Removing the Background from the Images

What are the Benefits of Removing the Background from the Images?

Removing the background from your product images can be beneficial for you in many ways. It hones the features of your products that make them compatible with the eCommerce world.

To sell products on amazon:

 The largest marketplaces in the eCommerce world require neutral or white backgrounds behind the product as the high-quality images on the neutral backgrounds pop up the features of the products and thus making it convenient for the buyer to assess the color and the elements. Therefore removing the background from the contemporary product images and replacing them with neutral tones can make your product compliant to the level of Amazon and eBay without the need to conduct a different photoshoot.

The coherence of theme:

If you are all up for setting an eCommerce seller profile or designing your catalog, then background removal can earn for you a consistent theme photograph. No matter if you hire a professional for photographing even then, it’s hard to maintain the overall theme of the pictures. Thus the image background removal can help in creating consistent imagery that you can later use for your website or catalog designing.

Reduction of the file size:

The smaller the file size, the higher will be the loading speed, thus giving your website a good SERP (Search engine ranking position). So the background removal not only cuts down the extra details but also reduces the size of the image; this will also give a promising customer care experience.

Are image clipping and background removal the same services?

Many people mistake image background removal services for image clipping services. However, both are image editing techniques but have subtle nuances.

Clipping path vs. background removal:

A clipping path is a form of vector graphic that outlines an object. It traces out a boundary around its edges. Clipping paths are usually used for the following purposes:

  1. cutting an object out
  2. wrapping text around an object

The background remains there. Because if you open it in Photoshop, you will find there a line drawn around your product. The line can effectively remove the background with a single click of a mouse. Thus clipping path provides flexibility for the future. On the contrary, if you want the image background to be removed permanently, you might as well go all the way off the bat and use the background removal services.

What is the role of retouching and shadowing in the background removal services?

If you hire a professional service provider, then they will provide you the basic image editing and retouching services along with background removal as most of the professionals try to save the shadows intact while removing the backgrounds, thus rendering a realistic effect in your photos. If the picture initially lacks the natural shadow, then a drop or reflective shadow can be added to add depth to the photograph.

How ITS can help you with Background Removal Services?

Information Transformation Services has the best digital artists, who can responsibly handle your projects. Throughout the extensive career, our team has vigilantly edited the images in which the clients themselves don’t have any hope initially. If you have any work related to background removal, then we are here to share our experience.

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