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    Data Entry Service

    Data Entry Service is an adequate Data Entry Program to convert all your data insertion problems to rest. There are many Data Entry Service Providers out there offering standardized and accurate Data Entry Services at your defined time. Data Entry Service is undoubtedly the best service for retail companies as well as data service providers to keep their data precise, accurate and updated at all times in portable formats. All your essential data requirements whether cleansing, organization, conversion or insertion can be dealt with experienced Data Entry Experts.

    Why Need Data Entry Services?

    Industrial sectors are in this digital time particularly burdened with a number of back-office activities and paper work. Such lengthy exercise can be largely dealt with a trusted Data Entry Service by your side. Back-office processes include accounting, billing, purchasing, invoicing, and procurement. All such data needs to be collected, organized and captured for increased business operations as well as effective usage.

    ITS is a name that you can trust blindly and wholeheartedly when Data Entry comes to your mind. ITS, offer both offline and online data entry services that deals with accounting, billing, purchasing, invoicing, and procurement services for your professional and personal upkeep.

    The Data Entry Process:

    Data Entry Procedure involves documents that are usually in the form of images are then scanned and then loaded to a secure FTP Server by the customer. The process involves the following mentioned key steps:

    The files are then downloaded from FTP sites.

    Documents are then properly indexed, sorted and moved to secure private folders of the operators for easier allocation of work.

    The data is on the next stage of the data entry process, entered according to the customer specifications into the word or excel sheets.

    Completed files then goes through a round of quality checks by quality checkers and finally by Head quality checkers before being sent to the customers.

    Categories of Data Entry Service Provided at ITS

    Data can be of two types, offline and online that deal with accounting, billing, purchasing, invoicing, and procurement services. Getting yourself an authentic data Entry Service is always a bright idea in terms of minimizing workload and creating sectioned space for better performance of business functions. Data Entry Service involves multiple categories such as Data Cleansing, Data Processing, Data Conversion and Data Function etc. All such types are specifically aimed at providing all In-house and Ad-hoc services under one roof. Information Transformation Service (ITS) provides not only Data Entry Needs but also administrative support for your projects.

    Our data entry and data processing services include data conversion, data processing, data capture, data manipulation, transcription as well as initial data input services, image data entry, medical and insurance claims, data entry and data entry through remote desktop servers.

    ITS, provides comprehensive data entry services with dependable support for customers who wish to focus on critical business issues and manage core business tasks. Our experts have ample experience to deliver tens and millions of excellent quality data entry tasks within tight intervals.

    Benefits For Outsource Your Data Entry Projects to ITS

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) aims at providing best quality services in low cost and limited time. Partnering with ITS, a trusted and a standardized data entry service means partnering with a third partner which carries all data conversion, data processing, data cleansing and data functions function more appropriately. Some of highly appreciated and admirable advantages of outsourcing Data Entry Service are listed below:

    Quality Service Outcome

    ITS Data Entry Service provides you with competitive employees for faster growth and development opportunities of your company with unique data. Our Data Entry Experts can meet the requirements of all small, medium and even the biggest companies across the globe. Furthermore, we equip you with multiple options to customize your data in any likable and easily readable formats.


    ITS Data Entry Service enables efficient task management and administration purposes well-sorted out because of safe and secure official data such as contact information of prestigious employees, customers and company itself. Security should be the major concern when you are looking for a worthy data entry service. The fact that with internet providing ways to access information more faster and easier, there is always a risk for data hackers and cyber criminals to access your private information for their personal gains. Such incidents can be controlled with a key passwords and scanning authorized systems. ITS Team ensures all such controlled measurements are taken to provide the customer with extra fast communication and comfort.


    Access To Latest Technology and Capability

    By outsourcing your projects to ITS Team, you get a margin to spend extra time upon mission critical projects. This gives your personnel ample time to increase productivity and discover new talents within your company. At ITS, We are constantly updating towards latest technological trends. Such a shift provides you grave advantage in standing apart from other service providing companies. By partnering with ITS, you save on investing a great deal on investors and extra human trained resources for no use. Save that extra amount of money by sharing your projects with us and minimize the risk of corrupted data.


    Ushering global Work Distribution

    We operate by effective work load distribution to focus entire attention towards primary goals to enhance sales and community response actions and transactions. Ushering global work distribution is an essential profitable benefit that comes with ITS Data Entry Services. With ITS, by your side you can rest back your office seat and have the luxury of finding everything in their right place as you predicted!


    Increased Sense of Importance and Focus

    If you require more immediate access to certain business data or your clients, employees or stakeholders or critical need for reports, working data or product or sales information, you require an online working model. The model will help in quick turnaround at an affordable price, and allows your organization easy and quick access to data for business decisions, sales and communication or other needs. ITS Team can provide you with a customized workable model to address all your data processing and data entry needs.


    Proficient Data Management

    The most considerable benefit that comes around with employing ITS Data Entry Service is Proficient Data Management. Nothing comes handy than getting all record data in appropriate format for your business company to do business without stopping. Such advantages will keep all your data concerns on track and in return benefit your company with sales growth and development.

    Expand Productivity

    Expanding productivity is another remarkable feature of ITS Company. Where Data Entry Experts are 24/7 round the clock working for you to reach your big data objectives!  Business Process Outsourcing has become in demand among a lot of companies in world providing such assistance which include Administrative, Financial, Technical and more. Quality is what can take your business towards your subjective goals. ITS Data Entry Service can fix all your data quality issues ensuring 100% error free data entry.

    Saves Time

    Data Entry Manual process is very time consuming and can give you a headache. With ITS at your service you can save time for other important primary functions and get all documents data entry sorted out before the deadline. ITS Data Entry Specialists cooperate and work according to your proposed schedule and will save you time for more important business tasks.

    Data Entry Service with Emphasis on Quality and Accuracy

    At Information Transformation Service (ITS), Our Professional Data Entry Team keeps special eye towards quality and accuracy. We ensure 100% error free data entry submission. Even if you have loads of data entry projects, ITS Team can get your work done before the allocated time by our prestigious customers. ITS Teams strength lies within years of satisfied data entry performance serving both national and international communities and playing our part in supporting small to extravagant businesses.

    Our aim is to equip our customers with international standard data entry processes at low cost value. Our professionals are constantly looking into new ideas and innovations to reduce website abandonment rate and to bring it to maximum value for generation of convertible leads.

    ISO 2700 Certified Data Entry Company. Keeping Data Secured

    At this time, with many online outsourcing data entry providers to choose for the project out there. It becomes highly difficult to find a suitable data entry match. ITS, believes that our customers need not to compromise on quality with a heavy price tag. ITS is an ISO 2700 Certified Data Entry Company that contributes more than just ordinary skilful work but instead set standards for other data entry companies to follow!

    We are the preeminent supplier of back-office administrative services, including online and offline data entry services, data processing, and data conversion. Data Entry Tasks are perfectly suited for offshore outsourcing, and our services can be customized to suit your project and support needs.

    Why Choose Information Transformation Service (ITS)?

    ITS Team professionalism comprehends accessible and portable rates that can earn you a lot more quality than any other incompetent service providers in the digital business market. ITS Team also helps you to acquire unique data for your company that can have a direct impact upon your customers. Just like, if you are a car retailer, mostly data is collected in Japanese language. Our Multi-lingual Experts are always on the go to convert valuable piece of enticing information to go on your website product page. We work with the banks, insurance companies, medical companies or hospitals, construction companies, healthcare, retail, media or publishing, travel, energy or utilities, manufacturing, transportation or logistics and there close affiliation with Information Transformation Service Company speaks volumes of the appreciable services we provide to them.

    ITS Data Entry Professional has mastered the art of data entry at its best. We provide an exhausting list of a number of data entry services under one roof. Information Transformation Services pledges to provide you with the best error free and accurate Data Entry Service. With over 2000 satisfied customers we have all the expertise to transform your valuable data into an intriguing experience for your users. Such a diverse and augmented team of professionals is guaranteed to equip you with all the latest and efficient services and that too in the shortest turnaround time as possible. Here at, ITS workspace environment and our team is well suited to your comfort to favor communication. ITS offers ISO 2700 Certified BPO Services to make you feel, that your product and idea is in the safest hands. Not only this, we offer initial package estimate consultations to convert your interests into blueprints. If you are interested ITS Data Entry Service, You may ask for a Free Quote!