Inventory management is done by tracking products through SKUs for any business that sells any kind of product. Setting up inventory tracking correctly is crucial for any online business.

The Importance of SKUs In Your E-Commerce Business

While working in an E-Commerce Sector, there is always something new to learn about. Whether it is FBA, dropshipping to PPC, or boasting up product sales, SKU is the most important of all to transform all your company’s proficiency. This whole blog is going to highlight all the important aspects of SKUs. Stock Keeping Unit is a product code that is used to search and identify stock on hand from lists, invoices or order forms, etc. Such a term is commonly employed while talking about business inventory management.


Inventory management is done by tracking products through SKUs for any business that sells any kind of product. Setting up inventory tracking correctly is crucial for any online business. This begins with the correct setup of SKUs telling the size, number, color, and detail about your company product to assist customers in finding the right product for them. Suppose any store which sells shoes creates internal SKUs allowing details about the product such as color, size, style, price, manufacturer, and brand. The SKU for red boots in bow style, size 6, may read “UGG-BB-RED-06”.


Why are SKUs important for E-Commerce Business?


SKUs are essential for every online set-up which wants to make its services up-to-the-mark. Following are a bunch of useful important aspects of SKUs for any online business.


Product identification


SKUs provide an easy step in identifying your products across all your daily business tasks. This can prove highly significant in improving your sales funnel performance. Hence, adding to your brand reputation and customer satisfaction on the same note.


Warehouse Management


In a large business, to identify and categorize or distinguish products quickly is essential. SKU makes it even easier for you to locate which product is in stock and which has run out to quickly contact warehouse servers for restocking purposes. The whole process keeps your firm organized and products in the best of shape. All picking, stocking, and packing are timely carried out for lesser inconvenience or arousal of errors.


Inventory Management


SKUs are really important notes which are crucial to any business success over less time duration. SKU enables stronger and efficient inventory management which ultimately tracks product orders online and triggers reorder for the same product. SKUs can connect you with the world much faster and better. Enabling stock upkeep and replenishment is its other favoring aspect.


Multi-channel Management


Selling becomes a whole new and different experience with SKUs. The rate of selling increases and the rate of responses keeps on shifting accordingly. It allows consistency in your selling behaviors keeping both customers and sellers happy! Moreover, you can assign different titles or descriptions to your products without worrying about keeping a manual check on them. Multi-channel organization software can employ SKUs to blend and constantly update new stock, at the same instance preventing you to go all out.




SKUs can generate long folds of information reports. Such reports can easily provide you all the details regarding stock levels such as stock shrinkage, stock slow movements, stocking errors, and so on.


Amazon Listing


If you are an Amazon Seller, you must have SKUs, why so? If you are new to SKUs then Amazon shall automatically create them for you. However, these SKUs will not allow any connection with your stock house or sales channels. It is a better option to render your product-specific SKUs for efficient business functioning.

Types of SKU Services

If you are an amateur setting up a small business with unique products but lack the knowledge of how to make your product service up to the mark. You can count on a variety of SKU Data Entry Services offered by leading outsourcing companies such as SKU Inventory Data Bank, Data Entry Updating Service, SKU Set-up for Remote Service, Indexing of SKU, Support regarding SKU Administration and Maintenance, Data Mining Service to look for quality data which suits your product perfectly.


Uses of SKUs


The uses of SKUs include:


Increased Time


The number benefit of SKUs is that you require very little time to comprehend all your product sales-related tasks. Not only less time helps you focus on other important business processes but adds excellence and efficiency to your product packing and shipping.


High Profits


Increased proficiency allows a stable reduction in employing more warehousing staff for manual operating labor. This helps in processing increased orders and ultimately results in increased sales.


Good Cash Flow


Better inventory management keeps track of all the underperforming products and helps you to make respective changes at the same instance to offer discounts.




SKUs give your product data more ways to grow faster by the investment of customer’s money and promise higher performance every single time!


Improved Performance 


Knowing your products is crucial to sales procedure. SKUs help identifies and categorizes such products that perform excellently and those which perform under.


Creating Your SKUs


There are platforms like Amazon, which automatically allows you SKUs. However, it is far better to create specific SKUs that are relatable to your business type.


  • SKUs must be kept short and simple, like say in between 8 to 12 Characters.
  • To make products well organized, a combination of numbers and letters must be formulated, which means something!
  • The SKUs must be logical and understandable.
  • Let us say if you are selling a pair of blue speedos shoes. The SKU might be written as:



Adding an SKU to a new product


For the addition of SKU to your newest company products, you can kick start by entering the SKU Number. The number is to be inserted on the product page, where details are mentioned. Such as shown below:


Adding an SKU to Variations


If you require the addition of different varieties of SKUs, you just need to select the option “Create” on the “Variation Page”. The action will automatically render the variations creation in no time. Just as given below in the image:


Pushing SKUs to other Sales Funnel


To add more SKUs to other product channels, all you need to is to just import that specific product and then just click add it to your sales funnel.


Adding SKUs in Larger Quantity


All the SKUs can also be enlisted to add bulk products using the CSV Uploader.


How ITS Can Help You With SKU Data Entry Services?


Information Transformation Service (ITS) has a lot to offer in a little. Our SKU Data Entry Professionals are trained to manage your product data center in the most effective way. ITS Team holds a comprehensive understanding of SKU Data Entry service providing process, Functioning, and solutions for your retail product projects, thus making it a beneficial contribution towards your business. Our Performance is exceptional putting up with international standards and providing you 100% error-free results within the shortest interval of time. ITS can benefit you with SKU Data Entry Services in the long run. ITS works 24/7 round the clock services for quick turnout time that helps the client benefit from the time zone advantage. If you are interested in ITS SKU Data Entry Services, you can ask for a free quote!

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