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Importance of E-commerce Product Catalog Management

Online shopping has grown so much over the past few years. Today you can buy everything in the world via your digital gadgets at any time and any place. You can purchase flight tickets, clothes, food, and whatnot over the Internet retail platforms. The eCommerce industry has considerably changed and thrived with an equal and large contribution of advancement in technology. However, with so much ease there are thousands to millions of products you can find online for any particular category. If you are an eCommerce website manager you must consider catalog management systems to organize your products on all online platforms. By doing so, the customer can get a whole perspective of what you have to offer with spending a few minutes. Hence, without a good catalog design, product illustrations, product categorization, product descriptions you can’t make your product/service withstand in the digital showroom.


What is E-commerce Product Catalog Management?


Technically, catalog management covers a range of sub-services relating to catalog designing, catalog product description, catalog data entry services, and much more. The process is used by a good many numbers of eCommerce websites to portray the special attributes of their products to customers in a systematic manner. In addition, product quality is also kept in constant check and approval. The primary focus of product catalog management includes data standardization, data cleansing, and data publishing to name a few.


Why is E-commerce Catalog Management important for Retailers?


Everyone is well aware of how to effectively operate such online platforms for personal product research or online shopping reasons. Your eCommerce platform is either B2C or B2B. You can precisely manage your similar products within the digital catalog. Resultantly, you can meet with ever-changing customer behaviors on search engines. It’s a prescribed method to make your products visible and accessible to buyers.


Transparency of information is what is needed in an eCommerce business. The more creative, authentic, and captivating information you provide to the customer the more are the chances of the product to be instantly dragged into the shopping cart for prospect sales.


What are the Challenges in Product Catalog Management Service?


importance of ecommerce product catalog management services


Various challenges arise at the pre-stage, intermediate stage, and post-stage of the product catalog management service.


Regular Product Updates


You need to update your SKUs at regular intervals in the eCommerce product listings. Product attributes like prices, descriptions, images may change over time with new modifications. Hence, it stands equally important to tune items now and then.


Deal Supplier Data


The process of catalog management can be cumbersome and complex. There is always a choice to outsource n order to manually update and supply products to customers on your digital website.


Expanding the Product Catalog


If you wish to expand your global foothold then it is compulsory to add new products from time and again. If the product content can be left poor it can have adverse effects on your business and also it’s going to be challenging to add new SKUs afterward.


Consistent Data Quality


Develop your product/brand trust in your customer’s eyes with sheer consistency. For a similar reason, you need to ensure that product SKUs offer relevant product information to save their and your time in this busy life.


Create rich metadata for products


Metadata is another unique way to double CTRs i.e. click-through rates. Ensure all your products have metadata that is essential to enable customer action.


Running quality checks for accuracy across collated data


Run regular quality assurance checks across the collected information. Make sure to correct the information that is being provided to customers.


Checking data pools for typos, repetitions, redundancy


Check your eCommerce store’s websites to offer timely product discounts to subscribed members. Afterward, you will also need to recheck if the discounts offered to clients are accurate.


Checking data pools for typos, repetitions, redundancy


It might seem quite obvious that the presence of grammatical errors can hinder brand performance and weaken customer trust in your brand management. Prospect customers will feel hesitant to put their trust in your unkempt content. It is always a better decision to make your website free of repetitions, typos, and redundancy.


How to Improve your E-commerce Product Catalog Management?


It is an accepted fact that SEO is imperative for eCommerce websites. Having a well-versed catalog management service proves vital forgiven your SERPs, ROIs, and User Experience the much-needed boost.


Choose the best category structure/navigation for your online store


A Mega menu is a game-changer but it can certainly backfire when your products are not carefully placed. So, assort all the services/products into subcategories. You provide text and not product images to navigate menus.


Work on cross-selling and up-selling tactics


The professional way to maximize your sales is by offering customer-centric products. For instance, you can offer a “You May Also Know” section. During any internal product search, you can also provide customers with relevant research suggestions. You can direct customers directly to category pages such that they do not have to waste their time going through the whole website.


Avoid SEO issues due to data redundancy


If possible! To avoid product content copy-paste. This can lead to similar products from other websites. Hence, it is advised to never use a similar description any manufacturer has used on its website.


Optimize product descriptions


To optimize description writing services it is important to write short and detailed descriptions to keep them engaging with the use of relevant keywords. When you provide all specific product data in the opening sentences by using bullet points you facilitate your customers without knowing.


Define smart website’s structure


The best way to form a systematic website structure is to fully section products and services. Once you get a good idea about catalog formatting then you can effectively outline products. Opt for parent categories that possess further subcategories.


Focus on custom fields


When your website structure is determined properly you can shift your entire focus towards custom fields. By using such fields customers can search their desired product using both values and attributes.


Conclusion –


By outsourcing exceptional catalog management services your website becomes the identical twin of your retail business on a digital platform like eBay, Amazon, etc. It would be in your best interest to keep extra care of your website by checking it at regular intervals. Follow all tips mentioned n the above section to amplify your brand catalog performance and product visibility in the online business.


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