Product Data Cleansing

What is Product Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing has been the essential need for online marketers. If you are also looking forward to optimizing your data in a way that unlocks the potential of selling, then you have stumbled upon the right page.

The data is the fuel for the prosperity of your business. The digital world has given the data an integral position in digital marketing. But how you make use of your data is the deciding factor for gaining prosperity. The quality of your data also defines the threshold for the success of your advertisement campaign too.

What is product data cleansing?

Product data cleansing is aimed to provide an exceptional customer experience. The product data cleansing is focused on many steps, including:

  • Data correction
  • Data completion
  • Standardization of product attributes

All these steps are intended to make the data clean and hygienic that is not only easy to use but also promises a smooth customer experience.

Many people confuse data cleansing services with data optimization. Both are different procedures, but they always go hand in hand with each other. The data cleansing services are intended to make the data clean, correcting the data, filling in the missing information, and standardizing the data according to the requirements.

Why are product data cleansing services essential? How can these services help you?

The uncleaned and unorganized data can not bring any good. The rapid expansion of the digital businesses have let e-commerce setups introduce strict product data feed rules. So if you wish to be a part of the platform, then you need to bring your data feed according to the standards. A clean data product feed can be beneficial for you in the following ways:

Easy Work Experience:

If your product data feed is organized, managed, and coherent, then it is much easy to work with. In actuality, the clean data feed ensures mess-free work. If product data feed cleansing is done right then, the data optimization is much more comfortable. The cleaned data makes “searching” and “filter application” more convenient.

Increased CTR:

A thoroughly cleaned data is likely to increase the CTR and the ranking, as it signifies the complete and relevant product information.

Customer satisfaction:

As in e-commerce, there is no direct communication between the customers and the sellers, so the shoppers decide based on the product description. If being an intelligent seller, you use this opportunity well; you can have many clients.

How ITS can help you with product data cleansing services?

Information Transformation Services is offering product data cleansing services for a while. ITS can help you to improve data quality in all file formats and computer systems, including database, social media data, CRM data, and omnichannel retailing data. To make sure that the product database is clean, ITS uses a combination of human expertise along with cutting-edge data cleansing techniques and software.

List of data cleansing Services

As data Cleansing is detecting and removing errors or inconsistencies available in data, this improves its quality. ITS can help in:

  • Cleansing any customer’s database
  • Verify customer data accuracy
  • Eliminate duplication
  • delete incorrect entries
  • Interlinking or consolidating multiple data sources enabling easy access to customer data for marketing, sales, and support teams:
  • Records Management
  • Mailing List Cleansing
  • Typos / Spelling Errors Correction
  • Missing Information Fixing
  • Duplicate Data Removal
  • Standardization / Normalization
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