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How Image Editing Service can grow an E-commerce Store

The role of the image editing services in the eCommerce world can not be denied. Consider it as a black hole that you cannot escape at any cost. Since you have stepped into the e-commerce world at a time when it is at its peak, so the competition calls for more creativity. Photographing the products and displaying them on the website and catalogs doesn’t settle the business. There comes an integral step of the image editing between the two. If you manage to find a proficient designer, then it transforms your business with just a few magical touches.

Why do you need an image enhancement service?

Despite the quality of the camera, equipment, photography skills, the chance of taking a “picture perfect” is one in a million. Surroundings, unwanted light, silhouettes pose issues. While on the other hand posting unattractive and dull online store product images can immediately drive the viewers away from your store. As in e-commerce businesses creating the first impression is vital for gaining customers. The good looking and perfectly optimized product images can serve you this purpose with high effectiveness.

Also, here it is integral to remember that unlike physical stores, your products will not be tangible for the customers as your potential customers will not have any chance to touch or feel the products. Hence, you have to compensate for this with classy images that present your products in the most encouraging settings.

What are the product image editing services?

The product image editing services encompass the whole world within them. Depending pon the image qualities and the requirements of the clients, a single picture can go through multiple editing steps before acquiring the best results. However, mostly the following services are used to make your product image look perfect:

Background removal:

One of the essential edits for knocking out the irrelevant objects from the background of the product. The background removal hones the features of the products more. Moreover, the background removal is not only the chosen option for removing the objects from the background but also obnoxious silhouettes that appear while shooting.

Retouching services:

It is one of the final finishing services. It professionally transforms the images to the next level by either:

  • Removing props
  • Smoothing creases
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Improving shape and symmetry
  • Cleaning up skin blemishes.

After performing the necessary erasing and the clipping services, the designer then goes for retouching, as it gives the images the final edited form.

Color Match:

The uncoordinated colors can make the picture look pathetic; the color matching services are often given to make the overall picture look coherent with the theme. It is also used to make the color match to the actual reference product. If, in any case, the photographs have shown the altered color.

Invisible mannequin:

Live models are somewhat expensive to afford, while the mannequins can breakdown the aura of your product marketing campaign. So the ghost mannequins or invisible mannequins provide us with an optimum solution. They are also easy to afford and easy to work with. So the product image editing services often focused on showcasing your product.


Reflection and drop shadows add subtle depth that tends to add the depth factor in the image. Thus the product image looks more realistic. This also provides the viewers ease to conceptulate the product. Often the background removal is followed by adding the shadows.

How ITS can help you with the product image editing services?

Information Transformation Services have long been providing image editing services. Our credible team knows all the tips and tricks to showcase your product in the best possible way. To earn the confidence of the client, the team can provide free samples. We ensure that whether your product images are going to appear on your website or an online marketplace, they are up to the mark.

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