Image Masking Techniques

If you run an internet-based product selling business, then you must know the ongoing trends in image marketing. Today the clients want to see every single detail of the product, and it’s a perk if the image has a black or white background, honing the subtle details of the product. Detailing of the product is the key to get attention. Today all the customers demand high-quality photorealistic images of the products, thus helping them to examine the product before buying it virtually. Managing a 24/7 online business doesn’t generally spare much time to pay attention to these details. Hiring a photographer can yield you good quality photographs, but managing the respective backgrounds can be a difficult task.

What is image masking, and how can it help you?

Not every background removal is an easy task. The products having the protrusions, hair, or fur emerging from them certainly makes it challenging to trace a distinctive subject background boundary. These images are painful to be edited, and advanced tools and advanced skills are needed to edit such photos. This is time taking and difficult task; however, the generated results are promising in terms of quality. Image masking, as stated earlier, needs exceptional skill and advanced tools to create the market standard images. So if you are considering it a DIY task then you are mistaken, outsourcing the work to the image masking services provider will not only save your time but will also spare you from the headache of this extensive work.

Do you need image masking services?

The question might arise in your mind that why should you consider availing the image masking services?

  • To meet the requirements of the online marketplace, you are working
  • When the product has protrusions
  • When the product is clear or transparent
  • When the product has fuzzy borders

How ITS can help you in image masking?

ITS image editing services are offering exclusive image masking services for removing the background from the critical images. ITS has effectively helped many clients to grow their selling profiles on platforms like eBay or Amazon.if you have to run a business on third party platforms, then it’s integral to meet their requirements. Every website has specific requirements on image quality and detail to ensure credibility.

How ITS work?

Our team carefully analyzes each photo of your product to determine the best approach of image masking. We combine multiple strategies and tools like the background eraser tool.

  • color separation
  • channel mask
  • hand-drawn clipping paths

to achieve the best-looking photo, often, all the methods are employed to yield the desired result. Our team keeps on working until every edge is sharp, and every subtle detailing is done.

Unlike many other image masking services, we do everything vigilantly by hand; We will see, firsthand all, the available techniques and tools and how they can increase the reputation of your brand. ITS prides itself on the quality of the finished product; our quality assurance services ensure that the final images delivered to the client are according to the standards and requirements.

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