How 3D Printing Is Changing The World?

How 3D Printing Is Changing The World?

3D Printing Industry has grown consistently over the past few decades and it seems to be the most popular one today. Most of the time it becomes hard to keep a close track of the ever-changing trends as innovations and researches are being made. This blog focuses upon stating all facts and figures regarding the 3D Printing Industry scope and its contribution towards changing the present world into a far better world in 2021. Without wasting much time let us have a dig at the services of 3D Printing.


1. Better Healthcare For Everyone


The shared relationship between 3D printing technology and the healthcare sector is no stranger to any of us. Medical professionals are efficiently using 3D tools to print prosthetics for their patients. As well as common medical jargons like surgical cutting and replicas for different body part are being created within less time and is also cost-effective for the patients.


According to ‘Forbes’, Jose Morey (Liberty BioSecurity) briefly described all aspects of the 3D printing technology’s useful world. The article stated various applications where 3D printing is setting its benchmarks like skin grafts, mechanical parts, personalized organs, nanoparticles, pills, food, and much more. All such things can be made according to an individual genome and body type. Research of Tel Aviv University has put forward new and improved research about 3D printing application in the development of the human heart and all biological molecules which can help immensely in organ transplantation and will save countless human lives.


2. 3D Printing Can Save The Environment 


There are many different types of 3D printers available in the market today. Such tools can help save the environment and all the injured species by repairing the ecosystem in which we live. 3D printing is discovered to having the audacity to reduce all the wastage of materials within the environment by playing a major role in developing manufacturing alternatives for the environment. With the help of 3D printing, we can easily and efficiently curb fossil fuels and reduce the degradation of the ecosystem. Research conducted by the University of Sydney has pointed out the positive effects of 3D printing technology on climate change on the ‘Great Barrier Reef’. 3D printing is seen to be essential for recovering bleaches and storm after effects. The thought is planted that 3D printers only work and accept recycled elements and another study reveals 50 to 100 times the generation of more power than the traditional methods for huge power surplus for mankind.


3. 3D Printing Can Also Be Used To Provide Shelter


7 Exciting Ways 3D Printing Is Changing the World Around Us in 2020


3D Printing is resulting in great changes associated with the architectural sector. Many companies are utilizing 3D printing technology as a hero in their real-estate business. Many complexes and buildings are built successfully with 3D printing technology use. One of the most popular examples exists, i.e. the shared mutual collaboration between the two Mexican and one California-based startup New Story, with Echale and Icon. The mutual efforts were significantly aimed at providing homes to provide 50 homes to homeless or financially struggling people in Tabasco. Such homes can be perfectly finished with 24 hrs of time by using a giant 3D printer. Like Vulcan 2, these homes last for years.


4. Automakers Are Starting To Love 3D Printing 


7 Exciting Ways 3D Printing Is Changing the World Around Us in 2020


The biggest yet the most interesting feature of 3D printing is rapid prototyping. In previous blogs, we have briefly covered what rapid prototyping is. In this blog, our focus is what difference is rapid prototyping done via 3D printing is changing the world we live in? In our defense, Rapid Prototyping is playing its part in changing the dynamics of the world very positively.


Example: Ford, the well-known brand that you might have come across while reading a newspaper and other articles or simply on your TV screen, is famous for its mechanical engineered vehicles. Ford is utilizing 3D printing for rapid prototyping and is saving up to $493,000/month. Similarly, Bentley added flair to the most splendid creation Speed 6 Vehicle with advanced 3D printing technology to render micro-scale perfection within different parts of the vehicle.


And what are you up to?


Long story short, 3D printing is quite helpful in the manufacturing process of custom-made cars and other high-performance machines.


5. 3D printing Is Changing Your Style 


Fashion is no exception when it comes to being changed via 3D printing technology, Young and established designers have a lot more concern towards 3D printing concerning prototype ideology and unique fashion direction. Best-known designers like Iris Van Herpen have employed 3d printing consistently to create remarkable sculptures for runways. Similarly, brands such as Adidas and Under Armor have been among those which have employed 3d printing for a better designing experience for their target audiences. Hence, 3D printing is opening doors to hyper customization.


6. 3D Printing Is Changing The Way We Eat Food


7 Exciting Ways 3D Printing Is Changing the World Around Us in 2020


To your surprise, let me tell you that today, even food science is 3D printable! Many companies such as below use 3D printers to create and render edible dishware and food items. Here we agree that the 3D printing industry is yet young but it has a long prospectus future to overcome addressing all changing dynamics of the world we are currently living in. food items like pizza, pasta, brownies, and sandwiches can be printed. Such food items are utilized to feed those who are hungry and to meet the increased demand for edible resources is at the moment the largest concern of many countries. In China, there is a company named Sushi Singularity that makes 3D printed bespoke sushi.


7. 3D Printing Will Help Us Get To Mars And Beyond


Have you ever dreamed of going to space your dreams? It is completely okay if you haven’t because it is not a dream anymore with 3D printing by your side! It plays a huge part in the aerospace industry. As we have previously discussed that 3d printing has enabled us to make printed food. This also proves helpful while going on outer space trips and staying longer for research objectives that can shape our human existence. It is interesting to know that the 3D printer for NASA can make pizzas in outer space which is developed by BeeHex. Moreover, liquid rocket engines are being tested out via 3D printing and recent research has tested 2,400 Ibs 3D copper thrust chamber rockets. On this note, we leave the rest to your wild imagination!


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