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    3D Modeling Service

    3D Modeling Service

    A three-dimensional model is celebrated as an impressive 3D Model. If you are in need of an exotic high-quality 3D Modeling Service, then, in this case, you have landed on the right outsourcing platform. The ongoing studious search for quality enhanced modeling inspirations and projects, ends with Information Transformation Service (ITS). Our 3D experts understand all your priorities in the first go-round, even within tight hard-pressed time schedules or with limited resources up your sleeves, you can always count on ITS to deliver quality 3D modeling service.

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) exhibit the latest technological fashions, to transform all your ideas into enticing, as well as rendered realistic models in the shortest time possible. With 30 years of expertise, we are all set to customize your design or animated models to perfection. You can earn comprehensive 3D Modeling Services with respect to designing, animation, character modeling to architectural and mechanical modeling with ITS.

    From new product designs to realistic presentations, we employ the latest tools and applications to get all your ideas, thoughts, and perspectives into a definitive shape and body. Software modeling is now an essential component of product design, from the conceptual stage through production and even on to marketing material. 3D fly-throughs, 3D design technology is a powerful tool that helps inventors bring their ideas to life.

    ITS Professional Modeling Staff share all their capabilities to gift you awe-inspiring visual experiences, which is difficult to find in any other place. Computer graphics produce fine results that are employed to answer all your 3D modeling problems wholeheartedly.

    Character Modeling Service We Offer

    ITS provides multiple Professional 3D Modeling Services, looking deeply into our customer concerns, we only charge you with respect to the service and save you from any extra hassle to hire or train a professional for the job. Being a leading 3D product modeling outsourcing company ITS offers high-quality and reliable rendering and modeling interests for clients from around the world. Our IT Engineers possess all the knowledge to construct, customize, and render real-time face-value models.

    Varieties of 3D Modeling Service are penned down as under:

    3D Modeling Service

    3D Modeling Services

    3D Modeling is a developmental procedure involving manipulation of all facets of an object, image, or sketch. All corners, polygons, and vertices of an object can be well represented by using updated software versions such as Maya. Film production, animation, and architectural designing employ 3D Modeling to a greater extent these days. Here at ITS, we assist our clients with the latest prototype modeling unlike seen anywhere else. Our designs are original and unmatchable. ITS Team consists of brilliant 3D model experts to generate visual effects, computer games, and much more. We begin with conceptualizing your requirements and shoot out with 3D modeling software like AutoCAD and SolidWorks to create enticing 3D Models with perfect surface texture.

    3D Rendering Services

    The world of technology has evolved a lot and so does our interests regarding visual effects.

    ITS Experts have the eye for detail and can render all types of animated objects, models, or images with specialized 3D product rendering software. Typically, a 3D rendering software is applied to a 2D version object to enhance its salient features such as color, texture, and material of the respective product. Experts employ the use of different applications to render the 3D model and apply feeding filters, artificial sources, textures, etc.


    3D Visualization Services

    3D product visualization employs 3D product rendering to define closely the non-realistic areas. 3D visualization software to render models makes them looking more visually appealing. At ITS, we provide not only prototypes but entire project 3D product visualization services which includes 3D animations, 3D product demonstration etc. Our team communicates with you’re your projects in great detail.


    3D VR/AR Niche Services

    3D makes you wonder if virtual reality is the actual reality or not. Such phenomenon is created by augmenting objects with VR/AR Models. If you are in search of a real-time experience then ITS can become your partner to help you with 3D models and real-time visual display.


    3D Animation Services

    3D Animation service is all about getting the outstanding 360 degree perspective, making the object, character or sketch more alive than ever. Our Animation Experts capable of producing 3-dimensional animation for your any type of architectural products. We also assist in development of walkthrough, storyboards etc.


    On-demand 3D Modeling and Rendering Team

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) is your answer to all your personalized business problems regarding enticing 3D Models. You can exclusively hire an individual or a team to wholly work on your project over a reasonable price tag. We guarantee you, to provide well-trained and authorized professional for the job.

    Other Related Services Include:

    3D design for marketing tools and investor presentations

    Ultra-Realistic Digital Double and 3D Character Modeling Service

    Semi-Realistic background 3D Character Modeling Service

    Stylized 3D Character Modeling Service

    3D Creature Modeling Service

    Cartoony 3D Character Modeling Service

    3D feature-based modeling

    Freeform surface modeling

    3D models/assemblies from 2D details/assemblies

    3D rendering of full-fledged manufacturing drawings

    3D model exploded assembly views

    3D sectional views and CAD models

    3D design models using reverse engineering methodology

    3D Modeling Service

    Our 3D Modeling Process

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) creates all sorts of models such as technical illustrations, photorealistic models, and animation projects. Here, our customers return with 100% quality assurance over our 3D Product Rendered and Modeling Services. We provide exceptional professionals in the modeling industry to kick start your modeling projects by sculpting, rendering, and animation drawing to last at realistic video compilation. Our experts follow a stringent routine to complete every project successfully. The steps we follow include:

    Collecting Requirements

    We get in touch with our clients on a priority basis to gather and jot down specific details like modeling requirements, target audience if any and the intended delivery time for the project.

    Analyzing Requirement and Beginning The Project

    After looking closely at all the given details, our experts quickly start working on your projects by analyzing the needs. Initial working begins with working on images, files, or objects you had sent us!

    Model Creation

    Our Professional 3D Modelers employ 3D scanning or photogrammetry and create enticing realistic models to suit your company.

    Developing 3D Models

    ITS 3D product rendering and modeling experts employ CAD software, to convert clients given samples or objects into 3D Models with no trace of imperfection to be seen.

    Customizing Models As Per Clients Needs

    After which we develop a wireframe to add up additional changes in texture and coloration, In order to produce custom visual effects. We also assist in 3D model rendering into 2D objects by using reversible software technology.

    Client Approval & Final Delivery

    After the completion of the above steps, we are down to the final retouching phase. Here we transfer all the files rendered by ITS Professionals through a secure FTP channel. After receiving positive remarks or any consoling comments, we work to make the end project excellent within your budget.

    Our Product Modeling List Includes


    Teaching models, 3D training etc.

    Interior designing:

    Commercial spaces, restaurants, and hotels, residential constrictions etc.

    Electronic gadgets:

    All electrical gadgets such as PCs, Laptops and Mobile phones etc.


    For all digital, animated and graphic copies CAD Services to render objects is available.


    All sorts of views in architecture are manufactured such as Interior and exterior views, custom or modular furniture, landscape designs etc.


    Mechanical modeling and automotive parts etc.


    Residential enhancement models, home décor products, kitchen stuff, sanitary products etc.


    All furnishing items such as beds, dining, tables, chairs, sofas etc.

    Medical Products:

    Surgical equipment, instrument models etc.


    3D Models for marketing content such as catalogs, brochures and forms etc.


    Real-time gaming models, location modeling, digital sculpturing etc.

    Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Character Modeling Services to ITS

    There are many well-known adventurous advantages attached to outsourcing significant 3D Character Modeling Services to us. The interesting one is to create a hyper-realistic model with professional lighting algorithms that only a professional artist can comprehend to its fullest capacity. Furthermore, Information Transformation Service (ITS) caters you with impeccable creative rendering services that will leave your customers in awe of your flawless 3D rendered characters. Not only one but an expert presence provides you with a whole package of benefits such as:

    Accurate Depiction and Display

    ITS Service Company envisions your ideas and perceptions with depth and volume. After that lays them out into enticing models by using technical software. We make sure all your requirements are being met and the product shape and size depicts accuracy or not!

    3D Modeling Service

    Highly Affordable and Less Time Consuming

    To your surprise, 3D character modeling costs a fortune. It involves a lot of editing, structuring, and remodeling to achieve perfection by hand and through the right use of tools. The best option is to get an expert certified service to create artistic 3D characters for your company or projects within the shortest time possible. Our 3D Artists can design both low-poly and high-poly 3D characters and assets for real-time rendering as well as pre-rendering.

    Detail Oriented 3D Character Modeling

    Artists have the habit of doing best what they do! It is because they have nothing else to do and it is their job to assist you with realistically rendered character face models. 3D models for real-time rendering have strict requirements for the number of polygons, size of textures, and number. Mostly, 3D models for the interactive visualizations are low-poly for the quick transformation of the 3D model into a finalized 3D image. For an ITS Expert 3D Modeler all such detailing is like icing on a cake!

    3D Modeling Service

    Custom 3D Rendering Service

    The creation of rendered animation, models, and walkthroughs are flourishing as we move ahead in time and space mixing well both sight and experience for the user.  Our custom 3D models for any of the 3D software support .obj or .fbx formats for realistic character modeling. 3D Character Modeling demands time and specifications, an artist must have a sketch in his mind about the character specifications in order to recreate it in a life-like form. For fulfilling basic to specific requirements of 3D character modeling, outsource to ITS Today!

    Skillful 3D Artists for High Quality Maintenance

    Our ITS team of designers and modelers has extensive experience in the designing of the art 3D character models and 3D assets for any game or apps that reflect your vision and hence make your production stands out from the rest. Hence, ITS professional 3D Modeling Service makes you stand out from your competition with enticing models.