How To Add Parallax Effect To 2D Photos?

How To Add Parallax Effect To 2D Photos?

The parallax effect is effectively used in professional photography to make photos appear more visually appealing and flawless. This special after effect added to photos increases the viewer’s interest in the product by capturing their collective interests altogether. The parallax effect is generally a zooming and panning effect that is used to give motionless images the characteristic of a video. This particular effect helps achieve the real-life feeling of dull and still photos. The parallax effect is also referred to as the 2.5D parallax photo effect due to the incorporated visual depth perception in 2D photos. In this blog we are going to learn more about the different types of parallax effects and how can you create a vibrant parallax effect for your 2D photos.


There are various advantages that you can derive from the parallax scrolling effect to bless your business website timeline. Recent studies have shown that visually attractive and animated user interfaces make up a huge fan base in the digital market. Therefore the creation of highly engaging and creative content is the need of the hour for your business recognition among the masses. When you add the parallax effect to your company’s mainstream website you will notice an appreciable increase in the number of prospect sales of your products in less time. The shooting percentage of visitors who land on your website by viewing parallax effect photos is higher as compared with simple 2D photos. The use of this filter in post-production can help you provide your viewers with an immersive environment in which your product will make a heroic impact. All these elements of the parallax effect discussed in this blog serve as a complete guideline for a newbie in the photography industry.


How to Add Parallax Effects?


The easiest method to add aesthetic parallax effects is by using specialized plugins that can pull off the tough job for you. The specialized plugins include Alton, page Piling.js., skroller, Scroll Magic, Parallax Scroll, Scroll Me, multiScroll, Essential Addons for Elementor, Advanced WordPress Environments, Parallax Image, Kreatura Slider Plugin, and many more. Most of the aforementioned plugins require basic coding know-how. However, you can also ass parallax effects manually but it will need complex coding skills involving CSS and HTML.


Types of Parallax Effects


There are mainly two kinds of parallax effects popularly used by professional photographers. One is based on viewers scrolling through web pages and the other one is linked with visitors’ mouse movements. Let us carry on by mentioning various kinds of parallax effects one by one –


Parallax Vertical Scroll Effect


If you want to reenact the feeling of motion and float within your 2D photos you can make the most of these concerns using the parallax vertical scroll effect. One of the famous parallax effects is the scrolling parallax effect because it enables you to add countless layers to achieve a flawless effect to captivate your viewers.


Parallax Horizontal Scroll Effect


A horizontal parallax scrolling effect is a good way to get things going your way. You can easily add more depth to your 2D photos and upload them to your official websites. Also, you can experiment with new website backgrounds by horizontally sliding images to visually engage a mass audience.


Parallax Background Scroll Effect


The parallax background scroll effect is one of the easiest and most traditional forms of parallax effects that are well suited for beginner-level photographers that are enthusiastic about adding learning breakthroughs in this field. You can effectively add new website environments while our users scroll through your website to offer them collective exposure. This effect also works well for one-page websites.


Parallax Transparency Effect


With this particular effect, you can offer your viewers amazing transition effects when they scroll your web pages. The parallax transparency effect is used for several purposes namely, product marketing, service marketing, and when revealing a new idea to your viewers.


Parallax Blur Effect


Parallax blur effect as the name suggests is a method to give wind to your viewer’s interest by adding a touch of aesthetic appeal and sophistication element to your website. With this effect at your hands, you can create jaw-dropping effects, fading texts, and images as the user scroll through your website. The beauty of this effect lies in the slowly fading texts as the user scrolls up and down your brand website creating a colorful feeling.


Parallax Rotate Effect


This special parallax effect is employed to engage your website product with your user and to visually stimulate them. To this effect, you can grab your user’s attention more easily by using different font size text and vibrant images which rotate at preset speed while your user moves across your website with the help of a mouse.


Parallax Scale Effect


The parallax scale effect is an equally beneficial effect that is best opted to create exciting images and text in your user field of view. The text and images are both zoomed in and zoomed out while your user scrolls through your website. Although this effect is a bit tricky to get done perfectly it can be implemented by paying extra attention to detail to the kind of effect you wish to create to develop your user interest.


Mouse-based Parallax Effects


Parallax 3D Tilt Effect


In case you want to be playful with effects you can add parallax 3D tilt effect exclusively to your 2D images and upload them to your websites for your viewer’s feedback. The effect allows you enough room to play around with every angle of the images on your website. You can easily make the images slide or tilt as the mouse moves across them creating a phenomenal 3D effect of motion.


Parallax Mouse Track Effect


Another exciting effect that you should use at least once when you get into the field of photography is the parallax mouse track effect. The particular effect can make components on your web page move in sync with the user’s mouse movements. The images tend to move in the direction of the mouse movement or away from it. You have complete control over the speed of the effect to offer special results to your users.


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