All you need to know about image clipping!

What is image clipping?

Image clipping is the photo editing technique focused on removing an object or person from its background. Many software provides image clipping services. The cutout products, persons, or objects can be later used for post-editing and processing services.

Is image masking and image clipping a different service? How to distinguish both?

Often people confuse the image clipping services with image masking. However, there are differences between the two. Before selecting any one of the services, you should be clear about what result you will be going to get.

Image clipping vs. image masking:

Image clipping is always done with the help of the pen tool., mostly, the image clipping is done manually to remove the background accurately. Moreover, clipping is often chosen in the case when the product has distinct boundaries. So if the object of interest has smooth and sharp edges, then clipping is a good option, as smooth edges make the clipping path straight and make the clipping smooth.

On the other hand, image masking doesn’t rely solely on the pen tool, and it can be done in a variety of ways. Many software like photoshop, background eraser tools provides the image masking option. Image masking services are available in the case when the object has fuzzy boundaries, hair texture, and there is no distinct boundary between the object and the background.

However, if you are up to editing a multifaceted object with different textured boundaries, then image masking and image clipping services can be used together to achieve better results. If there are multicolored backgrounds and shadows, then the merge of both techniques also provides a promising result.

How can image clipping services help you?

Capturing a picture that is perfect in every aspect, lightning, focus, and surroundings is seldom. Imagine having your products photographed to be used on the digital marketing campaigns or catalogs, even if the whole photograph is following the overall theme you can clip out the desired part and can fit in in the coherent background. They are thus saving the effort of rephotographing.

Thanks to the image clipping services, which has made the extraction of high-quality images possible.

The use of image clipping services is extensive in the eCommerce world, where people want to see the subtle details of the products. Providing a white or monotonic background to the images helps in the better elaboration of the product as it enhances the feature of the objects.

Applications of image clipping:

As there are multiple applications of the image clipping services, however, above all, the most interesting application is the ghost mannequin.

Ghost mannequin:

For ghost mannequin editing, image clipping services are needed as the mannequins are the most affordable option as they only require a one-time investment. In comparison, hiring a human model each time for the advertisement campaign can be expensive. In addition to this, styling and shooting with the mannequins are also easier. However, imagine you have a clothing brand, and advertising your products solely with the mannequins will not be a good idea to entice your customers. Now here comes the ghost mannequins services to show their magic. Professionally clipped and edited ghost mannequins will give your product the required feel and depth. Thus the customers can imagine themselves wearing the products. Thu with the ghost mannequins and image clipping services, you are all set to boost your sales.

How ITS can help you with the image clipping services?

Information Transformation Services has the best clipping artists, who can responsibly handle your projects. Throughout the extensive career, our team has vigilantly edited the images in which the clients themselves don’t have any hope initially. If you have any work related to image clipping, then we are here to share our experience.

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