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Not every Image/Photo is taken perfectly, No matter how professional photographer you are. You may not had the right lighting at the time of the taking the picture. Or you may have dropped and dented a product just before the photo-shoot. With no time to snag a replacement. Image Retouching Services we(ITS) polish your raw images.

Whether you are an online retailer looking to covert shoppers or a professional photographer with the goal of impressing clients, photo retouching services are a viable solution. Save time, stay on schedule, and leave room in your budget when you outsource photo retouching service.

Whatever the circumstances are, Photo Retouching Services can help you to achieve the frame you want. If you need to alter the lighting, we can add texture and enhance natural colors.

When to use Photo Retouching Services

You are selling a piece of clothing, but the shots have wrinkles in it that you need to remove and make the clothing appear smooth

If you have picture of a slightly damaged product and need to hide a small crack or something similar.

You want to add a new object to the shot and didn’t have it in the original photo

To change the visual aesthetic of your models to match your overall brand aesthetic

When there is a reflection of the photographer’s camera in an object like a glass or bowl of water

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo Retouching is also referred to as image retouching, Photoshop retouching, airbrushing or Photo-shopping. Essentially photo retouching is when manipulate an image to make it look clearer and more refined.

Dust, Spot and Scratch Removal:

An Image that goes without hiccups is rare, and sometimes those mishaps damage products or props in a staged shot. If you have scratches, dents or other imperfections on your photo, you can it over to use for retouching to make those objects look perfectly new again. Likewise, if there is a dust particle or other distracting spots in your shot, photo retouching can help you to remove it for a clearer overall shot.

Camera Reflection Removal:

Blemish retouching is used on live models, but it can also be used on inanimate objects in your photo. On many photos, there are small scratches, dust floating, weird light spots or other minor flaws of the image. These “Blemishes” can be removed through image retouching.

Wrinkles on Clothing:

Every clothing retailer knows the challenge of wrinkles. No matter how many irons and steamers you have on hand, there are always those few pesky wrinkles that sneak into a shot. Photo Retouching can remove any wrinkles from clothing so your shots look perfect, no matter how much your models have to move.

Beauty Airbrushing:

Beauty Airbrushing is commonly used in fashion photography. This is where the natural beauty of the product is enhanced with some Photoshop retouching. You can smooth the skin, whiten teeth, change eye and hair color, enhance the background and surrounding and much more!

Photo Retouching Services at ITS

No matter where you are in the world, our team of 80+ professionally trained photo-retouches is available around the clock to help you meet your photo-shopping needs. If you are looking for attention to details, you have come to the right place.

We fulfill each order by hand, working one-on-one with you to achieve the results you need to sell from your online store or make your clients happy. When it comes to Image Retouching Services, we know that the slightest over-editing can ruin an entire image. We work relentlessly to make sure that the original image is carefully balanced with edits to achieve an enhanced but lifelike image.