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    Information Transformation Services provides a wide variety of Data Entry solutions, strategically designed to meet any need that our valued customers may have. With our unwavering commitment towards establishing unparalleled quality, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable Data Entry Services with strict adherence to set deadlines. With the help of our team of talented Data Entry Specialists, we help organizations in managing large data sets in accurate portable formats. Whether you’re on the lookout for Data Cleanup, Data Conversion, or Data Insertion, we’ve got you covered!

    Benifits of having your very own data entry team

    At Information Transformation Services, we don’t think of ourselves as an outsourced team. Our ideology stems from our belief in being an extension of your organization’s team. This enables us to ensure impeccable quality, by treating your data as our very own. Organizations can leverage the expertise of our talented specialists to rid themselves of the burden of lengthy back-office operations and paperwork. These operations include accounting, billing, purchasing, invoicing, procurement, and much more! By accumulating and compiling data in usable and understandable formats, you can increase your overall business efficiency and throughput immensely for seamless operations.

    The ITS name is well-renowned worldwide as the leading Data Entry Service provider for both offline and online data solutions ranging from invoicing, purchasing, billing, accounting, procurement, and much more!

    Our Process

    We’ve kept a strict process in place in order to ensure that our valued clients get nothing but the absolute best quality services.

    Documents that are scanned and uploaded to a secure FTP server by our clients

    The files are then downloaded, indexed, sorted, and allocated to operators

    Data is entered according to customer requirements in excel sheets or word documents

    Quality Assurance Checks are carried out on the finished product before the final deliverable is sent out

    Categories of Data Entry Service Provided at ITS

    At ITS, we handle both online and offline data pertaining to billing, purchasing, accounting, procurement, and invoicing services. Allow our seasoned experts to seamlessly categorize, cleanse, process, and convert your data to maximize your productivity, whilst minimizing your overall workload. We provide excellent quality Ad-hoc and In-house Data Entry Services to ensure optimum business performance.

    We provide a wide variety of data processing and data entry services that include data processing, data conversion, data manipulation, transcription, data capture, image data entry, insurance, and medical claims, data entry through Remote Desktop Servers (RDP), and much more!

    With our goal being to ensure complete customer satisfaction, our team is available on hand 24/7 to provide reliable support to our valued clients. With our help, your organization can better allocate time towards managing core competencies and critical business issues. With our years of experience in this particular niche, we’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of incredible clients and ensuring complete satisfaction.

    Why Choose us?

    World Class Quality

    Our dedication to establishing excellent quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. Each of our talented professionals has numerous years of experience in this particular niche. With the help of our experts, you can customize your data in any desired format easily!


    At ITS, the safety of your data is our utmost priority. We understand that the digital medium is constantly under threat from hackers and cybercriminals. These criminals seek to access and manipulate online data to establish their own personal gain. This could be in the form of employee information, pay slips, company details, and much more! Which is why our team of specialists ensures that we ensure all controlled measures to ensure maximum safety. Your data is 100% safe in our hands!

    Hardnessing the Limitless Capabilities of Modern Technology

    By choosing ITS as your Data Entry Service provider, you get access to world class quality services at extremely affordable pricing. Allow us to handle all of your backend time consuming processes whilst you focus on other important tasks at hand. We utilize state of the art technologies to ensure that our valued customers get the absolute best Data Entry Services. Our experts can minimize the risk of corrupted data and can process, clean, convert and much more according to your needs and specifications. Give us an opportunity to show what we can do, and we’re extremely confident that you’d love our results!


    Giving Your Data The Attention It Truly Deserves

    Data is often neglected in organizations to make way for more important tasks. Modern Organizations are slowly becoming aware of the numerous incredible benefits that an organized data set provides. Allow our experts to give your data the attention that it truly deserves in order for you to maximize your business success. We offer quick turnarounds at affordable pricing, thus making us the best possible choice for your Data Entry needs!


    World Class Data Management Services

    By choosing ITS as your Data Entry Service provider, your organization can get access to world class Data Management Services. With our knack for delivering excellent quality services, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. We offer Data Management, Data Cleansing, Data Processing and Data Conversion Services. Reach out to us with details of your requirement and we’d love to be of service!


    Leverage Our Global Workforce Expertise

    Our team consists of talented onboard specialists that are well versed in the Data Entry domain. With their prior years of experience and our extensive resources, we’re able to handle any sort of Data requirement with ease. Reach out to us with details of your requirement and allow us to send in a customized quote for our services. Sit back, relax and let our experts maximize your data productivity and organization.


    Ensuring Maximum Productivity

    At ITS, one of our top priorities is to help maximize your business’s productivity through efficient Data Entry services. Our experts are available on hand 24/7 to answer any queries that you may have and to help you exceed your organizational goals. There is a massive trend shift in companies outsourcing their business data operations. By choosing our service, you can rest easy knowing that your Data is in the hands of seasoned experts that ensure top-notch quality for customized data entry services.

    Saving time through streamlined processes

    At ITS, we understand that your time is of the utmost importance. Which is why we ensure that all of our deliverables are completed on time, within the agreed upon timeframe. With our extensive onboard resources, we can handle both large and small projects with ease. Allow our experts to dedicate their efforts to match your required schedule, thus freeing you up for important business tasks.

    Impeccable quality and unmatched accuracy: premium quality data entry solutions

    Data is only as good as its quality and accuracy. An incorrect and poor quality dataset is going to be of absolutely no use to your organization. By choosing ITS as your Data solutions provider, you get access to talented specialists who ensure the highest levels of accuracy, whilst maintaining an unmatched standard of quality in this industry. No matter how small or big your requirement, we’re definitely the best choice! We’re extremely passionate about what we do, and the quality of our work speaks for itself.  We aim to provide our valued clients with affordable solutions that can help their businesses grow immensely!

    ISO 2700 certified

    With so many Data Entry service providers out there, people often find it very difficult to choose the right one for them! ITS is ISO 2700 certified, thus your data is extremely safe with us. We offer secure and reliable customized Data Entry, Data Cleanup, Data Conversion, and much more! Our customers deserve nothing but the very best, thus we aim at reaching unparalleled quality levels in order to set an industry standard of excellence.