How to do form calculations in WordPress?

How to do form calculations in WordPress?

There are various reasons you want to add calculations to the form on the WordPress website. Calculations on forms can transform simple databases into accounting software, an e-commerce pricing calculator, and an automated inventory management system. With the correct calculations, WordPress form calculations can be transformed into powerful tools for business.


It can take some time to become familiar with WordPress forms and calculations. However, there are numerous benefits to using these forms. By using this software, an online-commerce business and data entry services can manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently without the expense of expensive accounting software or an accountant.


What do you mean by WordPress forms calculation?


If you input an amount into the form field, which can be used to calculate the result in a different field, then you’ve utilized a calculated fields form. These kinds of forms are used all over the world of business (you may have a similar feature in Excel spreadsheets). Calculations happen in the background, which is dependent on the information you input in the form.


Create an order form for purchases that customers from multiple locations can fill out to make purchases. You’ll want to utilize this form to calculate the purchase cost, regardless of the country from which they originate.


To accomplish this, the form you choose should consider the tax laws in the regions you service. Thus, you design an application based on two elements: the item’s cost and the tax rate applicable to each region.


When a user specifies each of these on the application form, it’ll automatically calculate the total amount for the purchase order, making it quicker and easier for each customer since you will need to figure out the cost for each individual.


How can you use the Calculated Fields Form plugin?


WordPress Calculated Fields Form plugin is widely used to complement eCommerce websites. With this plugin, you can design forms that automatically calculate complicated equations whenever values are added to specific fields.


You can, for instance, create the order forms that do the financial calculations needed for an order placed through e-commerce. Just input the information from the purchase to view details like updated costs, stock counts, taxes, and so on.


To install the Calculated Fields Form plugin on WordPress, you must click on plugins on the main menu and then follow these steps:


Choose “Add New” from the menu of plugins.


Find Calculated Fields Formulation, then click Download Now.


After it’s been installed and enabled on your website, locate your Calculated Fields form Option on the WordPress admin menu, and then select Calculated Fields form on the drop-down menu.


You can choose one of the available templates or begin with your own by going into the New Form section and clicking Add.


Select Options next to the new form in the Form List to begin customizing.


Select one of the forms control options to begin building your form according to your requirements.


You can further modify your form with your Calculated Form option. Once you’ve decided on the layout, you can begin planning the kinds of sections you’ll require. You can add features like:


Calculation of numbers

Exchange rates for currencies


Drop-down menus

Time and date inputs


To use the functionalities to build online order forms, you must select the Calculated Value and then begin to create your formula. You can do this by entering the Set Equation field. This is where you’ll determine which mathematical function you’ll apply to the data entered in your form.


If you’re trying the ability to divide any quantity within the secondary field two times, such as your equation would be read fieldname2*2


This ensures that any information you enter in the form will be multiplied by two automatically, and the result will be displayed in the field that corresponds to it.


If you’re happy with the adjustments you’ve made to your formula, you can incorporate it into any form by applying the short code to your formula within the Formula List section. It is possible to use the same WordPress formula for any form you’ll need by copying this short code into the HTML of the new form.


The takeaway


WordPress forms calculation isn’t just useful for people working in data entry and e-commerce services. Researchers and students can design forms that convert measurements like miles into kilometers with the click of a button. You can also use it to determine how far two places are. The possibilities are endless when you know how to use this function.


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