed until and unless 100% client satisfaction is achieved.

    Game Asset Designing

    Every aspect of the gaming asset project is created and rendered based upon all the valuable input gained from the client. In addition, ITS Experts make the gaming asset more enticing for your audience by applying best-fit narrative design templates.

    Quality Analysis

    The gaming asset project is passed through various testing protocols to make sure that every aspect of the asset is error-free and sustainable.

    2D and 3D Assets for Virtual Environments

    Gaming Asset Services We Offer

    Game Asset Modeling for a virtual gaming environment requires advanced gaming knowledge. ITS Professionals are adept in creating enticing gaming assets for your gaming projects. From low-poly renditions to high poly 3D renditions, our experts make sure that no stone is left unturned to provide you exceptional gaming assets and character models.

    We at ITS understand the importance of delivering creative and innovative gaming assets that are according to our client’s visions and aims. We have a team of highly experienced gaming assets creators essentially tailored to the specific design requirements, technical specifications, and client’s expectations. Our designers offer outstanding designing services to the renowned video games in the industry. Our highly celebrated gaming services include:

    3D Concept Art

    3D Creatures and Characters

    In-game and pre-rendered cinematic

    Gaming Environments

    Visual Effects

    2D Animation

    2D Objects and Characters

    Live-Action and video production

    3D vehicles and objects

    2D Concept Art

    3D Animation

    2D illustrations

    UI and UX design Animation

    Tools We Use for Gaming Asset Designing, Modeling & Rendering

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) makes use of all sorts of latest commercial and industrial software tools to create competent gaming assets for your divine gaming objectives. The most commonly utilized software by our professionals for superior graphic display and modeling purposes are Autodesk scale form, HAXE, ludei, 3DS Max, SmartFox Server, Unity game development solutions, Unreal Engine for iOS game development, Cocos2D-X cross-platform technology, HTML5 game app development, Photon game engine, and all CAD software tools for 3D rendering.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Gaming Asset Services

    At Information Transformation Service (ITS) we consider all the unique model assembling specifications to achieve a well structured and well-formed game model. ITS Team focuses on smooth finishing from every angle and each side of your gaming asset. We keep it real to convey the very essence of the gaming concept. By outsourcing your bulk gaming assets projects to us, you can earn remarkable benefits like as:

    Virtual Environments

    Efficient Modeling Team - ITS 3D modeling company offers a dedicated team related to 3D assets modeling for games, we provide the latest in terms of technology as well as creativity. We not only design and develop top-notch 3D assets, but also create within the poly-count and triangle limit and all technical specs for the respective platform are followed by our team.

    Stringent Quality Controls - ITS Team has zero-tolerance for any type of bug or error. We make sure that until the completion of the modeling project every visible or tiny imperfection is eliminated for good. This enables us to elevate your customer's gaming experience.

    Expertise in Creative 3D Modeling Software - ITS Experts strive to create unique gaming assets which grab immediate audience attention for better lead generation and ultimately company increased sales. ITS Team makes use of certified CAD software tools to match up the client's expectations until final output delivery.

    Free Trial - Trial services are offered to all clients for various positive reasons. To win their trust in our service and to ensure that our professionals can comprehend the gaming asset project as per the demand of the gaming project.

    Swift Turnaround - ITS Team contributes all vital resources to construct and develop world-class gaming assets. The manifesto is to provide high-quality gaming assets and character models in less time. Generally, the shortest turnaround time for gaming asset service is 24 hours.

    Why Should You Outsource Gaming Asset Services to Us?

    The Gaming Assets Services offered by ITS also focuses on the production of marketing trailers to supports the launch of games, promote expansion content, introducing new characters and content, and support the community outreach, and bringing the games of our client to the global audience. ITS is constantly working to improve its designing skills. ITS has a team of experts that covers all the stages of art production starting from creative concept sketching to the development of outstanding animated 3D characters, textures, and rigging, designing creative and beautiful environments, UX, UI, and 2D elements. ITS offers 2D and 3D game asset services to the gaming industries as a part of the full-cycle development of games. Furthermore, we equip you with the following notable advantages as listed below:


    If affordability is the primary reason keeping you away from outsourcing your gaming assets projects to a service provider then it is the right time to get your concerns sidelined. At ITS, you can experience a lot in very little. Whether you need a professional or a team of experts to get working on your gaming project without worrying about overheads then ITS most certainly be your pick.


    International Standards Certifications

    ITS, is an ISO, 2700 certified Service Provider. By adhering to the six sigma technology ITS provide efficient high quality and consistent results for every project in line. Software tools, computer systems, personnel, office space, and all the drafting equipment can cost you greater cost overheads. To get away with all this pressure, the best option is to outsource your notable gaming asset projects to us.


    Market Research Analysis

    ITS Teamwork wholeheartedly to optimize your gaming asset projects such that they hit the market effectively resulting in the popularity of your company games. ITS Experts can convert CAD drawings and freehand sketches to visually captivating and realistic models.


    Latest Designs Tools & Technologies

    We use the latest technology and tools out there to create 3D assets in both, hyper-realistic or cartoony. Our professionals work independently yet give you complete control. ITS Team can construct enticing gaming assets that have increased demand within the industry. Our team makes use of all the latest tools and technology to benefit you with real-time modeling.


    Scalable Solutions

    At ITS we make sure that all project results are scalable. Our 3D modelers create customized gaming assets that are user-friendly. In addition, we even provide post-project updating facilities to keep your gaming assets up-to-date at all times.

    Accessible Format

    How can you make use of the valuable project results if they are not stored and delivered within an accessible format? This is the reason why ITS makes sure that all your post-project completion needs are fulfilled by providing a suitable option of customized formatting. Generally, portable formats are used to transfer the final output to clients like HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, and so on.

    High Data Security

    ITS Team abides by all security norms to fully prioritize your gaming assets projects to make them safe from any kind of copyright infringement. Whatever the client discusses with the project manager stays between the two. Client valuable business data is encrypted for promoting business confidentiality.

    Concept Art Services
    Concept Art Services

    Round the Clock Customer Support

    ITS Team is capable to work on odd hours and carry out all extensive gaming asset modeling tasks quite proficiently. Communication is made easier with 24/7 customer support service. Client ideas are given immense respect to favor a 100% satisfactory rate.

    Unparalleled Development Expertise

    With over 30 years of experience, ITS professionals have been providing the latest gaming asset services across various industry verticals. We are continuing to expand our global foothold by investing a great deal in your gaming projects. ITS continues to offer stunning gaming asset services to hundreds of clients across all borders.

    World Class Infrastructure

    We are a team of hundreds of modelers and designers backed up with an all-in-one equipped platform to provide quality solutions. ITS Team makes use of all in-house equipment and technology for the enhancement of the aesthetic appeal and creativity in gaming concepts to develop real-time gaming assets for better user response.

    Choose ITS As Your Gaming Asset Services Partner

    At Information transformation Service (ITS) your gaming assets projects are entertained with skilled 3D drafters and modelers who have worked over a diverse range of multinational gaming projects in recent past years. We offer reliable and cost-efficient solutions to meet all your gaming requirements within the required time duration. If you are facing tight deadlines or a stringent budget for your unique gaming assets creation proposals, get in touch with us and let us know what we can do!