5 Best Ways to Improve Your Gaming Assets

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Gaming Assets


Game assets include everything which can become a part of the game just like 3D models, music, sound effects, code snippets, or modules that can be used by a game engine. Game assets vary from one another concerning game complexity and other factors. There are new and improved game development technology and tools which prove authentic for 3d modeling of any game asset. However to create error-proof game assets you need to be aware of certain standards. To develop and render a game asset one must strictly abide by the golden rules and format of the game to develop more interesting looks for the game while keeping memory storage low. Not only the creation but storage of a game asset for video game development is as essential as modeling. The blog focuses on establishing 5 simple yet effective ways in which you can improve your cherished game assets. These important ways are described as below:


Remove Unneeded Topology


The concept is not an exclusive part of a game but when game assets are being modeled for games or films then this approach helps us to create more realistic asset models. Polygon count impacts the frame rate of a game if it is not kept under strict check and balance. However, one or two polygons here or there is not going to make a huge fuss but when you are dealing with hundreds of complex type models on the screen all at once the differences are rather noticeable. An important thing you should ask yourself that if the edge loops are removed would it make a difference in the shape of your asset model? If you speculate the answer to be negative then you can easily locate the unneeded typology. Find the image below as a relevant example:


edge loops on 3d model of weapon


Add Enough Geometry in Areas of Deformation


Characters, which you see in a game, are gone through geometrical assessments around each joint of the rig. For example elbows and knees. If you don’t have the needed resolution, the areas surrounding the joints will skew and it will look terrible. Adding more edge loops is not always the solution to this problem. You should make sure to develop such edge loops which are more conductive and smoothen out the flow of movement.


For example: if the face of any character has various loop types around the mouth, teeth, or nose. You will notice a natural geometric flow from the edges and the areas under the image as shown below. This is because of loops following the natural flow of the face. It can deform in any shape for the animator to create a wide range of enticing facial expressions.


edge loops for mouth, nose, and eyes on 3d model of face


Getting The Most Out of Your UV Space


Laying out UVs can be a daunting task and time-consuming as well especially when we are dealing with more complex characters. It is best to keep in mind while laying out UVs that each shell is precious and it equally deserves space like the next shell inline. In this way, you can easily scale the shells based on their importance. Each shell must be of the size of the checker pattern such that it can be precisely scaled with the help of the checker pattern acting as an appropriate reference.


For example, The face of the game character is more significant than his boots buckles. Therefore you need to bring more depth into the character by using UV space. If the shell for the boot buckle can be scaled to add more texture to the character’s face resolution. It can make the character look more real and enchanting. Try it out today!


Laying out UV space on shells


Baking Ambient Occlusion to Help Develop Your Textures


To entice gamers around the world game developers are constantly experimenting with different software and developing tools with the idea of achieving an infinite gaming experience which is at the same time a virtual copy of the existing reality with only a minor difference of not being real. 3D Gaming Asset takes more than just ideas it requires perfection which by human hand is not entirely achievable.


Once you finish the UV’s of your game asset, you can begin your work on diffusing texture. Sometimes it gets stressful to get things going in the right direction while dealing with complex projects, the best thing is to bake out an occlusion ambient texture. This will show you all the exact spaces where natural shading can be done to model your game assets perfectly. Right after baking the ambient occlusion, you can add a ‘Multiply Layer’ on the very top of the base. This will make easy diffusion of game asset color. After some time you can notice how you can begin your creation with the diffuse textures easier and faster.


example of baking ambient occlusion for texture


Make Those Textures Pop


Rendering, Rigging, Texturing, Video-Editing, and Expressive Game Modeling enables interactive Game Creation. Gaming assets can also be textured like any character of a video game. Textures make or break a game asset. If you have carefully and skillfully created a flawless model still textures make a big difference by leaving something desirable which makes the entire process flawed. There are some areas where textures are executed is in contrast, color, and attention to detail. You should always have an accurate idea of which colors you want to use either you are playing with a character or a crate. For convenience and ideas, you can use color palettes on the texture layout as shown in the image given below. This will help you to figure out which color works out with which contrast in defining your texture. All these colors are adjustable very easily using the Curves Adjustment Layer given in Photoshop.


example of color palette to improve texture effects


You should be able to create enough separation in between the colors such that you can quickly locate any change within the texture with the naked eye. Detailing is the point in the whole process where the reference comes in quite handy.


For example, You can picture any wooden chest within your mind. You must have left out dust, wear, scratches and tear, etc.


All these things add up to the texture of your game assets. All the mentioned tips can be completed within 10 to 15 min of your time. Yet all these ways help boost up your game assets to look more polished and professional. Keep pushing to new limits of game assets and game art with these solid methods.


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