SKU Development Services

Are you looking for SKU Development Services?

SKU stands for the stock-keeping unit, SKU services are often needed by the companies to optimize their business on the inventory level and for managing the purchases fulfillments with the help of the SKU services.

What benefit can SKU services bring to your company?

Outsourcing the task of SKU data entry can earn you the following benefits:

  • Companies and businesses can manage their product inventory in a better way.
  • SKU data entry significantly minimizes the potential errors that happen to come during product selection
  • The services also much minimize probable errors while fulfilling the orders.

What SKU services aim at?

A credible company providing the SKU services will always ensure that the SKU codes used are compatible with the search engines; the services also refine the client’s eCommerce system and improve its visibility too.

How ITS can help you with the SKU data entry services?

Information Transformation services have been providing all sorts of data entry services. We here at ITS have a professional team for handling the SKU data entry service providing. The unit uses a blend of automated and manual techniques that aim to edit or update the SKU identifiers as per based on the categories and subcategories.

However, our services are not just limited to here, and we provide the following SKU data entry services:

SKU data entry services:

Our vigilant team devises the codes, which specify your products, stock, or inventory. Attributes are assigned to every single item like the:

  • Model description
  • Size and color
  • Warranty
  • Manufacturer

SKU product classification services:

Product classification services are also coupled with the SKU data entry services. The classifiers classify the entire inventory into groups and further subgroups. Classification is an integral tool for e-commerce optimization. Filters, keywords, and metadata are created in an attempt to classify the whole inventory.

SKU inventory database:

A database is meant for housing all the data in a secure and accessible place. So likewise, the SKU database is made from the product fields that include the product tables, the Identification number assigned to each item, and the price lists. The retrieval and recall of the information for the SKU data inventory can have varied modes.

SKU data mining:

ITS has been providing data cleaning and data mining services, this SKU data mining is the merger of the data mining and the data entering facilities. The data mining services are aimed to collect the data from varied sources, like websites, portals, and references to build their own SKU inventory. All the data that has been mined is further cleaned, refined, and formatted according to the company requirements to extract the desired insights from the data.

Why choose the ITS SKU data entry services?

  • Our experience and reputation answer this; there are many points at which ITS has proved itself to be one of the lead data entering service providers. Our services are ISO certified. Our work policy includes not compromising on the quality and the deadlines. So there are many points that make ITS stand among the competitors:
  • Our team is not only a small data entry team; we have years of experience in the e-commerce domain, so we make our data entry services compatible with the market standards.
  • No matter how complex the data management task your company has, our team can efficiently handle it. Over time we have handled many large and small-scale projects.
  • ITS proudly owns the content experts for your product description; the experts can write enticing stories for the products, effectively helping in the SKU development.
  • We are very sensitive to deadlines, on the assigned deadline the team deliver the project on your desk, we make sure that the data is ready to use when it is delivered to the client.
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