How To Make Concept Art For Video Games?

How to Make Concept Art for Video Games?

Concept Art creation for games involves the creation of an amazingly compelling movie script. The main steps of video game concept art involve the creation of an idea, to deciding the media typology of the game. It is a pre-planned procedure that needs exceptional creative ideas to shape 3D models. To get it done enticingly for the audience, it is significant to keep questioning and shaping your abstract thoughts and ideas. This helps a great deal in aligning your final product designs for video game creation.


Concept Art is the idea behind the product designing of each game character. It helps reincarnate gaming characters and gaming assets to captivate the gamers. Concept Art is the name of creating wonders by the human mind. Animation, Sci-Fi Films, comic books, and video games are put together at first through conceptualization before the output being finalized. It involves important first stages where the idea is just fresh and there is no detail present to support such ambiguous beliefs of a customer that he might as well not interpret on his own. Most of the drawing and illustration part is done via traditional means i.e., by the use of hands. Every object which is to be seen in the game, from characters to models, from weapons to tech-gadgets, all are shaped initially by the finesse of the human hand.


Deciding all the Character Features


It is important to know what you want your gaming video characters to look and sound like. Whether you are into animals, pets, robots, etc, just draw your heart out. Do not be afraid to play with a few pencil strokes. As this is just the beginning step it doesn’t require perfection but to bring clarity within vague perceptions of the mind art to virtual art. This rough art must make the base for your 3D rendered characters and gaming models. Your focus must be on the shape of the objects and characters. Read the following serial numbers to get a complete idea about the framework of characters:


  1. Is their hair, animal fur needed? What should be the length small or large? With or without stubble, if it were to be a man?
  2. Does the character need to be skinny, curvy, chubby, or fat? Regarding the height of the character, too tall or too short or just right?
  3. What must be the character’s gender orientation?


Skillful Drawing


Always start with defining the clothes for your chosen characters. This can cover up the base such that it might need not much detailing underneath afterward. When you have the base all set, start by choosing out an enticing piece of clothing or dress code that makes your gaming character look even more exciting to watch and play. Roughly draw out the shape and make more copies of it. The steps can be revised by putting one printed copy over the other and starting inward shading around the corners of the character’s sketch. It is advised to keep multiple copies of the finished design at this stage as a back-up.


Be Colorful


If you do not have an artistic mind, then there is no scope to learn the very essence of concept art. It is a matter of unleashing your inner imaginative sense relating to objects present in the surrounding environment and those that have no scope of existence. Formation of connection with the real and the fantasy world demands sheer experimentation with concepts and colors. Find your secret color combination to bring out the vibe in gamers. If you are an amateur in the field, you can also post your character sketches on online platforms and forums to get reviews and constructive criticism. Always opt for the design, most find it interesting enough!


While selecting always try to be decisive. Likewise, if most people like your 5th design and your feelings contradict, you might as well involve both in your top list.


Complete Design


It is best to start designing the character accordingly with the flow. Experiment with the face, nose, neck, and eyes a little bit. Remember all the creation steps and keep them in mind while making further alterations to your character’s personality. If the character does not fit each other then it is best to ask for professional assistance to guide you through the character transition. If fewer people say 40% question your gaming character designs, then it is time to make some changes or select a new design in its place.


Review All Steps Again


Going past all the previously mentioned steps might off your mood but it is essential to review each step over and over again to bring out perfection within your created concept art characters for remarkable video games. It is entirely your choice if you wish to draw further details for technical parts with grey, ash, blue and back undertones. It takes a lot of effort to create one piece of exceptionally enticing gaming item or character. The Concept Artist is a creative individual with a good eye for visual composition and design. Some of them will be very skillful in creating amazing environments and scenarios, others will be an astonishing character and creature designers. Studios and companies are always searching for skillful concept artists in order of fulfilling the respective needs of their projects.


Try Different Background Setting & Objects


Trying out different objects to shape your characters and give them volume, can boast your artistic creation a lot more than before. At first, visualize and then add objects to your characters and settings. If everything works like magic with each other, then you have mastered concept art successfully. If you feel that something needs to be added or removed, you can simply go back to Step#1 and move your drawing accordingly. You can also create a different version of your designs into comics and 3D models. If you wish to make a comic, it is a must for you to try and learn storytelling. Furthermore, it involves rigorous content drawing over and over again. If you want to use your comics in a game, it is best to scan all the drawings and recreate the models with the help of 3D CAD Software. However, for the creation of an animated movie, it is best to think of what costumes and objects can be used as props and discover actors which look similar to your design characters.



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