How to avail credible 3D character modeling services?

3D characters are in common sight these days, the animation houses and game developing companies were only initially known to use these 3D animated characters. However, now many companies and brand promotions are relying on 3D character models. Now you can trace their use anywhere. With the promotion of art, artists have also sprung into the market. As a reliable 3D character modeling company, our experts make sure that all your 3D game character modeling and game assets modeling demands and specifications will be met and exceeded.

What is unique about ITS 3D character modeling services?

Although digital art has flourished a lot, the higher demand for art has resulted in the number of companies providing digital art services and freelance designers. However, if you or your company have a vigilant eye for the art, then you can filter out the credible options in the market without hitting a scammer. Through the years of service, ITS has skillfully earned a good reputation in digital marketing. Through our customer care services and our dedication to art has made us stand out among the competitors. ITS aims to value the money of clients, so we ensure that the final work delivered is according to the expectations of the clients.

Our 3D character modeling services are designed to meet the following requirements.

Creative Design:

We don’t only ensure that the work delivered is highly aesthetic, but we also make sure that it is technologically compatible too. Our designers are acquainted with using top-notch technological platforms. So If you have specific requirements about the rendering software too, then the designers can provide you with the designs in the concerned format.

Accurate Translation of Idea:

It is one of our workplace policies to get our team to understand the requirements of clients. Once the clients tell about all the details and requirements, our team starts working on it. The company stays in touch with the client even in the designing phase; we can also provide an initial sample or the blueprint of the design for the customer’s satisfaction. So if you are looking for the actual transformation of your idea into the 3D character, then you must avail ITS services.

Affordable Option:

ITS is providing freelance designing services, as it already settles the debate of affordability. Hiring a freelance designing team already cuts down the man6y expense of affording a full-time designer team. ITS is emerging as a 3D service provider for a variety of businesses and entrepreneurial setups, so we make sure that our services are affordable for all the sort of clients.

Why choose us?

  • Timely delivered projects
  • Reliable tea, of experts
  • Quality assurance services
  • Free Pre-Project Estimate
  • Flexible Approach
  • Flexible Approach

As mentioned earlier, we are comfortable in working on many software platforms.

We can use any of the graphical format provided by the client like:

  • .Bitmap
  • .Cad
  • .tiff
  • .jpeg

We can also customize the stock of 3D model by adding:

  • more polygon counts
  • texturing
  • lighting

and any other retouching as per the requirements of the clients.

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