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    Welcome to ITS!

    In the constant shape-shifting digital market, it has become immensely significant to outsource business interests for better upkeep. Information Transformation Service (ITS) will become your partner of choice by supporting your business incentives with valuable long-term sustainable business growth ideas. We are committed to providing the best technology-driven IT solutions matching industrial standards like no other service provider. We leverage and implement technological software tools and practices to offer an array of qualified BPO services. ITS is a name of trustworthy Information Technology Solutions outsourcing from global locations and enabling customers to expand their business goals hassle-free.

    Our Company has partnered with many industrial giants and continues to earn respect from the larger community of clients. We are more than happy to contribute professionalism through our experience and knowledge in every field. We take much pride in our in-house collaborative workforce to portray passion, commitment, and an urge to learn during every assignment. Our central goal is to ensure client satisfaction at every project processing stage. Our trained team headed by an exceptional Project Manager is all set to achieve the client objectives with the highest level of capability and assurance at the lowest possible cost. Our qualified Customer Care Team manages client project apprehensions with appropriate resource planning and continuity programs to ensure profitable solutions. ITS today remains the favorite destination among those looking for creative ideas for quick business growth.

    We hold some of the most wanted and secure workspaces in the entire world. Our global reach is evidence of our cooperative and timely services optimized as per client project specifications and project requirements. As an integral part of ITS, I am keen to draw upon the accumulated knowledge and set higher bars to be achieved regularly. In all domains, we stand tall with our smart services namely, 3D modeling, Data Entry, Back Office Support, and other services.

    We are an ISO and BPO Certified Company, providing relentless back-end support with our superior quality services which make us an incredible outsourcing partner for your organization. We enable our clients to concentrate their resources on their core businesses. We promise to provide state-of-the-art quality services and additional customer care facilities to improve your business efficiency many folds within the shortest interval of time. Our services are specially designed to be made cost-efficient to cover up large volumes of client business challenges with clever ease. Nonetheless, we keep on assisting our clients in improving end-user satisfaction through value-added services, greater competitiveness, achieving differentiation, and improved corporate value.

    Tariq Malik

    Chief Executive Officer

    Information Transformation Services