Which Web Scraping Technique to Choose?

Which Web Scraping Technique to Choose?

Data is the main component to different businesses from each other nowadays. Data Mining or web scraping has taken to charts over the years making even the small town business grow exponentially. Being an efficient lead generation tactic and a proficient branding campaign web scraping is holding a lot up its sleeves. The blog focuses on all special and different techniques which help businesses to evolve through time zones by acquiring the latest technical data.


Web Scraping is entirely a systematic and technical way of extracting intended data from the website. The data can be anything and about anything, you so ever can think about. Like for instance, one needs to scrape prices from popular retail websites, to do so, we can design a customized scraper to pull out information from such websites say Amazon or eBay. HTML documents hold immense useful information which can benefit you in every business type or domain. However, extracting information from HTML files demands a lot of effort and time investment. On the other hand, doing this by hand i.e. manually can seem nearly an impossible task to comprehend. Fortunately, there are many varieties of tools and techniques which help to resolve challenges regarding the extraction of data from HTML pages or files very quickly.


Types of Web Scraping Solutions:


Consider examples to understand the methods of web scraping solutions and suitable ways to implement them for your ultimate business advantage.


Swivel chair automation (Manual data extraction)


This step is not an automation process to get data but is a manual process. This step involves going through several websites and systems including copy-pasting data from spreadsheets. All the required information then can be transferred or entered with the assistance of a data operator. All the data is gathered by swiveling around and copying data into single storage files. As you can tell by the specific name of the technique that all major action of data extraction is done by hand and through a cognitive understanding of relevant data, If you require less data or data about prices of your company products in this case manual extraction of data can prove useful and less costly at the same time.


Advantages of swivel chair automation:


It is a very cost-effective solution.

The structure of a website does not at all matter in web scarping.

There is no specific technical knowledge composition.


Disadvantages of swivel chair automation:


It reduces productivity

There might occur a chance of less accuracy rate.

It consumes more time.

It provides limited scalability

There might occur incomplete data visibility and data analytics


Although such a type of web scraping skill is perfect for a large business cycle it has become outdated with the advent of more advanced and latest web scraping techniques to draw valuable chunks of useful information directly from spreadsheets and databases. The data collection and results or decisions can directly increase the demand for your products in the market. This can increase the chances of your company to launch new products and accessories and target potential customers. After manual web scraping things went from better to best till today. Let us have a look at some basic web scraping tools to have a good idea about the painted picture.


Basic web scraping tools (DIY tools)


Bets web scraping tools are do-it-yourself kind of tools. Such tools extract only a portion of intended information from the URL which is provided. These DIY tools can prove quite useful and free at the same time for your intended information collection requirements. Such a type of data is quite manageable and essential for addressing your marketing desires. The accuracy rate obtained through such a simple (basic) technique is far better than Swivel Chairing in terms of utilizing time and finding insights in obtained data (output).


Advantages of basic web scraping tools:


It saves massive resource time.

Ultimately it proves cost-effective and is scalable.

It can be easily managed within the unit of business.


Advanced Web Scraping Tools:


Now let us move on towards some advanced techniques regarding web scraping:


Web Scraping Using RPA:


Such the latest version of web scraping tools and techniques use software bots instead of any manual data extraction intensive procedures. Such techniques improve large-scale data processing and within less period. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is applied to automate website data more accurately and in less time as well as reduced cost overturns.


Advantages of RPA:


It eliminates the manual processing needs.

It releases you from all types of personal or random error occurrences.

It is a cost-effective solution with a better tracking system of competitors and customers.

It enables faster and efficient results.


Disadvantages of RPA:


While dealing with Captcha, the technique requires the intervention of humans.

It employs costly maintenance.

Resources for programming or achieving accurate data analytics are mandatory.


Web Scraping Using Machine Learning or AI


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two unique technical techniques to pave your path in acquiring improved and standardized product information. In this technique, A user informs the bot about the intended information which needs to be extracted and from which website as a reference. The bot then actively searches out different websites, blogs, and even news columns to search and extract the relevant data. However, if any type of discrepancies takes place. The bot initially creates a query in such a case scenario, which needs to be solved by the user.


Machine Learning is the future of Web Scraping. Such an efficient tool fetches information from renowned sources and companies’ official web pages from around the world on the Internet. Just like, JobsPikr is another automated tool that is employed to scrape job listings for different companies. The volume can range from less to more, as Machine Learning is capable of gathering a higher frequency of data all day long. In Artificial Intelligence (AI) the bot enters a bunch set of rules to extract data. AI-based data extraction consists of ‘Confidence Score’ parameters, which cleverly estimates the nature of data that is extracted using a bot.


Advantages of ML/AI:


Least Resource Requirement.

Access every type of Dynamic Content.

Provides accurate and error-free output (data).

Real-time availability of information.

Higher Automation.


Disadvantages of ML/AI:


It is still in its initial stages of development.

It is comparatively Costly than other mentioned web scraping techniques.


How ITS Can Help You With Web Scraping Service?


Information Transformation Service (ITS) includes a variety of Professional Web Scraping Services catered by experienced crew members and Technical Software. ITS is an ISO-Certified company that addresses all of your big and reliable data concerns. For the record, ITS served millions of established and struggling businesses making them achieve their mark at the most affordable price tag. Not only this, we customize special service packages that are work upon your concerns highlighting all your database requirements. At ITS, our customer is the prestigious asset that we reward with a unique state-of-the-art service package. If you are interested in ITS Web Scraping Services, you can ask for a free quote!

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