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SPSS Tutorial for data analysis | SPSS for Beginners - YouTube

How to Enter Data in SPSS?

SPSS is an efficient statistical analysis tool used by health researchers, market researchers, government, educationists, survey companies, data miners, and many others. The original SPSS manual is termed as “Sociologies...

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Typical Errors That Can Occur During Data Entry and Ways to Fix Them

How to Avoid Manual Data Entry Errors?

Being a part of this modern digital age, it has become extremely essential to maintain data integrity while searching for new business content. To keep data relevant, error-free, and ready-to-use...

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What is Data Analysis? Methods, Techniques & Tools

7 Best Data Analysis Methods and Techniques

Data Analysis is the process of analyzing unstructured data and turning it into meaningful information that can best suit business interests. Such actions determine useful insights to determine the best...

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Best Free Open Source OCR Software

Top 6 Free OCR Tools In 2021

  OCR is common terminology used to define electronic equipment which is used to identify and check characters within scripts in printed format. The technology is put in use to determine...

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Data-Mining-Process (2).png

The Complete Data Mining Process

  After the global digital revolution, it had become essential for companies to gather and store large reserves of information to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. However, companies were...

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How to scrape WordPress sites

How to Scrape WordPress Sites?

  Do you need to scrape pages or posts from (your) WordPress sites? This blog tutorial provides you with all the know-how needed to safely extract WordPress content (whether posts or...

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