Design a Catalog?

How to Design a Catalog?

If you are running a business or getting into the digital marketing world, then you must have heard about the catalogs. Catalogs serve as one of the major platforms on which a company can showcase its products or services. A more straightforward catalog can home the list of all the services or the products while the elaborated ones have the description along with every single product/service. There are no hard and fast rules for catalog designing services; you are free to use your creativity and ideas to showcase your product in the best possible way.

What are the benefits of catalogs?

The catalogs can provide you the following benefits:

  • Can provide your brand with a ravishing exposure
  • Catalogs address the audiences of all ages
  • It is easy to read, thus increasing the customer’s sphere
  • It is time-saving, Helps in the quick scanning of the product and services.

What are the types of catalogs?

Having a glimpse into the past, all the catalogs were designed as hard copies and were printed. This mainly refers to the time where the internet marketing hasn’t stormed businesses. The client circle was restricted to the local inhabitants. Thus the printable hard copies were best enough to serve the purpose. However, with the advancements in the digital world, businesses have now shifted to the internet, now as marketing and advertisement have moved to the internet, so do the catalogs. Now, e-catalogs have taken over the place of the printed catalogs as these e-catalogs have the potential to address a larger audience and have a secure mode of transmission.

Who can avail of catalog designing services?

Catalogs are no restricted to any regimen of business. Now the idea of the catalog is broadly perceived as one of the useful tools of marketing and advertisements. Many industries and startups are now using ideas, like clothing, engineering bases, furniture, jewelry, and arts, all are equally using the catalogs. The researches have also shown that the catalogs are the most effective mean for making quick decisions.

How crucial is catalog designing?

In internet marketing, the seller and the buyer don’t have a direct face to face meeting, so you, as a seller, have narrower options to convince your customers about selling your services or products. Here the first impression means much. A perfectly designed and aesthetic catalog can entice the customers and can compel them further to make a deal with you. In internet marketing, the first impression that is the advertisement counts the most. As no matter how exceptional services you are providing, you still first need to convince your client.

A catalog should be designed in a way such that it addresses all the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of the targetted audience in a concise way. Writing longish descriptions of the services will not yield you any right, as the generation you are addressing will not have time to read it. Brevity, clarity, and aesthetics should be the integral features of the catalog designing services.

The designed catalogs must have the following two attributes:

  1. It should be functional
  2. It should be appealing

How are catalogs designed?

As previously stated that there is no hard and fast rule for catalog designing; it is totally up to the demands of the clients. Typically the catalogs have eight pages design, but it can vary according to the needs and the products/services your company is providing.  Many business owners go with the idea of professionalism and conciseness in the description of their services. While others wish to design their catalogs with a bit of creativity, few design their catalogs by seeking the help of concept art. The higher the digital design has progressed, the more the competition has grown. Now to make your catalog stand out among the competitors, you ought to take extra measures.

What are the steps for catalog designing?

  • Conceive a raw idea or make a story out of the product image and description
  • Target your audience, think of yourself as the client who is reading the catalog to make a final decision, if you find it compelling then you are good to go
  • Select the appropriate size and format for the catalog, keeping in view all the other factors, like the length, ease of reading, clarity, and cost.

How ITS can help you in the catalog designing services?

ITS owns a vigilant team of graphic designers and content writers having years of experience in the field of catalog designing, thus give us a try to boost your sales.

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