Is 3D printing transforming the architectural modeling business?

Is 3D Printing Transforming The Architectural Modeling Business?


When we are discussing rapid prototyping, then there is no better option other than adopting the latest 3D printing technology. The biggest reason why the architecture sector s thriving nowadays s that the industry has embraced 3D printers for creating smaller scale, intricate models. These models stand perfect for every type of architectural project. 3D printing is the fastest evolving technology that has found multiple applications within the minimum time of development. 3D Printing is resulting in great changes associated with the architectural sector. Many companies are utilizing 3D printing technology as a hero in their real-estate business. Many complexes and buildings are built successfully with 3D printing technology use. One of the most popular examples exists, i.e. the shared mutual collaboration between the two Mexican and one California-based startup New Story, with Echale and Icon.


The Use of 3D Printing in Architectural Model Making


3D Printing serves as the better way to offer an enticing 3D illustration of your concept designs within much less time to mark a positive impression on the potential audience. Primarily, the efficient and faster way to test the architectural models without employing big-scale production units or extensive costly prototyping is through 3D Printing. A 3D printed architectural model serves as a useful representation for your desired products. These models can be tested out and added to whatever context intended accordingly to the present design concept.


During the architectural model development process, many designs and iterations are set as reference drafts and this is the point where 3D Printers excel in performance. 3D printing technology enables the workflow to function smoothly in terms of efforts, time, and scalability. Another cutting-edge advantage of 3D printing in architectural modeling is that it overcomes all limitations of resizing the model to a minimum. The architect can build models with less effort, cost and not to mention he can make adjustments at any stage he so ever intends!


3D Printing Technology has massively impacted the overall lagging efficiency of architectural modeling projects. It makes sure that the best results are obtained in the later final stage of the modeling process and thus the model can be approved on the first go!


Reshaping 3D Architectural Model Making


With the use of the latest 3D Printing and Manufacturing Tools, Architects, as well as Artists, can realize all hidden potential for 3D modeling project completion. The technology can help surpass all limitations associated with the traditional form of labor-intensive 3D Modeling Techniques.


Here are a few ways how 3D printers contribute to the transformation of the 3D modeling projects exclusively.


Use Case


Most cultures and civilizations are influencing the architectural sector heavily in the course of its evolution. Every aspect adds new structures and styles to its formation. This helps in constructing the designing techniques for the modern architectural world. From the concept design till the final stages of construction these innovations bring new trends in the designing field.


Concept Modeling


Concept Modeling, as the word concept suggests is the core ingredient for the whole architectural modeling process. It essentially helps both architects and clients to communicate more thoroughly with each other to visualize the product model to be constructed n the right manner.


Since the creation of the concept is crucial to 3D modeling in the same way it is a very time-consuming task that involves a tremendous amount of manual effort for continuous drafting. Hence, the industry needed reasonable change to quit such exhausting manual continuous procedures. For this very reason, 3D Printing technology is largely utilized to rendering different colors and materials to highlight the essential components for a 3D modeling project within a CAD program.


Customized Design


In cases when a client suggests the addition of certain features to the model which are not existent then 3D printing allows architects to imitate the possibilities of all such materials through their critical thinking. This is how architects mostly offer unique product models which are new in the market and can also be customized according to the customer’s intentions and specific requirements.


How 3D printing Benefits Architectural Model Making


3D Printing enables the architect to progress in work with increased proficiency. This being said, 3D printing allows the contribution to the development of some very interesting models in many different ways. Such as:


1. Better visualization of the design


3D Printing allows artists to visualize the project within real-time and space and through such realistic conceptualization renders perfect 3D models. 3D Architectural Models can be of two different types:


Low-cost architecture models – This type of 3D printing technology is relatively less in cost and more in production. The ultimate goal of the version is to yield quicker and more problem-solving results which can go a long way!


Realistic and detailed architecture models – This type is related to the project promotion. It involves visual accurateness and a striking approach to capture the interest of clients and investors.


2. Reduce the time spent on creating models


3D Printers are effectively predominantly used in the architectural industry to create any design which is rather complex or time taking. This kind of architectural support helps to make models more competitive. Most importantly, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of countless hours trying to fix a single detail when you can use 3D printing in its place. Hence, 3D printing is best at multi-tasking for your project’s timely completion.


3. High quality and flexible


3D Printers are sophisticated and detailed for providing special assistance to architectural modeling. An advanced level of 3D printer offers more variety in colors, materials, and all other essential components of 3D architectural modeling. The quality is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.


4. Easy to re-edit, reuse, and reprint your architectural 3D models


Perhaps the most important benefit coined with 3D printing is that it consists of the ability to be reused, re-edited, and reprinted for all your architectural modeling projects. Flexibility is a major aspect of modern 3D printing technology-based for architectural needs as clients are prone to request changes.


5. A cost-effective solution


It is very fun to have enough time to review the modeling projects themselves. At the same time, the cost-effective solution is very profitable too. To top it all, 3D printing makes architectural modeling very suitable in terms of productivity, versatility, time savings, and cost-efficiency.


How ITS can help you with Architectural 3D Modeling Service?


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