How To Write Description Of A Product?

How to Write Description of a Product?

Writing an enticing product description does impact your company sales. To what extent the impact is beneficial is going to be unfolded in this blog. Most of the E-Commerce failures are potentially due to missing or unclear product information displayed. However, there are still products that sell well with only a picture and a title. But the cases are less infraction. Hence, we might say, predominantly adding a clear and informative description can bring life to your product; it will itself communicate with your customers, without you having to do much afterward. If your products don’t outshine with better customer responses then you might as well need to pay little attention towards bettering your product descriptions.


Product Description Writing is an amalgamation of whole different varieties of services. Such varieties ensure perfection from top to bottom of your product description page, hence adding up to be an all in one effective strategy to market your products around the globe. It must involve sufficient and detailed knowledge about the specific brand product but also works through to make up the customers mind to buy it. It is formulated in the focus of some group or sect of potential buyers and to cater to their needs. Such a tip will considerably distinguish you from your competitor marketing houses.


What is a Good Product Description?


You might be thinking that how could a description make a product look bad? Well! The secret lies in the length of the text or the verbiage which is employed. The objective is to keep things simpler to be understood by a larger audience and not a specific group of people. Furthermore, a good product description should include all aspects about why the customer buy your product and what does your product do. It must be self-explanatory to carry the main idea across the board. Consider the following example of a T-Shirt Description:



The product description is fairly describing the product and who it is for. Not too much and not too short of a text. With explanation simple as it can be soft, lightweight crew and a mixture of Cotton and Lyocell. Remember, every extra piece of information is just a bonus for the shopper.


Define Good Buyer’s Personas


Portraying the buyer’s persona in your product description is an efficient sales technique. For example: consider selling a beard kit to your customers. Suppose you want to sell a beard oil kit. What would you do? Go with the likelihood! Not every individual has a clear idea about using your product. Better to describe methods and instructions to use the product in an enticing style.


In this case, the company describes the product use such as what you get in the kit and every product use details, also how much the product is effective. In this case, the buyer’s persona might be, any person who likes growing beard may not know how to keep it, the ones that do not, this product is your guide!


Motivate Purchases through Product Features


When writing on product features, it is significant to consult autonomous resources for better content. However, while including such features it must be kept in mind that all features can’t be included, just select the highest three valuable ones. Efficiently describe what your product brings to the table. Be smart enough to address your customer’s problems. Also, remember accurate buyer personas before penning down official product descriptions. Notice if the customers buy your products out of comfort or need! These baby steps will help you take more control of your customer’s behavioral responses to your products for the formulation of an effective marketing strategy.


Use Enticing Brand Tone


An online store must include product details with product data uniformity such that it can appeal to your prospective customers. If you own a retail business then you must focus on the quality of your product data as it is the best solution to enhance the chances of your product landing in the customer’s shopping cart. A product description can be both conversational and professional. A little use of metaphors and similes can be of good use. Tongue in cheek humor can keep things on a lighter note and the right track.



Create scannability with bullet points       


A good product description must involve important aspects of the product as bullet points. To sum up the whole specifications in one go. The most wanted information must be written at the top and then the list goes down. All the highlighted points indicate an important piece of information, which instantly grabs the customer’s attention. Not everyone has the time to read lengthy product descriptions, many rely on the bird’s eye view of the product description and decide whether they wish to continue buying or shift to some other company’s product.


Keeping your product data up-to-date is a huge challenge. The nature of data keeps changing with time and it takes quite an effort to maintain and respond to that change in trends simultaneously. Make sure to keep your product data up to date with fresh content to enhance performance as this is very important to any retail company’s success. A variety of data tracking/analysis services to investigate and quantify website performances, visitor behavioral patterns can be used to track any indecent data activity or fault.


5. Use more images and mixed media


More than just words, to make your product descriptions impactful it is essential to add related product images. These images must be edited in such a manner that all pros and cons of your product are highlighted. Most of the shoppers when they run short of time, skip heavy descriptions and in return put their whole trust in product images or by just looking at the product videos and so on.


About 63% of shoppers believe in better quality images are important things to notice while buying any product online. This situation can add to the visual significance of the features of a product and might as well contribute to its selling when you present clear functions of your product in the form of bullet points.




Outsource product data enrichment services to us and convert your visitors into regular customers by empowering the content of your product pages. When choosing a product data enrichment service it is important to keep notice about progress from the project manager who converses with you on regular basis. Furthermore, a notable service accommodates your tough work routine providing you exceptional results within limited time frames.


How ITS Can Help You With Product Description Writing Services?


Information Transformation Service (ITS) has been providing Product Description Writing Services for a considerable amount of time now. Our E-Commerce ITS Team Professionals very well understand all the Online Marketing Strategies and will provide you your interest-based solution under highly cost-effective packages. We validate data, eliminate any sign of duplication of data and add exciting product images to enhance its face value. We standardize all the units of weights, size, dimensions, and attribute value to maintain the consistency of your E-store.


Here at ITS, We have sectioned a well-trained ITS Team that can match international standards with outputs that speak volumes of our excellence and proficiency in the field of Professional Content Enrichment. If you are interested in ITS Product Description Writing Services, to proceed further ask for a free quote!


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