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All you need to know about Concept Art

If you think that the concept of art is a recent addition to the art family, then you are mistaken. Concept art services have been serving the society for a long; your interaction with the art is probably recent. Even before the advent of the theater, the cinemas and publishing houses felt the need of the artists to make the visual representations of the characters and the ideas.

The rapid digitization in this age has build multimedia giants. Thus the entertainment and advertisement sections show a constant need for these artists. There are many ways concept art can help you. Either you are planning to make an android game, or you want to elaborate on your services, or you are going to launch an advertising campaign for your brand, you can always take the assistance of the concept artists.

What is concept art?

Concept art is one of the integral steps of the design and animation process. Many people get intrigued by the idea of animations and yet overlook the essential step of it that is concept art. Concept art is the essential founding stone of the whole animation or visuals, for instance, taking into consideration an animated cartoon character. The foremost step will be the idea of creation by the concept artist. The necessary visual feels of the project will be based on this concept art. Later once the theme is decided, the animators and illustrators will find the art as a reference point for further building the project.

As mentioned above, concept art is one of the integral steps of the overall designing and animation process. Due to its subtle nuances from the rest of the art, people often confuse it with production art and illustration. However, prior to heading forward, make your comprehension of the concept art vivid clear.

Is production art and concept art the same?


Whenever the concept art is defined in regards to animation, people often mistake it as production art. However, there are apparent differences between the two. Concept art is the raw form of art. Whenever the rough idea is discussed with the concept artist, he/she will quickly produce sketched designs. The sketches will further act as the point of reference for the production art. The production artist produces the final images, which are then set into motion. Thus if the concept artist provides the raw ideas, then the production artist gives the supreme quality manifestation of that idea.

Is concept art and illustration the same services?

Often people confuse the concept art services with illustration services. Both forms of art are quite similar to each other in many regards, but still, there are subtle differences between the two. The illustration is the visual representation of the pre-existing idea or object. The subject is already available at hand, and it could be a book, an article, a product. So the central theme of the illustration drawing is already pre-decided by the features of the subject.

However, the job of a concept artist is entirely different from the illustrator. In concept art, the main objective is to conceptualize the idea and concept before the final product: either book, muse, or a character. So the concept artist has to brainstorm for conceiving and bringing up a new idea.

How ITS can help you in the concept art services?

Information Transformation Services has been providing concept art services for many years. ITS proudly owns the skilled cohort of artists, who can brainstorm on your idea and can provide you with innovative sketches in no time.

At ITS we aim to provide technology compatible solutions. Having professionals working in groups make us attain our deliverables. Our services don’t stop o providing paper-based sketches; however, we provide fully compatible 3D modeled or digitally painted arts. Our team has the full potential to use the following software.

  • Unity 3D
  • Adobe Flash
  • HTML 5
  • 3D concept art
  • 2D concept art
  • 2D Illustrations
  • Art Direction Services
  • UI/UX design and animation
  • 3D Objects
  • 3D Animations
  • Live-Action and Video Production
  • 2D Characters and Objectives
  • 3D Vehicles
  • Environments
  • 2D Animations
  • In-Game and Pre-Rendered Cinematic

Each service is intended to be delivered according to the requirements of the customers. Thus ITS provides customized solutions for every single client.

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