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    Banking/Financial/Retail Data Processing Services

    Is your business lagging due to a large volume of unstructured data? Are you in need of an efficient and reliable data processing service for your financial/banking/retail business? If you are stuck in any of these mind-boggling situations then rest assured because Information Transformation Service (ITS) is an all-in-one data processing service provider for all business domains and representatives. With the rapid increase in business complexity, it has become imperative to outsource data processing services to effectively manage mass data daily. Paper-based transactions are carried out regularly in banking, retail, publishing, legal, healthcare, insurance, market research, financial, telecommunication, media, and the list goes on.

    ITS Team provides accurate data processing services in this data-driven automated world. Our talented professionals make data storage as well as retrieval easy and accessible apart from data conversion into useful information. Our electronic data processing services help you improve your decision-making capabilities in utilizing well-organized packets of information. At Information Transformation Service (ITS) we support a complete range of data processing services from data extraction to cleansing and enrichment to help you sort out, analyze and summarize important business information within manageable cost.

    Our Banking/Retail/Financial Data Processing Process

    At Information Transformation Services (ITS) you can experience first-hand data processing services for your retail, banking, and financial information all at one platform. Our technically proficient data processing team provides customized solutions to various kinds of unstructured and altered data. Our data processing process is universally acknowledged and is ideal for all corporations, organizations, and institutions or any data-intensive project. Our streamlined process includes –

    1. Scan & Upload

    For project initiation, all data processing requirements are enlisted and client input documents are uploaded via FTP or VPN into the customer network.

    2. Download/Access Files

    The Project Manager gets access to the file by downloading them for reviewing and approval to confirm the status of the data file being processed.

    3. Key-in Document

    In this processing stage, the documents are keyed either through web applications or by using an excel sheet. The data is then proofread to eliminate any personal errors or duplicates.

    4. Index, Sort & Move

    Data is appropriately indexed, sorted, and shifted to a predetermined folder that is user-friendly for easy retrieval of information by the client.

    5. Quality Check

    Our QA Team conducts quality tests at regular intervals during the process to ensure the highest level of accuracy about 99.99%.

    6. Final Delivery

    After project completion, the processed data files are then uploaded through secure FTP or VPN for obtaining feedback from the client.

    Banking/Retail/Financial Data Processing Services We Offer

    At Information Transformation Service (ITS), we support a range of data processing services covering all shades of retail, banking, and financial data processing projects. Our professionals are adept in carrying out rigorous data-intensive tasks by offering the below-mentioned data processing, management, administration, cleansing, enrichment services –

    1. Order Processing Service

    A seamless order processing service system is an excellent service to ensure faster functioning of the business process by storing order details of customers in a safe format. For smooth workflow between employees and customers, our order processing service proves as a major facilitator.

    2. Market Research Forms Processing Service

    ITS form processing services offer effortless market research which resolves your onerous business tasks faster than ever. Our professionals extract accurate and related information and from survey forms and provide efficient results for a better business.

    3. Mailing List Compilation Service

    Accurate and up-to-date mailing list compilation service is a necessity for the formulation of effective marketing campaigns. ITS is a pioneer in offering notable mailing list compilation services for client’s data-intensive projects.

    4. Data De-duplication Services

    Duplicate data can make your business lag behind in the digital market. As a result of inconsistencies and duplication of data, business performance is hindered. ITS data de-duplication services are meant to get rid of all inaccurate and duplicate entries to improve business results.

    5. Image Data Processing Services

    ITS image data processing services as the name suggests, look after your eCommerce/retail product images. Our professionals employ advanced software tools to increase the aesthetic appeal of the product images.

    6. Data Cleansing Services

    Unprotected data is prone to viruses, which can corrupt data and can permanently damage your business database. To avoid such drastic conditions it is best to outsource trusted data cleansing services. ITS offer high-end data cleansing services to a variety of businesses. Our timely and cost-efficient cleansing solutions improve your business content by eradicating prominent and hidden mistakes like syntax, grammar, and context. Unique quality data is provided to customers.

    7. Check Processing Services

    Check processing services prove helpful to gather useful data from electronic means, to scan and validate checks for complete database processing of Client Company. Our Data Processing Service can offer all such services for keeping a close eye for data maintenance into suitable formats in customized packages focusing on your company data processing tasks.

    8. Data Mining Services

    Data mining services are highly beneficial for mining unique and original data for business objectives. The scraped data can be altered to be used to fulfill conventional as well as for personal data incentives. Our professionals make use of Artificial Intelligence Tools (AI) to sort out desirable information from online and offline resources.

    9. Data Monitoring Services

    Our data monitoring services are authentic data performance-based solutions to ensure timely organization success. Our data monitoring team expands your business vision and provides round-the-clock customer service to carry out daily data-oriented activities with much ease.

    10. Credit Card Processing Services

    Credit Card Processing Service is derived from Data Processing. We use internet-based security systems to test the worthiness of the customer credit card while purchasing the client’s product/service. Nonetheless, we provide card authorization and payment processing to billing processing services to counter client data processing needs once and for all.

    11. Insurance Claims Processing

    ITS Team is adept in processing insurance claims to ensure smooth client smooth business function. Our specialists have hands-on experience in handling larger volumes of insurance claim processing projects consisting of UB forms, ADA insurance claims forms, HCFA forms, or any other specialized forms, etc. Data processing of insurance claim forms is done in the client format of choice.

    12. Survey Processing Services

    The most demanding data processing service type is survey data processing. In this service analysis of any kind of survey is done to make business decisions based upon clear facts. ITS Team works to complete the criterion set by the client and provide processed survey information at an affordable cost. Technical tools such as ICR/OCR are utilized by our professionals in carrying out data processing of surveys for a better customer experience.

    Why Should You Outsource Banking/Retail/Financial Data Processing Services to Us?

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) is a leading data processing service provider to have accompanied notable industrial sectors such as banks, retail, eCommerce, Education, and Finances. Our professionals equip you with the benefits of master data management. We restructure your unstructured data into high-quality information to increase your business performance. We allow you to invest more time and less money into the core areas of your business. Furthermore, we equip you with the following notable benefits listed below:


    ITS Team tends to create high-quality and cost-efficient data processing methods. Business expenses can be managed while staying under your proposed pre-planned budget while opting for our data processing services.

    International Standards Certifications

    ITS is ISO 2700 certified, thus your data is extremely safe with us. We offer secure and reliable customized Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Cleanup, and Data Conversion. Our professionals leave no room for error and guarantee certified authentic results for volume data processing projects.

    Accessible Format

    We aim to help business owners to extract critical information from several online resources and process it for removing any redundant or outdated data the transfer it in multiple file formats like SML, CSV, CRM, CMS, ERPM, etc. Outsourcing data processing projects to us can consequently help you in making informed decisions, streamlining business processes, and boosting marketing efforts for your banking/retail/financial businesses.

    Latest Tools & Technologies

    ITS makes use of manual data processing and the latest data processing tools to enhance your business marketing efforts. Our qualified data processing team cater to a wide spectrum of industries including real estate, healthcare, finance, legal, education, etc and deliver the tailored solution in tune with the client’s requirement


    High Data Security

    We provide high data security with the help of our Quality Management System, delivering superior quality data processing services across the globe. Our professionals maintain complete data security and confidentiality, ensuring your business-critical data is safe with us.


    Round the Clock Customer Support

    Our data processing specialists work in shifts and are available round the clock to assist as and when you need it. We abide by client requirements and work with dedication until the project is completed with 100% Client Satisfaction. We are available 24/7 for our prestigious customers.


    Quick Delivery

    On-time delivery is what guarantees hard success. ITS Team covers all your data conversion needs from every angle and makes sure that all your data entry projects are submitted to you even before your strict deadlines.


    Market Research Analysis

    We provide a complete suite of data processing services to our international partners in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany, etc. We have an optimum blend of resources including experienced editors and proofreaders and advanced imaging & scanning technologies

    Professional Services

    Our professionals give you a free hand and the leverage to experiment with new ideas and inspirations for your business. Our side services come with extra features such as you can easily scale your company database.

    World Class Infrastructure

    At ITS, we have installed world-class infrastructure for proficient project completion. So, that our client doesn’t face any disturbance. From start to finish of a data processing project, we provide unmatchable expertise for your company’s better future.

    Make ITS Your Banking/Retail/Financial Data Processing Services Partner

    With over 30 years of excellence and remarkable service our top data processing scientists, dig through your data deeply and prepares it well in your favorite format. Our professionals are committed to meet client data processing needs by surprising you with authentic and structured data within the shortest interval of time. We are well equipped with sound and robust software tools and techniques to bring about efficient data conversion services for retail, banking, and other financial institutions. ITS Team helps entrepreneurs in processing data from handwritten text, images, scanned documents, audio and video files, etc, analyzing and presenting it in a text, tabular or graphic format, as per specific requirements. If you are interested in ITS Banking/Retail/Financial Data Processing Services you can contact us today and get a free custom quote within one business day!