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    The question is What is Image Masking Services? More than 40% of online consumers want to see products on a white background. And for busy photographers juggling multiple clients, getting a white background on all those photos can be a difficult task. Especially if the subject has hair or fur. Save time so you can focus on growing your business instead of countless hours of editing photos.

    Whether your photos are for print or for digital use, attention to detail is the key. Today’s consumers demand better photos, and thus so do your clients. Impress your clients on the first round with professionally edited images that salvage every last strand of hair or fur. You’ll wow clients with your attention to detail, hit your most aggressive deadlines, and have money left over to the pocket. With more than one hundred thousand images edited to this date, we are committed to delivering expertly edited photos every time.

    What is Image Masking?

    Image Masking is helpful in removing the background from images that have subjects with hair or fur. The fine details of the individual hairs and furs make it difficult to perform background removal with clipping path, So advanced Photoshop skills and techniques are essential.

    As you might imagine, meticulous image masking requires a lot of patience, skill and time. But the labor-intensive task is worth the effort – each strand of hair accounted for in the finished image. We begin with hand drawn clipping path along straight edges, and then get to the more advanced work of preserving the finer details.

    If you want to do it on your own, play around with some of the Photoshop tools and techniques available to you. The Background eraser tool, magic eraser tool and the color separation technique or a combination of more than one – can all helps you achieve the perfect photo for your clients or online store.

    It is important to remember to remain consistent with the other product photos on your website or seller profile. And especially if you are selling on a third party site like eBay or Amazon, It’s essential to abide by their product photo guidelines. (We’ve created a reference to product photo requirements for online marketplaces to get you started).

    What is Image Masking?

    If you need the background removed from an image that features hair or fur, advanced image masking will produce more accurate and cleaner results than clipping path. It’s tedious task to undertake, especially on large batches of images. Attention to detail of essential to achieving edited photos that look realistic and will convince consumer to purchase.

    Image Masking allows photographers to isolate the product and remove any distractions from the frame. It also helps create a uniform, consistent look to all product photos for your clients or your brand, both digital and print.

    Whether you have a single image or a huge batch from your latest photo-shoot, professional image masking services can help you focus on what really matters in your business: getting more high-value clients.

    When to use Image Masking

    Editing the background of images with transparent products, such as clear drinking glass or bottle

    When you have an image that has fuzzy edges

    To comply with requirements of online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay

    When not to use Image Masking

    If your image has sharp edges, we would recommend you to use clipping path instead

    When the background is the same color as the product in your image

    Image Masking at ITS

    No two images are the same, that’s why we carefully analyze each photo to determine the best approach. More often than not, a high-quality image requires the use of more than one technique or tool. We combine multiple approaches – including the background eraser tool, color separation, channel mask and hand-drawn clipping paths – to achieve the best-looking photo for you or your client. We’re not finished until every edge is sharp and smooth, and every minor detail captured.

    Unlike many other image masking services, we do everything by hand, We will see, firsthand, the results of automation and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand.

    ITS prides itself on the quality of the finished product – no matter how many images you need edited.