Benefits Of OCR-Based Data Entry

Benefits Of OCR-Based Data Entry

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one of the widely acknowledged and used forms of data entry method. OCR typically involves digital character recognition and scanning of documents whether they are printed or written text. Here the text is digitally read, analyzed, and photo scanned into character codes. The character codes are machine-encoded text that can be easily searched and edited by a computer. OCR data entry method has visibly improved the overall data entry process in terms of both accessibility and unmatched accuracy. By using specialized software you can quickly convert physically written documents into searchable text files. Today, you can easily view documents on your mobile screens whenever required all thanks to OCR. The scanned files can be easily shared through the digital medium.


Top 9 Benefits of OCR Based Data Entry


Although there are various benefits of OCR notably it helps keep your businesses functioning smoothly and increases its overall efficiency rate. Your employees can quickly search through articles to deal with the higher demand for data and at the same time, you can scan those documents in high volume. In addition, there are some major advantages of OCR data entry service which include –


Higher Productivity


OCR software helps to keep your business’s productivity rate higher by providing structured and well-formatted data in time. OCR software proves to be both time-saving and effort minimizing at the same time. You don’t have to spend countless hours sorting out paper documents. Your life is well sorted with the OCR data entry mechanism by your side. You can even retrieve data that is lost during the data entry or scanning processes. The amount of energy you invest in excellent data extraction can now be channelized to focus on other core business activities. Besides employees, you have to make numerous trips to record rooms to access the required files. All the documents are well organized electronically without getting up from your desks.


Cost Reduction


Opting for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data entry service will help your business cut down expenses needed to hire more professionals to carry out smooth data extraction tasks. This will prove to be a good addition to your business as all documents can be handled without hiring a professional team. This remarkable tool also helps to lower other costs like shipment, printing and copying documents from credible sources. Therefore, OCR helps eliminate the overall cost of investing in the long process of recovering lost data and provides you with higher savings in the form of reclaimed office space which would have been otherwise used to store bulk paper files.


High Accuracy


One of the major challenges associated with data entry is data inaccuracy. Automated data entry solutions like OCR itself provide a good platform for businesses to improve the quality of extracted data and reduce the level of data inaccuracies to the highest level. Besides other problems such as data loss or data inconsistency can also be taken care of with OCR data entry. As far as there is no manpower involved there is less chance of manual errors in data.


Increased Storage Space


OCR can read, analyze and scan a document or catalog information to assist your business in resolving data-related challenges. Your enterprise white paper documents can be simplified into electronic formats in servers for safekeeping. OCR helps to keep things well managed without having to save huge paper files. In this way, the OCR data entry program serves as an essential tool to go paperless and save our environment.


Superior Data Security


Data security is a major concern in this age of maximum information. There is more misinformation than information out there. Hence, to acquire 100% accurate and destruction-free information it is important to store them in scanned files. Papers can be destroyed, stolen, and misplaced by natural elements like pests, moisture, and fire. To overcome these natural elements and reduce the possibility of data loss OCR data entry tool helps you to store information in portable file formats which can be accessed at any time. You can even add encrypted passwords to access top-secret documents by business officials.


100% Text-searchable Documents


One of the major advantages of OCR is data processing. The way the data entry tool makes text from digital files searchable. Professionals can easily look up any file, number, name, or even address while entering parameters that distinguish the document from other stored documentation.


Massively Improves Customer Service


Several inbound contact centers cater to customers with the information they seek. To deal with customers, call centers need to access their information quickly to process their requests further. For this reason to make data availability quick and efficient OCR data entry tool helps keep things systematic. You can easily process countless customer requests at a blazing speed.


Makes Documents Editable


Scanned documents can be edited at times when the information needs to be updated. In this regard, the OCR data entry tool proves useful to convert data into any suitable and editable formats such as Word, etc. This greatly benefits your business when you deal in content that needs to be readily converted, edited, and updated daily.


Disaster Recovery


Disaster recovery is another celebrated advantage of using an OCR data entry tool. When data is stored digitally in secure servers or other distributed systems the chances of data maintenance are increased. In sudden urgency or natural disaster, the digitized data can be retrieved to ensure smooth business continuation at all costs.


Who Can Leverage OCR?


What Is OCR or Optical Character Recognition - Docdigitizer


Any enterprise and firm planning to manage paper documents can leverage OCR data entry services. OCR is a trusted data entry mechanism that assists file transfer to computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. OCR is a reliable partner in your business functions to save you from huge cost overheads. Various forms of documentation can be converted to electronic versions using the OCR data entry service, these forms include:


Tax documents


Industry articles

Payroll information

Business cards and fliers

Legal filings

Contact information

Financial investments


How ITS Can Help You With Data Entry Service?


At Information Transformation Service (ITS) you get to enjoy an array of data entry services for your very own business benefit. Our rich multi-domain industry enables you to experience top-quality services which are highly accurate and effective. We follow strict data security guidelines to keep your data safe and secure at all costs. ITS offers convenient Data Entry Solutions regardless of any additional investment of staff, resources, or infrastructure. Irrespective of the size and complexity ITS Team defines customized packages to directly answer specifically your business big data projects. If you are interested in getting ITS Data Entry Services you can ask for a free quote and our customer representative will get back to you within 24 business hours!


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