Web Scraping Do’s & Don’ts

Web Scraping Dos and Don’ts

Just guess what is common among digital marketers, journalists, entrepreneurs, investment analysts, and a fortune CEO? The only mindful reason is that all the above-mentioned professionals make important insights based upon data. The more data which is unique and valuable there will be better the point for you to make your company stand within the reputable chart.


Today, the only valuable asset is no longer the oil but ‘Data’. By data, we mean the digitally occurring entity, which serves as a useful commodity to change the whole marketing game standards. Data is what drives the buying behavior of a customer, and your duty as an analyst or a marketer is to understand the pattern which the target customer makes which of course is determined through relevant data. The bottom line is that the core function of the research market is data which enables it to expand each year. However, there are certain challenges in the availability of perfect data, its extraction and analysis methods demand following a certain set of Dos and Don’ts. The blog concentrates its focus upon Web Scraping Dos and Don’ts to make you aware what are steps that are going to prove fruitful in this data extraction journey and what are going to result in nothing but giant boulders which you need to professionally avoid.


What Web Scraping Is?


You already are familiar with the term valuable data but have you ever came across the other term which is abundantly present throughout the whole Internet. The nature of data varies according to your profession. Say if you are a marketer, then your mission is to extract product details like product prices and ranges from Amazon for better competitor analysis.


To access the right hidden piece of information you just need to use automated tools for data extraction instead of adopting regular and traditional copy and paste methods. Web Scraping is the procedure of retrieving the amount of data for your website benefit in some way. Unlike the traditional easier means the latest automated version software employs Automated Artificial Intelligence (AAI) to extract larger volumes of data from multiple websites and web pages across the Internet. There are many tools that you can get commercially and many are open source. Every Web Scraping tool differs in its functions and its accessibility ratio according to need.


The Do’s of Web Scraping


Web Scraping is not as simple as it may sound. Some websites have supported a built-in web scraping mechanism. This mechanism intentionally blocks all web crawler bots from extracting website secure data. Web scraping also needs extra care while extracting data as it can sometimes harm the website function when you are scraping data. To avoid such a disaster it is essential to accept and follow all ‘do’s of web scraping.


1. Inspect the robots.txt


While planning a web scraping agenda, the initial step should be the close inspection of the robots.txt. For all those that are new to the term, it is to make clear and evident that robot.txt tells the search engine crawlers can or can’t request from the site. Almost all sites have this file with them and are always available at the very root of a website (www. xxxx.com/robots.txt)


All the rules regarding web scraping can be acquired from the file. The file includes all significant information of pages that can be visited by bot and numbers of requests which can be sent per second. All these rules have a strict ethical face value and are created to protect the website’s server integrity.


2. Identify Yourself


Self Identification is a great practice of web scraping. Failure of following such a rule can result in the blockage of the crawler by the target website. This entails putting your contact information into the crawler’s header. Webmasters easily get access to crawler information or report without having to dig into tedious log scripts. In this way, you are providing easier access for sysadmins to efficiently notify you of any kind of issue your crawler is facing.


3. Do IP Rotation


Those websites which employ anti-scraping mechanisms can instantly block you if you do not know the basic mechanism of web scraping and how to scrape a website. If you employ the same IP for every request, you will get blocked straight away!


You should be able to use new IP for every request you create. It is advised to have a pool of a minimum of 5 IPs for creating HTTP Requests. More IP (Proxy Rotating Services) such as ‘Scrapingdog’ are available in the market which helps you to avoid blockage.


The Don’ts of Web Scraping


Here are several many things that you should keep in mind to consciously avoid:


1. Don’t be a Burden


The foremost rule of web scraping is to not harm the website from which you are scraping your data from. The volume and frequency of the requests you make each second should not burden the website server. In this way, you can easily accomplish the target data from the target website with the help of a single IP.


2. Don’t Use Fishy Techniques to Get What You Want


The Internet has resulted in a ‘Data Revolution’, with many millions of tools and tricks being synthesized each day. These gadgets and tips can help you to bypass all security protocols of a website with just a few clicks via mouse. There are many traps set on the website by the data administrators, try to avoid their tricks to cleverly deceive you. Outplay and outshine! The plan is to stick to the services and tools that uphold the reputation of the website.


3. Don’t Breach GDPR


Scraping data of EU Citizens is completely altered and changed with the introduction to GDPR. The guidelines involved are describing your data (information with which you can identify a specific person) Such as name, age, number, contact, email, medical, IP address are all useful data variants. It is unlawful to extract data of EU citizens in breach of GDPR unless they submit a valid reason for doing so.




Web scraping can do wonders when used right! It is a remarkable source of gaining insights which you need to scale your business to new positions. Through web scraping, you are adding a lot to the already occurring information with a mixture of your style and understanding of data. This makes the Internet a safer and better place for everyone.


How ITS Can Help You With Web Scraping Service?


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