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Are you Looking for Editable Scanned Data?

Do you know how OCR services can bring revolution in your business? If not, then you have stumbled upon the right page. Just stay here, and in a couple of minutes, you will get to know about the Optical Character recognition services.

What are OCR services?

OCR stands for Optical character recognition. OCR services are the cumulative electronic and mechanical transmission of the text data into editable text. OCR services are fast and accurate than the conventional data entering technique.

What are the benefits of OCR based data entry? How can it help you?

OCR data entry has many benefits to offer; it can increase the effectiveness and productivity of your business. The OCR can search through the enormous content in no time, thus making the data useful and easy to use.  The key benefits of using OCR based data entry are:

Increased productivity:

OCR makes data retrieval more accessible than ever, thus making it time effective and productive. As it digitizes the data, thus makes the data assessment time effective, and the employees don’t have to access the central data archives every single time.


As OCR digitize the whole data and brings it to the desk of every single employee, so it cuts down the cost of printing, scanning, and stationary. The other benefit is that it cuts down the high cost of hiring employees for data extraction as every single employee can do so on its own from the OCR scanned data.

High accuracy:

One of the significant benefits of the OCR data entry is the highest rate of data accuracy it offers. The conventional mode of data entry is often prone to human error and needs multiple checks to achieve a higher accuracy rate. However, this is not the case with the OCR data scanning. OCR potentially reduces data losses and data error risks.

Increased storage:

OCR can make your business clutter-free. The aggregate data is digitized and is stored in electronic format. Thus there is no need to maintain the massive paper records. Thus OCR can make your company a “paperless” company.

Higher security:

Paper records are more prone to security breaches than digital data. The paper records can be destroyed, stolen, misplaced, or fell prey to pests. However, this is not the case with the electronic scanned data. Thus OCR data entry makes your data more secure.

Editable records:

Conventional scanning doesn’t permit editing in the record; however, if your company avails the OCR scanning, then you can easily edit any mistake that has been previously done in the records, maintaining the whole data error-free.

How ITS can help you with OCR?

Information Transformation Services is offering OCR data entry services. ITS OCR data entry services are highly effective and 100% accurate. With years of our services, we have helped many companies with zero data entry errors and exceptional integration of the whole data. The main focus of our OCR services is to give our customers a user friendly and easy to retrieve data. ITS has been helping the clients with the massive amounts of data optically scanned, which can be edited later.

Why to choose ITS?

  • ITS entirely takes the responsibility of the pre-OCR scanning procedure too, and our credible team makes sure that the images have been de-skewed before OCR scanning.
  • ITS has been providing cost-effective solutions for scanning your data at the best affordable prices.
  • ITS credible team can provide both OCR and ICR services.
  • They are outsourcing the OCR data entry to ITS means that the data is highly encrypted and in safe hands.
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