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Best Hacks to Grow Your Business with Data Extraction


We can all identify and select data nowadays for our business advantage. But have you ever thought about expanding your business with the help of readily available data? Web Data Extraction does all this for your business by fetching data from multiple websites and serves it in a more structured format such as CSV and Excel Sheet. Web Data Abstraction is a process in which a huge document is compressed into shorter key points for deriving authentic and unique information relating to a specific topic. Web Data Abstraction can be of different types, e.g. biographic data abstraction, news abstraction, etc.


A promising Web Scraping Service helps in separating all necessary information and key points in a very compact, concise, and coherent manner. The summary of abstracted key points involves every important fact that will prove essential for your project without any loss of valuable data.


This not only saves time but also saves you from getting occupied in so much manual fatigue. Thus web data extraction being an automated process provides excellent results every time. This blog essentially marks the best-known hacks in all domains which can help you grow your unique business with new improved ideas. Following is a collection of sectors and the incredible benefits they get from web data extraction at large-scale business cooperation.


Marketing Sector

Content Marketing:


Brainstorming for more new and improved ideas to rank your blogs or website is very tough. You should not waste your time by just checking Google search results per page. Instead, you should start by extracting information into an excel spreadsheet. This way you can analyze and observe closely the trends in topic selection and the traffic or description that these topics have to offer.


Competitive Monitoring:


Competitive Monitoring is based on data from multiple resources or websites at the same time. To keep things working at a good speed. You might also want to extract the data daily with web scraping tools such as Octoparse automate.


Brand Monitoring:


Maintaining a good reputation is very important to maintain when promoting your brand over digital platforms. However, without a well-organized central team, it can be hectic looking at the computer screen all day long to gather data. Data Extraction Tool fetches the latest data for your real-time marketing solutions.


E-commerce and Retail

    Price Intelligence:


It is very difficult to keep the customers when prices are raised. In such cases to elevate the profit and to reduce cost marginalization, there must be an analysis of the perfect price for your products. With the help of a web data extraction tool, you can collect statistics related to product prices and use them in your promotional content. This can build up your brand reputation in the eyes of the customer and eventually have a direct lead generation and sales progression.


Product Intelligence:


Discovering the best data for your product might be challenging at first. But automated data extraction process helps categorize products into a variety of lists. This helps to give useful insights while collecting data for top-selling products. Besides, data extraction also benefits to take good product assortment decisions.


Data Science

Natural Language Processing:


I bet you must be familiar with NLP. In many cases, Natural language Processing denotes customer sentimental analysis. Web data extraction is a good way to provide a constant flow of data to all technical algorithms for better business insights.


Machine Learning Training Models:


ML is a big buzzword today, it follows that we add a whole lot of data into the model and then the model in which data is thrown in, amplified the data, and constructs logic. The more the data is assigned the model to read the more valuable results are generated n the shortest possible time.


Equity and Financial Research

News Aggregation:


Collecting data from different news articles is an ordeal task. However, you can use the data extraction tool to gather as much news data as you want to feed your reader in every niche by fetching information through RSS.


Financial Statement:


The collection of financial statements requires a structured format to handle thousands of papers for better analysis. Manually, it is very hard to complete this task with no place for personal errors. Web Data Extraction is efficiently used to collect all kinds of financial reports and convert them into a portable format automatically.


Data Journalism


It is not just writing a hard news report but also the unraveling of truth makes it even more difficult. Web Data Extraction equips professional journalists to create their databases storing the collected data to discover truthful stories.




We have all gone through this at the early stages of our life, reading through endless Google Academic just in case to gather as much relevant data for a write-up assignment. Web data extraction makes all this endless searching easy and accessible at the same time.


Risk management


For risk management, too much record-keeping and investigation are involved. In this case, data extraction helps to extract all criminal records, corporate register; sanction lists, etc for your complete access to information. This reduces the risks of forged information.


Real Estate Listings


Real-Estate agents can elicit a whole lot of benefits from web data extraction tools. From property listings to information that can gauge the house value. Access to up-to-date deals and knowledge can get outstanding business results.


Job Board


If you want to create a new job aggregate website, for this very reason it is best to try out the web data extraction option. In this way, you can collect as much data from the various company’s job boards and make yours authentic and vibrant.




Many hotels have all their records open to the public but on online platforms, such information can’t be downloaded. What to do next? It is best to convert the information available from the statistical reports, table content, or press releases into the excel sheet for further documentation via web data extraction.


Travel & Hotel


To retrieve the specific data of flights and hotel bookings across the web to compare prices and facilities, web data extraction can help you a lot. To get the best results in ob packages that are budget-friendly it is quite crucial to employ web data extraction to satisfy your customer appetite for better service.


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