Data Transformation Services

What is Data Transformation Services

With the onset of the twentieth century, business organizations moved from conventional paper records to digital records. The reliability and maintenance convenience provided by the digital documentation is unmatchable.

What are data transformation services?

Companies having digital data have to deal with bulks of data, so the data needs to be in an organized way, which ensures easy retrieval. Along with the volumes of the data files, a company has to receive a bunch of other documents like the bills, mails, salary receipts; obviously, all the data are in different formats, so they are challenging to manage and store. Loss of even a single document can often lead to a more significant discrepancy. So data transformation services involve transforming the existing documents into desired formats. This ensures that all the data is in a unified form and is easy to access from the repository.

How can data transformation help your company, and how seldom can your company need the data transformation services?

These can be the questions popping in your mind after the above debate. Hence, as data is the core asset of your company, so the data transformation into the required unified formats is the crucial aspect of managing the data:

PDF conversions: the companies always encounter the task of extraction of the data from editable and non-editable PDF. So the extraction fo the data and transformation into the desired format is one of the most availed data transformation services.

HTML conversion: the text, ppts, image files are often needed to be converted into the HTML format with high precision to maintain both the data and the quality.

XML conversion: XML format is often the choice of interest due to the ease of storage and maintenance it offers. So, the scanned data is usually extracted and needs to be stored in the XML format.

How beneficial can the outsourcing of data transformation be?

Data transformation can be slow and hectic work, where you have to transform each data entry into the required format vigilantly. If you are a novice, then the task can be more daunting than ever, as you will not only be lacking the skill, but you will also be lacking the required machinery or software. So t is always advisable to get the assistance of a data transformation services provider. Let the experts handle the task and sit back on your seat and invest the time on the things that need you more. Outsourcing data transformation services can be beneficial for you in the following ways:

Cost-effective solution:

As being the novices, you must not be having the workforce and the required gadgets at your workplace; however, if you outsource your work to a concerned company, then this will surely be cost-effective rather than purchasing the gadgets and recruiting the manpower.

Mess-free work:

It can not only digitize your paper-based record but will convert various format files into the required format; thus, these can be conveniently accessed from the repository. You will give your data and requirement instructions, and the final work will be delivered to your desk without investing any unnecessary time or effort.

What Information Transformation Services is offering?

Information Transformation Services is offering multiple document conversion services. The proficient ITS team can transform your documents into any of the desirable formats ensuring the data is safely transformed and is accessible.

  • DOC to TIFF
  • PSD to XHTML
  • TIFF to PDF
  • Books to HTML / XML / XHTML / PDF / MS Word (Book Conversion)
  • Excel to HTML
  • PSP to PDF
  • GIF to TGA
  • Paper Documents and Scanned Images to MS Word (Document Digitization)
  • Document Scanning and Imaging Services
  • Image Files to XHTML
  • Word Formatting

However, if your company’s data warehouse stored the data in any of the other formats, then you can discuss it with ITS, the professionals will surely devise a customized transformation for your company.

Why us?

Through the years of services, ITS has secured a prominent position in the market by providing quality services. If you also want to avail of the data transformation services, then ITS can prove to be the best partner.  There are several reasons we claim to stand out among the competitors:

  • We have a team of vigilant experts, who ensure to meet the deadlines whether the project is short or extensive. The final work is delivered according to the deadline.
  • The company owns modern devices and scanners for scanning and transforming all the data keeping it sure that none of the data is lost.
  • ITS provides cost-effective and error-free data transformation.
  • For the satisfaction of the customers, the test sample of the work is first sent to the client. After attaining the review of the client.
  • The final work can be provided to the client in any desirable format as per the client’s requirements.
  • The company also provides the services of building an in-house automation tool.
  • As our services are ISO certified, so before sending the final work, the team runs a  quality check and ensures that the final work is up to the standards.
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