List of Best VFX Software for Beginners

List of Best VFX Software for Beginners

High-end visual effects (VFX) have become a compulsory element in Hollywood. With growing popularity and HD quality results VFX has become your go-to solution for creating enticing visual effects in videos and movies. In recent years, the magnanimous use of visual effects in the entertainment industry has helped professionals develop, edit and manipulate a story in various ways.


What is VFX Software?


VFX stands for Visual effects Software. VFX software is utilized in creating, editing, and enhancing visual scenes. These special effects prove useful in creating a real impact where shooting a real event is practically impossible. The VFX artists make use of special tools and software to perfectly process mages and scenes according to the real-life digital experience. For a more realistic effect, original objects, characters, and environments are used. You might be thinking with so many benefits of VFX software it will prove costly but on the contrary, it is a cost-efficient solution to quickly create attractive scenes that require high-budget locations. As a result, users can produce extravagant films by reducing overall expenditure on hiring stuntmen and actors to avoid future mishaps during shooting scenes.


What are the VFX Effects?


VFX effects are created by mixing real-life events scenes with computer-generated imagery, especially in fiction or action movies. Some of the commonly used VFX effects include –


Bullet time helps to give an illusion of a still moment in time.

Digital compositing is the blending of all elements making them appear to belong to a respective scene.

Stop motion makes the animation object appear moving.

Matte painting is creating a landscape to send out an illusion for an original location to viewers.

Prosthetic makeup is specifically done to create a special character via cosmetic effects.


How Can You Create Visual Effects as a Beginner?


Top 10 Best Free & Paid Visual Effects (VFX) Software in 2021


Visual effects make your work very easy and professional-looking in many ways. It becomes incredibly simple to create a scene from live footage or edit it using the same tool. If you want to make a career in VFX then you must become a pro in creating animations with top-of-the-charts creativity skills. Understanding basic animation techniques such as stop motion, scaling, and block animation will help you begin your work with VFX. Apart from animation, you must also have go-to knowledge concerning video production such as sound and lighting. This will become a plus point in learning VFX as a beginner. Soft skills such as real-world observation, visual aesthetics, drawings, sketching, mechanics movement, and photography will help you accelerate your VFX learning process to become a visual animation artist very soon. You can begin working on enhancing your skills by observing closely your surrounding local events, starting with sketching and watching more animated films.


Free VFX Software List to Learn Making VFX Animations


Here is the list of the top 5 free VFX software tools that are available for download online. With these incredible visual editor software options, you can access various free features while other advanced features will be available with the premium software version. Let us begin by discussing the attributes of the VFX software one by one –


Blender VFX


Top 10 Best Free & Paid Visual Effects (VFX) Software in 2021


Blender VFX is best suited for motion tracking and compositing. The built-in compositor allows seamless post-processing for final output. You can easily edit your scenes in the production-ready camera and by using the object tracking feature. You can also edit 3D scenes by directly importing the raw footage to the software. The tool is the best available option for both professionals and freelance artists. The built-in cycles add a realistic shading and lighting touch to your scenes.


Features of Blender VFX Software


It allows you to match your scene lighting with your background scene.

A blender is a multi-threaded tool that allows full composting of videos and images.

You can create a real-time preview using Blender for your footage.

The tool also offers a sculpting option

You can use this VFX software for easy matchmaking of the real camera motion.


Hitfilm Express


Hitfilm Express is best suitable for Vloggers and YouTubers as the tools are excellent for 2D/3D compositing. This professional-level VFX software is a good choice for creating video games and films. It is an open-source motion tracking platform compatible with PC and available to all users ranging from beginners level to seasoned professionals.


Features of Hitfilm Free VFX Software


Hitfilm Express offers a built-in voice recorder.

The tool is suitable for both Mac & Windows.

Using Hitfilm Express you can easily edit scenes, add titles and visual effects.

You can make appreciable adjustments of volume intensity and even add different sound effects.




Krita is a popularly used VFX software for creating exciting textures for painters. The tool can be employed to add comic paints or make colorful illustrations. Krita is free without any limit or subscription charges.


Features of Krita Free VFX Software


Using this VFX software you can create a custom layout for your projects.

You can easily create shortcuts for using your desired tools.

With the help of Krita, you can even move panels or dockers to create your artistic workflow.

The tool offers more than a hundred different varieties of brushes and features to get elicit benefit from.

4D Cinema


If you are looking for an all-in-one package for beginners, seasoned professionals and 3D artists then look no further than 4D Cinema action VFX software. The tool is available for free download online and offers essential features suitable for creating 3D art. 4D Cinema VFX Effects software comes with a logically arranged interface to equip beginners with easy-to-learn features. Notice-worthy feature includes parametric modeling and texturing.


Features of 4D Cinema VFX Effects Software


There are various free packages available for you to check out.

You can create customized layouts as per your project requirements.

All features are tested for proven results.

4D Cinema VFX Effects software offers increased flexibility to even support last-minute changes.



Fusion is an essential animation tool for broadcasts, motion graphics, 3D animation, and visual effects. Fusion is compatible with both Windows & Mac. Fusion VFX software is used in TV shows and Hollywood movies owning to its wide range of special effects.


Features of Fusion Action VFX Software


You can easily use different effects and save your compositions as a template.

The platform offers incredible tools like noise reduction, sharpening, texturing, animation curve modifiers are available for seamless compositions.

Option for sync Audio animation is also available for adding playback audio.


Conclusion –


From the aforementioned VFX software tools, one thing is common in all it is the ability to function as per the requirement of clients. The tools can deliver realistic and pragmatic results to the viewer. It should be able to give those details and nuances to the image that it does not appear edited but real. If you are interested in ITS 2D and 3D Animation Services you may ask for a free quote to proceed further!

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