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Why Need Data Entry Service

Certain Industrial sectors are particularly burdened by the number of back-office processes that they have to deal with, such as accounting, billing, purchasing, invoicing, and procurement. This ends up producing a sizeable amount of documents in the form of receipts, invoices, bills, and others. The data from these documents have to be collected, organized and captured in a way that enables their effective usage. ITS offers offline and online data entry services that deal with accounting, billing, purchasing, invoicing, and procurement services.

Offline Data Entry

Offline Data entry is a method by which this could be done. In order to improve and enhance the business efficiency, companies can either carry out non-core tasks such as offline data entry themselves or outsourcing it to an experienced data entry service provider, so that they can focus on their primary business goals, In-House offline data entry can be a time consuming as well as require additional investment of staff, infrastructure, and resources.

Collaborating with ITS (Information Transformation Services), a leading data quality management outsourcing provider can provide the answer to your pressing data entry problems, We provide customized and high-quality offline data entry services for diverse kinds of projects, irrespective of their size and complexity.

Offline data entry and data input is often appropriate for long-term, archive or volume data projects, projects where a specific output format is the goal or where numerous output formats are required, or for projects where quick access to the information is not necessary. If you require more immediate access to certain business data or your clients, employees or stakeholders have a critical need for reports, working data or product or sales information, you may wish to consider an online data entry model. This model provides quick turnaround at an affordable price, and allows your organization easy and quick access to data for business decisions, sales and communication or other needs.

In addition to our online and offline data entry services, our data entry and data processing services include data conversion, data processing, data capture, data manipulation, transcription as well as initial data input services, image data entry, medical and insurance claims, data entry and data entry through remote desktop servers. Our Comprehensive suite of data entry services provide dependable support for clients who wish to focus on critical business issues and manage core business tasks.

At ITS (Information Transformation Services), we are committed to providing quality, affordable, professional back office data entry and data processing services. We are the preeminent supplier of back-office administrative services, including online and offline data entry services, data processing, and data conversion. Data entry tasks are perfectly suited for offshore outsourcing, and our services can be customized to suit your project and support needs.

When you are outsourcing your online or offline data entry services to Information Transformation Services, your project is handled by expert data entry professionals so that you will never have to worry about missing information. Incorrect data entry or missed deadlines. Our data entry, data processing and data conversion services are guaranteed for accuracy. Our double entry verification process ensures that client’s data is complete and precise. Our services are designed to provide complete data security and confidentiality for every client. We produce artwork that provides simple access to critical data and leverages the power of organized information and we can quickly expand or contract the staffing model to suit the needs of your projects.

If your project or organization requires other back office administrative services, our suite of services is designed to provide an integrated solution to meet your needs. We offers forms processing services, image scanning and indexing, accounting and bookkeeping services and web and internet research services.