enticing product descriptions?

How can you write enticing product descriptions?


Product descriptions tell the customers about the key features of the product service you are selling. Running in business in the competitive e-commerce environment demands much. The growing competition demands you to try different enticing ways and more several steps ahead to make your services stand out among the competitors. Product descriptions have the tendency to make or break your sales.

What benefits an aptly written product description can bring to you?

The potential of the aptly written product description is much more than what it sounds. A good product description can bring you the following benefits:

Determine brand quality:

The way your description sounds determines much about the overall quality of your brand. So be vigilant while writing the product descriptions as it has much to say about your brand.

Compel the customers to stay:

Try to introduce diversity in the product description, what else can be more annoying than reading the longish paragraphs of description. Instead, use various techniques text, bullet points, visuals, and animation to make your description enticing.

What are the benefits of a good product description?

  • A product description is not the mere description of the products; instead, it is one of the determining factors for earning a good ranking position.
  • Using the right keywords and optimizing the keyword weightage, your product description can achieve a higher Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). Thus, it increases the visibility of your website or services. The more visibility of the page, the higher is the chances of getting more potential customers.
  • Product descriptions are the baits for compelling the audience. Before communicating with you, your customer will read the description provided and will decide based on it. So the product description must be enticing.

What is useful product description writing?

Although there no bound rules for writing the product description. You are free to use your creativity to write product descriptions. However, there are a few general rules to write compelling product descriptions. However, the critical points of the product description are selected while planning the content strategy.

However, the following are the elements if the product description:

  • Item name
  • Description
  • Specifications

Item name:

The first thing that comes in the product description is the item name. The name should be accurate and equally enticing. Choosing an appropriate name is an integral part of descriptive writing. Also, the item name id ought to repeat in the description once or twice too. First, selecting an item name and then using it in the description can earn you an excellent SERP.

Item description:

Now comes the fun part that is the description of the item, companies are now taking the help of creativity to make the description more exciting, the storytelling touch to the description help in bounding the customers to read. There are unlimited ways in which you can weave the story of the product description.

Product specifications:

Product specifications can be the high-resolution image of the products or simple bullet points exhibiting the features of the product. Not everyone is fond of reading, so for such customers, concise product specifications can be a compelling factor. Visual specifications have the potential to catch the attention of the readers. So adding high-quality images in the product specification is always the right approach.

 How ITS can help you with the product description writing?

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